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The Associated Press  |  Posted   Apr 26th - 4:41am

President Donald Trump's plan to provide massive tax breaks to corporations faces big challenges as Washington struggles with mounting debt. The populist president is also trying to make good on promises to bring jobs and prosperity to the middle class. Trump is scheduled to unveil the broad outlines of a tax overhaul later today that would reduce the top corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 15 percent.

The Latest: More than 700,000 granted asylum in EU in 2016

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Apr 26th - 4:41am

The Latest on the flow of migrants into Europe (all times local):

Hong Kong arrests 2 disqualified lawmakers over oath fracas

Kelvin Chan, Associated Press  |  Posted   Apr 26th - 4:32am

Hong Kong police on Wednesday arrested two pro-independence lawmakers who were disqualified in a dispute over their oaths, in the latest round of legal action against activists involved in the Chinese territory's pro-democracy movement.

United investigates report that rabbit died on flight

Danica Kirka, Associated Press  |  Posted   Apr 26th - 4:21am

United Airlines is investigating a report that a giant rabbit died on one of its trans-Atlantic flights.

Macron on risky hunt for blue-collar votes against Le Pen

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Apr 26th - 4:19am

French presidential front-runner Emmanuel Macron is going hunting for blue-collar votes, planning to meet on Wednesday with workers from a home appliance factory that is the latest hot-button symbol of the loss of French jobs to plants overseas.

US Navy fires warning flare at Iran vessel in Persian Gulf

Jon Gambrell, Associated Press  |  Posted   Apr 26th - 4:13am

A U.S. Navy guided-missile destroyer fired a warning flare toward an Iranian Revolutionary Guard vessel coming near it in the Persian Gulf, an American official said on Wednesday, the latest tense naval encounter between the two countries.

US sets up missile defense in S. Korea as North shows power

Foster Klug, Associated Press  |  Posted   Apr 26th - 4:11am

Hours after a display of North Korean military power, rival South Korea announced Wednesday the installation of key parts of a contentious U.S. missile defense system meant to counter the North.

Israel's ex-defense minister says he'll challenge government

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Apr 26th - 4:11am

Israel's hawkish former defense minister is attacking the government as corrupt and extreme — pledging to challenge it in the next election.

Ticks invade police station in Poland, biting 27 officers

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Apr 26th - 4:10am

Officials say that 27 Polish police officers have been hurt — not in any engagement with criminals, but by ticks that have invaded their police station.

South African court rules against nuclear deal

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Apr 26th - 4:10am

A South African court has ruled that the government plans to increase the country's reliance on nuclear power with help from Russia and other countries are unlawful.

S. Korean presidential hopeful accused of anti-gay comments

Kim Tong-Hyung, Associated Press  |  Posted   Apr 26th - 4:02am

South Korean presidential front-runner Moon Jae-in outraged persecuted sexual minority groups by saying during a television debate that he opposes homosexuality, something his supporters say he had to do to win office in the deeply conservative country.

France says analysis shows Syria regime behind sarin attack

Thomas Adamson and Nataliya Vasilyeva, Associated Press  |  Posted   Apr 26th - 4:02am

France's foreign minister said on Wednesday that the chemical analysis of samples taken from a deadly sarin gas attack in Syria earlier this month "bears the signature" of President Bashar Assad's government and shows it was responsible for the deadly assault.

Deadly ambush raises fears of rebel resurgence in India

Nirmala George and Ashwini Bhatia, Associated Press  |  Posted   Apr 26th - 3:51am

Women wailed as Indian soldiers carried a flag-draped coffin holding the body of one of their colleagues killed this week in a deadly ambush by autonomy-seeking Maoist rebels.

Libya asks EU for motorboats, helicopters to patrol coast

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Apr 26th - 3:30am

Libya is asking the European Union for motorboats and helicopters to help patrol the Mediterranean Sea for ships carrying migrants.

Strike forces South African Airways to cancel some flights

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Apr 26th - 3:30am

South African Airways says it is experiencing some domestic flight delays and cancellations because of a strike by some cabin crew.

AP Explains: Why S. Korea is debating US anti-missile system

Kim Tong-Hyung, Associated Press  |  Posted   Apr 26th - 3:22am

Amid alarm over North Korea's expanding nuclear weapons and missile arsenal, Washington and Seoul are speeding ahead with the installment of an advanced U.S. anti-missile system in South Korea to cope with the growing threats.

Berlin subway attack suspect charged, faces up to 10 years

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Apr 26th - 3:20am

German authorities have charged a 27-year-old caught on camera kicking a woman down a flight of stairs in a Berlin subway station with assault causing serious bodily harm.

Thai woman has no anger toward Facebook after girl's killing

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Apr 26th - 3:01am

The wife of a Thai man who hanged their 11-month-old daughter on Facebook Live said Wednesday her husband is the only person to blame and she bears no anger toward the social media site or the users who shared the horrific video.

3 government troops killed in eastern Ukraine

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Apr 26th - 2:50am

Ukrainian authorities say three of its troops have been killed and four injured in eastern Ukraine in an apparent flare-up of fighting between government troops and Russia-backed separatists.