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Police track down two wanted parolees

By kslpetersamore at 02/12/2016 4:25 pm         
Two walkaway parolees from halfway houses – one from the problematic Fortitude Center, and a woman in Price – have been captured.

Talk of dress code spurs fears in homeless

By kslpetersamore at 02/12/2016 4:23 pm         
The new owner of Salt Lake’s Gateway Mall won't say what is being instituted, but the homeless and their advocates worry it’s targeting them.

$100M for schools tech bill moves forward, but may shrink

By kslmrichards at 02/12/2016 10:05 am         
A statewide classroom technology proposal earned preliminary approval in the Utah Legislature.

Former FBI agent: criminal justice reform needs to stay at forefront

By KSLbbruce at 02/12/2016 8:04 am         
A former special agent for Salt Lake City tells Utah's Morning News recent headlines about problems with halfway houses and former inmates need to stay top-of-mind, if true reform is to become a reality. Click to hear our full interview with Juan Becerra.

Murdered girl's family turns to private investigator, social media

By kslpetersamore at 02/11/2016 12:49 pm         
Rosie Tapia was six years old when someone kidnapped her from Glendale apartment and killed in 1995. No one knows who did it.

UHP trooper hit on I-15 in Utah County

By kslmrichards at 02/11/2016 12:22 pm         
Spanish Fork police are now investigating a crash that injured a trooper in the fog this morning on I-15.

Utah legislators have Olympic fever

By kslpetersamore at 02/11/2016 7:58 am         
They officially state their case to bring another Winter Olympiad to the Beehive State.

Analyst: Going after escaped parolees won't be easy

By kslpetersamore at 02/11/2016 7:56 am         
More than 200 parolees have not returned to their state halfway houses. Some have tried to kill, and one did, while on the loose.

Doctors: limit exposure during poor air quality days

By KSLbbruce at 02/11/2016 7:36 am         
How do you protect your health when an inversion traps pollution and fouls the air over the Salt Lake Valley? Brian and Amanda asked Regence Blue Cross of Utah Executive Medical Director Mark Hiatt.

Indepth: Efforts underway to bring MountainWest Mothers Milkbank to Utah

By kslmrichards at 02/11/2016 5:40 am         
Breastfeeding advocates, health officials, doctors and more are working to create a breast milk bank, the first ever in the state. KSL Newsradio's Mary Richards looks at this one of a kind effort to help Utah babies. Link:

Pollution levels have SLC officials concerned

By PaulNelson at 02/10/2016 5:58 pm         
Officials within the Salt Lake City Mayor's Office say their anti-idling ordinance needs to be followed especially closely on days like today.

IRS raids offices allegedly tied to polygamous Kingston family

By PaulNelson at 02/10/2016 5:11 pm         
Federal agents remain very tight-lipped over what they're searching for, but, several offices were reportedly raided all at once.

Sheriff creating emergency unit to nab escaped parolees

By kslpetersamore at 02/10/2016 12:33 pm         
He doesn't want to "cast stones," but Salt Lake County Sheriff Jim Winder is taking matters into his own hands to capture escaped parolees from one state halfway house.

Wanted felon raises questions about halfway house safety

By kslpetersamore at 02/10/2016 8:09 am         
The felon who walked away from a Salt Lake facility is the third in a month. Another one of them killed a Unified Police officer last month.

Poll: Move homeless shelters out of downtown

By kslpetersamore at 02/10/2016 8:07 am         
Most Utahns of all political and religious stripes want Salt Lake’s homeless shelters and services to be more widespread.

Utah legislative committee to consider removing hygiene tax

By kslmrichards at 02/10/2016 6:45 am         
Some other countries agree the products should not be taxed like a luxury.

Bill moves forward to study electronic driver licenses in Utah

By kslmrichards at 02/10/2016 6:42 am         
The feasibility study will look at whether Utahns could have their license on their smartphone.

U of U professor is fighting sentence he handed down

By PaulNelson at 02/09/2016 6:26 pm         
It's not every day you see a former federal judge asking the President to commute a sentence that he imposed, but a University of Utah law professor is doing just that. He's written a letter to President Obama asking him to let a convicted drug dealer be released.

Air pollution relatively low, until now

By PaulNelson at 02/09/2016 6:15 pm         
Environmental officials say the skies haven't been this dirty for a while. But, even though we haven't seen as bad of an inversion as we have in years past, some people still need to be aware of potential problems.

The somewhat infamous Vermin Supreme

By smith.cassie at 02/09/2016 11:50 am         
"Each and every American will be fully employed, picking up pony poop and composting .... The road to Ponytopia will not be easy. There will be hardships. There will be sacrifices. Not all of us will make it." Doug Wright interviews Vermin Supreme in Manchester, New Hampshire.