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Mexican government statistics show June was the country's deadliest month in at least 20 years, with 2,234 murders

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Jul 21st - 1:39pm

Mexican government statistics show June was the country's deadliest month in at least 20 years, with 2,234 murders.

Militant group claims attack on policemen in Egypt

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Jul 21st - 1:31pm

An Egyptian militant group claimed responsibility on Friday for an attack on a three-car police convoy that killed one policeman and wounded three others the day before.

Amnesty calls for inquiry into death in Egypt police custody

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Jul 21st - 1:01pm

An international rights group has urged Egyptian authorities to investigate the death of a Coptic Christian man who died in police custody, apparently of torture.

Poland's senators to vote on contentious court overhaul

Monika Scislowska, Associated Press  |  Posted   Jul 21st - 1:01pm

Poland's Senate was poised Friday to approve legislation that would give politicians substantial influence over the country's Supreme Court — a move that critics say would defy the principles of the European Union.

Here is the latest news from The Associated Press at 2:40 p.m. EDT

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Jul 21st - 12:45pm

Outgoing press Secretary Sean Spicer says that he resigned from his position to give incoming communications director Anthony Scaramucci a fresh start. Spicer says during a brief phone conversation with The Associated Press following his announced departure that, "we're at the point where" the president "could benefit from a clean slate." He says he felt it would be best for Scaramucci to be able to build his own operation "and chart a new way forward."

UN, aid group: Cholera in Yemen to worsen in rainy season

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Jul 21st - 12:42pm

The U.N. health agency and an international aid organization warned on Friday that Yemen's cholera epidemic, the world's worst since Haiti's 2010 outbreak, is likely to worsen in the rainy season.

Moldova: lawmakers demand Russia withdraws its troops

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Jul 21st - 11:47am

Moldovan lawmakers have demanded that Russia withdraws its troops from the separatist region of Trans-Dniester, in a move that could heighten tensions between the pro-Western government and the president who favors closer relations with Moscow.

US says airstrike killed members of Afghan security forces

Amir Shah, Associated Press  |  Posted   Jul 21st - 11:31am

The United States said Friday that an airstrike in Afghanistan's southern Helmand province killed an unspecified number of Afghan security forces. The provincial governor confirmed the deaths, saying at least two commanders were among those killed but the final death count was not immediately known.

Pakistan court ends hearing on corruption allegations of PM

Munir Ahmed, Associated Press  |  Posted   Jul 21st - 11:21am

Pakistan's top court on Friday concluded its hearing into corruption allegations against Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's family, but it wasn't immediately clear when the tribunal would announce its decision, defense lawyers and attorneys for the petitioners said.

Militants burst from tunnels, hit weak points in Raqqa fight

Sarah El Deeb, Associated Press  |  Posted   Jul 21st - 11:11am

The surprise attack came before dawn. An Islamic State group militant emerged from underground right into a deserted building being used as a position by U.S.-backed Syrian forces on a front line in Raqqa. He screamed, Allahu akbar, or "God is great," and threw a bomb, killing a guard.

'Darknet' suspect's flashy cars raised eyebrows in Thailand

Kaweewit Kaewjinda, Associated Press  |  Posted   Jul 21st - 10:32am

The neighbors had their suspicions.

Baby Charlie Gard's latest brain scan is 'sad reading'

Caroline Spiezio, Associated Press  |  Posted   Jul 21st - 10:32am

The British parents of critically ill baby Charlie Gard have been told by a hospital lawyer that the results of their son's latest brain scans make for "sad reading."

Russian who met Trump Jr. represented intelligence agency

Nataliya Vasilyeva, Associated Press  |  Posted   Jul 21st - 10:12am

The Russian lawyer who met Donald Trump Jr. during the 2016 campaign has represented a military unit operated by Russia's intelligence agency, according to court filings obtained by The Associated Press on Friday.

UN rights envoy to Myanmar expresses disappointment

Esther Htusan, Associated Press  |  Posted   Jul 21st - 10:02am

The U.N.'s human rights envoy to Myanmar, completing a 12-day fact-finding tour, expressed disappointment Friday over a lack of government effort to tackle problems underlying violence between Buddhists and Muslims in the western state of Rakhine, and exasperation at attempts to impede her investigation.

Saudi king shakes up security agencies after prince's rise

Abdullah Al-Shihri, Associated Press  |  Posted   Jul 21st - 9:53am

Saudi Arabia's king has stripped the Interior Ministry of many of its key mandates, including counter-terrorism, and transferred those powers to a newly created body overseen by the monarch, the state agency reported Friday.

Romania: Art exhibit at ex-prison show horrors of communism

Alison Mutler, Associated Press  |  Posted   Jul 21st - 9:41am

An art exhibition went on display Friday at a former Romanian prison where communists tortured and killed political prisoners in a gruesome re-education program.

4 killed during opposition-led strike in Venezuela

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Jul 21st - 9:31am

Venezuela's chief prosecutor says a 15-year-old boy and a 34-year-old man are the latest victims killed during anti-government demonstrations, bringing the number killed during a 24-hour nationwide strike to four.

Gunmen kill 3 Pakistani policemen, passer-by in Karachi

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Jul 21st - 9:31am

Pakistani police say gunmen riding on a motorcycle have opened fire on a police vehicle in the southern port city of Karachi, killing three officers and a passer-by before fleeing the scene of the attack.

Turkish president accuses Germany of scaring off investors

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Jul 21st - 9:21am

Turkey's president accused Germany of trying to scare off investors from his country after Berlin toughened its stance toward Ankara following the arrest of human rights activists including a German national.