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Iraq opens new antiquities museum in Basra

Sinan Salaheddin, Associated Press  |  Posted  Sep 27th - 10:51am

Iraq opened a new antiquities museum in the southern city of Basra on Tuesday with pottery, coins and other artifacts dating back more than 2,000 years.

India to not participate in regional summit in Pakistan

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Sep 27th - 10:50am

India's foreign ministry says New Delhi will not participate in a meeting of South Asian nations to be held in Islamabad in November.

Gabon's President Bongo sworn in after disputed elections

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Sep 27th - 10:31am

Gabon's President Ali Bongo Ondimba has been sworn in for a second seven-year term keeping his family's dynasty in place for decades after winning re-election by a slim margin in a disputed vote.

Former President Aristide leaps from behind scenes in Haiti

David McFadden, Associated Press  |  Posted  Sep 27th - 10:20am

Former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide has leaped from behind the scenes to take a major role in campaigning for next month's presidential election, leading many to believe the most polarizing figure in the tumultuous world of Haitian politics is poised to regain influence if his party wins.

Somalia delays presidential election by a month amid worries

Abdi Guled, Associated Press  |  Posted  Sep 27th - 9:51am

Somalia has pushed back its upcoming presidential election by a month, sparking concern in the international community, which has called on all parties to implement the electoral calendar without delay.

Bosnian Serb leader says prosecutor must come to him

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Sep 27th - 9:33am

Bosnian Serb leader Milorad Dodik said Tuesday he agrees to be questioned by the state prosecutor about a referendum held despite a ban by the constitutional court.

3 bears revisited: they've got a new home in Kosovo

Llazar Semini, Associated Press  |  Posted  Sep 27th - 9:10am

Three bears rescued from neglect in Albania have gone to a better place — Kosovo.

Password breach could have ripple effects well beyond Yahoo

Raphael Satter, Associated Press  |  Posted  Sep 27th - 9:01am

As investors and investigators weigh the damage of Yahoo's massive breach to the internet icon, information security experts worry that the record-breaking haul of password data could be used to open locks up and down the web.

Qatar to set up desert tent camp to house World Cup fans

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Sep 27th - 8:50am

The committee organizing the 2022 World Cup in Qatar plans to try out a "fan village" that could house up to 2,000 soccer spectators in Arabian desert tents.

Kenyan police open fire to disperse protesting students

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Sep 27th - 8:21am

Riot police fired live ammunition and tear gas to disperse Kenyan university students protesting over road safety.

Hard-line former president of Iran won't seek re-election

Amir Vahdat and Jon Gambrell, Associated Press  |  Posted  Sep 27th - 8:21am

Iran's hard-line former president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Tuesday he won't run in next year's presidential election, ending weeks of speculation after the country's supreme leader discouraged his candidacy.

Strong winds from typhoon hit Taiwan, killing at least 4

Ralph Jennings, Associated Press  |  Posted  Sep 27th - 8:21am

Strong winds knocked down people and scattered debris as a massive typhoon crossed over Taiwan on Tuesday, killing at least four people and injuring more than 260, officials said.

Syrian troops advance in central Aleppo near old quarter

Bassem Mroue and Sarah El Deeb, Associated Press  |  Posted  Sep 27th - 8:01am

Syrian government forces captured a central rebel-held neighborhood in Aleppo on Tuesday after a week of blistering airstrikes, as a military official vowed that the offensive would continue until insurgents are "wiped out."

Mexico rights body: Army killings of 6 civilians unjustified

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Sep 27th - 8:00am

Mexico's National Human Rights Commission has determined that soldiers killed six civilians without justification in a 2012 incident in the southern state of Guerrero.

EU presses ahead with military plans, UK opposes any EU army

Lorne Cook, Associated Press  |  Posted  Sep 27th - 7:52am

European Union nations pressed ahead Tuesday with plans to boost military cooperation as Britain vowed to oppose the creation of an EU army or headquarters.

Voters in Azerbaijan approve extending presidential term

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Sep 27th - 7:52am

A sweeping majority of voters in Azerbaijan have supported extending the presidential term and powers in the ex-Soviet nation, according to preliminary results released Tuesday.

4 men acquitted of abetting terrorism in Denmark case

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Sep 27th - 7:41am

Four men acquainted with a gunman who killed two people in Copenhagen were acquitted of abetting terrorism Tuesday. Two of them, however, were convicted of illegal arms possession.

WHO: Excessive air pollution affects 92% of people

Jamey Keaten, Associated Press  |  Posted  Sep 27th - 7:39am

More than nine out of 10 people worldwide live in areas with excessive air pollution, contributing to strokes, heart disease, lung cancer and other problems, the World Health Organization said Tuesday.

Pakistani court upholds death penalty for mentally ill man

Munir Ahmed, Associated Press  |  Posted  Sep 27th - 7:30am

Pakistan's Supreme Court on Tuesday upheld the death penalty against a mentally ill man convicted of murder, overturning a previous appeal and a court decision staying his execution, an international rights group said.