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Czechs help secure release of Polish national in Syria

Karel Janicek, Associated Press  |  Posted  Jan 24th - 3:31am

Czech and Polish authorities said on Tuesday that a Polish national who went missing in Syria has been released.

Toll from Italy avalanche climbs to 14 as hopes diminish

Pietro By Christofaro and Paolo Santalucia, Associated Press  |  Posted  Jan 24th - 3:31am

The death toll from an avalanche in central Italy climbed to 14 on Tuesday as hopes began to fade that any of the 15 people still missing might be found alive under a mountain resort buried by tons of snow and rubble.

Police in Sweden probe rape reportedly aired on Facebook

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Jan 24th - 3:21am

Police in Sweden say three men have been arrested on suspicion of being part a group rape that was streamed live on a closed Facebook group.

UN: 750,000 still living under militant rule in Iraq's Mosul

Sinan Salaheddin, Associated Press  |  Posted  Jan 24th - 3:21am

The U.N. and several aid organizations said Tuesday that an estimated 750,000 civilians are still living under Islamic State rule in the western part of Mosul, the next target of a U.S.-backed Iraqi offensive launched three months ago.

Israel mulls more administrative detentions, as numbers rise

Karin Laub and Mohammed Daraghmeh, Associated Press  |  Posted  Jan 24th - 3:00am

High school student Hamza Hamad spent 10 months in an Israeli jail for alleged links to the Islamic militant Hamas group, but was never charged with a crime.

British Supreme Court unanimously rules there's no need to consult Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland on Brexit

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Jan 24th - 2:50am

British Supreme Court unanimously rules there's no need to consult Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland on Brexit.

Japan's military launches first communications satellite

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Jan 24th - 2:50am

Japan's Defense Ministry has launched its first communications satellite.

NATO, Pentagon chiefs discuss military budgets, terrorism

Lorne Cook, Associated Press  |  Posted  Jan 24th - 2:32am

NATO's chief and new U.S. Defense Secretary James Mattis have discussed military spending and combating terrorism, the source of criticism of the alliance by President Donald Trump.

Indian army: 3 suspected rebels killed in Kashmir fighting

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Jan 24th - 2:21am

Three militants were killed Tuesday in two gunbattles with government forces in the Indian-controlled portion of Kashmir, the Indian army said.

Rights group faults Egypt for listing 1,500 on terror list

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Jan 24th - 2:20am

An international rights group says an Egyptian court's decision to place more than 1,500 citizens on a terrorism watch list without trial or even prior notification is a "mockery of due process."

After rocky start, second day of Syria talks in Kazakhstan

Philip Issa, Associated Press  |  Posted  Jan 24th - 2:00am

The U.N. envoy for Syria pressed on with efforts Tuesday to shore up a shaky cease-fire between the Damascus government and its allies and rebel factions, as he shuttled between delegates from the two sides on the second day of peace talks in Kazakhstan.

Germany deports 26 rejected Afghan asylum-seekers

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Jan 24th - 1:50am

Germany has deported 26 Afghan migrants as part of the government's efforts to increase the number of rejected asylum-seekers leaving the country after an influx of more than 1 million migrants in the last two years.

Indonesia probes alleged gun smuggling by peacekeeping unit

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Jan 24th - 1:40am

Authorities in Indonesia are investigating allegations of weapons smuggling by dozens of its peacekeepers who were arrested in Sudan, the Foreign Ministry said Tuesday.

Kyrgyz court confirms life sentence for journalist

Leila Saralayeva, Associated Press  |  Posted  Jan 24th - 1:00am

A court in Kyrgyzstan on Tuesday upheld a life sentence for an ethnic Uzbek journalist in a case that has drawn international criticism.

China, Philippines to roll out $3.7B in cooperation projects

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Jan 23rd - 10:31pm

China and the Philippines have agreed on $3.7 billion worth of projects to boost cooperation, state media cited a senior Chinese official as saying, highlighting the improvement in their formerly frosty relations.

Trump overshadows young migrants' emotional trip to Mexico

Manuel Valdes and Peter Orsi, Associated Press  |  Posted  Jan 23rd - 10:10pm

Tamara Alcala Dominguez sobbed, barely able to speak, as she buried her face in the sweater of the woman who cared for her when she was a toddler.

Gambia's new president, still in Senegal, names female VP

Abdoulie John and Carley Petesch, Associated Press  |  Posted  Jan 23rd - 9:30pm

Gambia's new vice president will be a female leader of the opposition coalition that helped bring new President Adama Barrow to power, a presidential spokesman announced Monday, as regional troops continued security sweeps to prepare for Barrow's return to the country he now rules.

3 dogs give avalanche rescuers hope but 20 people missing

Paolo Santalucia and Colleen Barry, Associated Press  |  Posted  Jan 23rd - 9:20pm

Italian emergency crews pulled three wiggling, white sheepdog puppies out Monday from under tons of snow and rubble at an avalanche-struck hotel, lifting spirits even as the search for 20 people still missing dragged on five days after the disaster.

Mexico leader lays out points for talks with Trump

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Jan 23rd - 8:51pm

Mexico's president says his government is prepared to negotiate with the new U.S. president if Mexico's national sovereignty is respected.