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UN envoy: Liberia's democratic future hinges of elections

Edith M. Lederer, Associated Press  |  Posted   Jun 27th - 4:47pm

Liberia's future as a stable democracy hinges on successful presidential and legislative elections in October and broad acceptance that they are free and fair followed by a smooth transfer of power, the U.N. envoy to the West African nation said Tuesday.

Here is the latest news from The Associated Press at 6:40 p.m. EDT

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Jun 27th - 4:46pm

Chinese who have worked at a factory that makes shoes for Ivanka Trump and other brands say they've faced long hours, low pay and verbal abuse. One employee and two former workers at the factory told The Associated Press they witnessed a manager hit a worker on the head with a high-heeled shoe, drawing blood. Ivanka Trump, President Donald Trump's daughter and adviser, has not commented on conditions at the factory, where three investigators were arrested last month after working undercover.

Colombia takes big step to peace as rebels lay down guns

Christine Armario, Associated Press  |  Posted   Jun 27th - 3:24pm

Colombia reached a major milestone on its road to peace Tuesday as leftist rebels relinquished some of their last weapons and declared an end to their half-century insurgency.

The Latest: US warns Syria against chemical attack

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Jun 27th - 3:00pm

The Latest on the White House saying it has "potential" evidence that Syria's government is preparing another chemical weapons attack (all times local):

The Latest: Brazil president: corruption charge a 'fiction'

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Jun 27th - 2:07pm

The Latest on Brazil's political crisis (all times local):

Scottish leader puts second independence referendum on hold

Sylvia Hui, Associated Press  |  Posted   Jun 27th - 1:57pm

Scottish leader Nicola Sturgeon told lawmakers Tuesday she was postponing plans to seek a second independence referendum, saying she would revisit the issue when the terms of Britain's departure from the European Union become clearer.

Macron invites Trump to Bastille Day to honor US WWI troops

Sylvie Corbet, Associated Press  |  Posted   Jun 27th - 1:57pm

French President Emmanuel Macron has invited U.S. President Donald Trump to a Bastille Day celebration next month to celebrate the arrival 100 years ago of the American troops who fought alongside the French during World War I.

UN envoy hopes key new meetings will spur Syria peace talks

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Jun 27th - 1:37pm

The U.N. special envoy for Syria is expressing hope that a first-ever U.N. meeting of feuding opposition groups and an upcoming meeting to put "de-escalation zones" into operation will spur progress at next month's peace talks in Geneva.

Albania Socialists win election, can govern without partner

Llazar Semini, Associated Press  |  Posted   Jun 27th - 1:15pm

Albania's left-wing Socialist Party has secured a second mandate in a general election, winning a majority of seats in parliament, election results showed Tuesday.

The Latest: Aid group fears for migrants at Italy border

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Jun 27th - 1:00pm

The Latest on Europe's response to the large numbers of migrants and refugees trying to reach the continent (all times local):

Protests, looting, gov't offices burned in Venezuela

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Jun 27th - 12:07pm

A total of 68 stores were looted and several government offices were burned following anti-government protests late Monday and Tuesday in the city of Maracay, west of Venezuela's capital of Caracas.

Amnesty International won't comply with Hungary NGO law

Pablo Gorondi, Associated Press  |  Posted   Jun 27th - 11:25am

Amnesty International has joined a boycott of new, mandatory reporting rules for foreign-funded civic groups in Hungary, the group said Tuesday.

Kissinger: Chaos in the west could give boost to Russia

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Jun 27th - 11:18am

Former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger has warned of Russia's simmering alienation from its western neighbors but says he believed that President Vladimir Putin will ultimately work toward cooperative relationships with countries on its borders.

British leader seeks fire inquiry; German building evacuated

Sylvia Hui and Danica Kirka, Associated Press  |  Posted   Jun 27th - 11:06am

Britain's prime minister said Tuesday there must be a "major national investigation" of potentially flammable cladding on high-rise towers, while a German city evacuated an 11-story building because of safety concerns prompted by the fatal fire in London.

Road bomb in Kenya's Lamu County kills 8, including 4 kids

Tom Odula, Associated Press  |  Posted   Jun 27th - 10:46am

A roadside bomb in Kenya's southern coastal area killed four policemen and four children Tuesday, a senior Kenyan police official said.

IS counterattacks in retaken parts of Mosul stall Iraq push

Susannah George, Associated Press  |  Posted   Jun 27th - 10:34am

Counterattacks by Islamic State militants on the western edge of Mosul have stalled Iraqi forces' push in the Old City, the last IS stronghold in the battle, an Iraqi officer said Tuesday.

German city evacuates apartment block over insulation worry

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Jun 27th - 10:34am

A western German city decided Tuesday to evacuate an 11-story apartment block because of concerns over exterior insulation similar to that of London's Grenfell Tower.

France's new lawmakers open first parliament session

Sylvie Corbet, Associated Press  |  Posted   Jun 27th - 10:14am

France's newly elected lawmakers, most of them from President Emmanuel Macron's centrist party, took part in their first parliamentary session Tuesday.

Russia: Jury out to deliberate slaying of opposition leader

Nataliya Vasilyeva, Associated Press  |  Posted   Jun 27th - 10:14am

A jury on Tuesday began deliberating its verdict in the case of five men accused of being involved in the murder of a Russian opposition leader who was a top opponent of President Vladimir Putin before he was shot outside the Kremlin.