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Police commander among at least 10 killed in Mexican state

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Jun 25th - 3:03pm

Gunmen burst into a restaurant and killed the federal police commander for Veracruz and a second officer in another bloody day for the Mexican state.

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The Associated Press  |  Posted   Jun 25th - 2:41pm

Texas Sen. John Cornyn says passing a health care bill won't get any easier if Republican leaders delay a Senate vote on the GOP health care plan. The Senate's No. 2 Republican said the Senate is on pace to hold a key procedural vote Wednesday. He said he feels "a sense of urgency" to push forward because the health care system is in "full meltdown mode." Cornyn made the comments Sunday at a private gathering hosted by the libertarian Koch brothers in Colorado.

Turkey rejects Arab terms to Qatar, US urges sides to talk

Zeynep Bilginsoy, Associated Press  |  Posted   Jun 25th - 2:04pm

Turkey's president on Sunday rejected a demand by major Arab states to remove Turkish troops from Qatar, among a sweeping list of ultimatums that the United States has described as "difficult to meet."

Forest fire in Spain threatens renowned national park

Joseph Wilson, Associated Press  |  Posted   Jun 25th - 1:55pm

A forest fire in southern Spain forced the evacuation of at least 1,000 people and threatened a national park famous for its biodiversity and endangered species, authorities said Sunday.

Israel strikes targets in Syria for 2nd day

Josef Federman, Associated Press  |  Posted   Jun 25th - 1:21pm

The Israeli military on Sunday said it attacked a series of targets belonging to the Syrian military, after several projectiles from neighboring Syria landed in the Israeli-controlled Golan Heights for a second day.

Low turnout expected in Albanian election key to EU bid

Llazar Semini, Associated Press  |  Posted   Jun 25th - 12:56pm

Albanians voted in what was expected to be low numbers Sunday in a general election that was aimed at giving the country's two biggest political parties a chance to look past their bitter differences and work toward eventually joining the European Union.

Vietnamese dissident recounts deportation to France

Philippe Sotto, Associated Press  |  Posted   Jun 25th - 12:04pm

A Vietnamese dissident who says he was arrested at his home in southern Ho Chi Minh City and forcibly exiled to France said Sunday he is determined to continue his activity as a pro-democracy blogger.

Iran's president condemns 'siege' of Qatar by Arab nations

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Jun 25th - 11:42am

Iran's president Hassan Rouhani has told the Qatari Emir that the "siege of Qatar is not acceptable for us," according to the office of the presidency's website.

Scores missing in massive China landslide; 10 bodies found

Han Guan By and Didi Tang, Associated Press  |  Posted   Jun 25th - 9:54am

Rescuers recovered 10 bodies and were still searching for 93 missing people on Sunday, a day after a massive landslide buried a picturesque mountain village in southwestern China.

Italy makes available 5.2 billion euros in resources to keep 2 banks operative after ECB ruled them 'failing'

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Jun 25th - 9:40am

Italy makes available 5.2 billion euros in resources to keep 2 banks operative after ECB ruled them 'failing'

Tropical Storm Dora forms off Mexico's Pacific coast

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Jun 25th - 9:23am

Newly formed Tropical Storm Dora was gathering force off the Pacific coast of Mexico on Sunday, and forecasters said it was expected to bring heavy rains without making a direct hit on land.

Merkel challenger calls Trump 'will-o-the-wisp' president

Kirsten Grieshaber, Associated Press  |  Posted   Jun 25th - 9:02am

Martin Schulz, the center-left challenger running against Chancellor Angela Merkel, vowed Sunday to get his Social Democratic party into power despite weak poll numbers ahead of Germany's national election in September.

Rebels kill 1 Indian soldier, wound 3 in Kashmir

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Jun 25th - 8:54am

Indian security forces put an outskirt of Srinagar, the main city in Indian-controlled Kashmir, under security lockdown as they battled two rebels who took shelter in a school building after killing one paramilitary officer and wounding another soldier.

Cable car crashes in tourist resort in Kashmir, killing 7

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Jun 25th - 8:52am

Four Indian tourists and three local residents died on Sunday when a cable car came crashing down from a height of at least 30 meters (100 feet) in a tourist town in the Indian portion of Kashmir.

Cambodian local election results offer hope to opposition

Sopheng Cheang, Associated Press  |  Posted   Jun 25th - 7:53am

Final results released Sunday from Cambodia's local elections this month confirmed the dominance of Prime Minister Hun Sen's ruling party, but a strong showing by the opposition saw its prospects boosted for next year's general election.

Italy holds mayoral runoffs after populists are eliminated

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Jun 25th - 7:53am

Italian towns are holding mayoral runoffs after the first round of voting eliminated populist candidates in all the big cities up for grabs.

China aims to improve ties between Afghanistan, Pakistan

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Jun 25th - 7:22am

China's foreign minister says Beijing will hold a dialogue with Afghanistan and Pakistan to help improve relations between the two South Asian neighbors.

Iran mocks reports its Syria missile strikes fell short

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Jun 25th - 7:10am

Iran said Sunday the two-stage missiles it fired at Islamic State targets in Syria broke apart over the Iraqi desert as planned, mocking reports that some of the projectiles fell short.

Militants hit Indonesia police; 1 officer, 1 attacker dead

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Jun 25th - 4:13am

Two suspected militants attacked a provincial police headquarters in western Indonesia on Sunday, leaving an officer and an assailant dead during Islam's most important holiday, an official said.