Wade Pennington's Death

   |  Posted Nov 19th, 2010 @ 5:20pm


The dash-cam video of a police chase in May, 2009 that resulted in a South Jordan officer shooting and killing a fleeing, unarmed man is disturbing and revealing.

It raises serious questions about the tactics used by officers that fateful night, the level of their training to deal with such volatile situations, and in the aftermath, how law enforcement handled the investigation.

As the family of Wade Pennington admits, the 41-year-old Utah man was no angel. His list of offenses was long. Without doubt, his actions during the high-speed chase warranted stern police action. But should he have been shot and killed mere seconds after the chase ended?

Remember, he was cornered and unarmed.

An internal investigation concluded deadly force was justified. It cleared Officer Jared Nichols of wrongdoing and put him back on the job. However, the Pennington family believes the agencies involved in the investigation intentionally ignored key evidence. They've filed a lawsuit against the agencies involved, they say, "to get the truth."

The video, which was released by the family, indeed, raises questions about what happened the night Wade Pennington was killed. Society, as well as law enforcement, in KSL's view, will benefit from the additional insight the lawsuit will generate.