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Three bodies found at avalanche site

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Jan 19th - 10:41am

Three bodies have been found at the scene of an avalanche that buried a hotel in central Italy following an earthquake.

Polish police release protesters' photos, seeking identities

Monika Scislowska, Associated Press  |  Posted  Jan 19th - 10:41am

Poland's interior minister defended the decision to post photos of some anti-government protesters to illustrate the country's "zero tolerance for breaches of the law," but opposition lawmakers Thursday called it an act of "political revenge" intended to intimidate government critics.

A tale of 2 inaugurations: Trump vs. Gambia's chaos

Cara Anna, Associated Press  |  Posted  Jan 19th - 10:34am

One inauguration has been planned for months, with a global spotlight and a Washington setting. The other was announced just hours ahead of time and took place outside the country after weeks of chaos.

Who is Gambia's new leader? A look at Adama Barrow

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Jan 19th - 10:31am

Adama Barrow is a former businessman and real estate mogul who emerged as the unlikely head of a coalition of several Gambian opposition parties. He was sworn in Thursday in Gambia's embassy in neighboring Senegal after a dramatic political crisis — and just days after a personal tragedy.

Invitations in hand, West Bank settlers head to inauguration

Josef Federman, Associated Press  |  Posted  Jan 19th - 10:30am

For nearly 50 years, Israel's settler movement has been criticized, condemned and ostracized by the international community. But on Friday, they say they will be greeted with open arms as invited guests to President-elect Donald Trump's inauguration.

New Gambia president inaugurated in Senegal

Krista Larson and Babacar Dione, Associated Press  |  Posted  Jan 19th - 10:24am

A new Gambian president has been sworn into office in neighboring Senegal, while Gambia's defeated longtime ruler refuses to step down from power, deepening a political crisis in the tiny West African country.

Jordan boosts border forces amid IS threat from Iraq, Syria

Karin Laub, Associated Press  |  Posted  Jan 19th - 10:22am

Jordan is deploying more forces to face a growing threat to its borders, as Islamic State extremists in neighboring Iraq and Syria are being dislodged from some strongholds, the commander of the kingdom's border guards said Thursday.

At least 24 children killed when bus, truck collide in India

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Jan 19th - 10:12am

A truck loaded with sand collided with a school bus early Thursday, killing at least 24 young children in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, police said.

Slovenia, birthplace of Melania Trump, to boost NATO defense

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Jan 19th - 10:11am

Slovenia, the birthplace of America's next first lady, plans to deploy troops to Latvia, joining NATO efforts to defend the Baltics against a possible Russian threat.

Lawmaker, chained to rostrum, protests Erdogan powers

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Jan 19th - 10:10am

A Turkish legislator has handcuffed herself to the parliament's rostrum in protest at a contentious reform package that would give President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's office executive powers.

Heavy vehicles try to reach buried hotel where 30 missing

Colleen Barry, Nicole Winfield and Valentina Onori, Associated Press  |  Posted  Jan 19th - 9:32am

Rescue workers on skis reached a four-star spa hotel buried by an avalanche in earthquake-stricken central Italy Thursday, reporting no sign of life in the building even though two survivors found outside said more than 30 people had been in it when the snow struck.

Philippines, communist rebels resume peace talks in Rome

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Jan 19th - 9:32am

Philippine negotiators and communist guerrillas resumed peace talks in Rome on Thursday, with the insurgents warning that alleged government violations of an accord on human rights might prompt them to terminate a monthslong cease-fire.

Website of Holocaust memorial photomontages goes viral

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Jan 19th - 9:31am

A series of photomontages showing people striking poses, taking selfies and even juggling at the Holocaust memorial in Berlin before the background changes to show them posing amid piles of murdered victims of the Holocaust has gone viral online.

Shelling kills 2 in Aleppo as Assad supporters celebrate

Bassem Mroue and Hassan Ammar, Associated Press  |  Posted  Jan 19th - 9:30am

Rebel shells slammed into the northern Syrian city of Aleppo Thursday, killing two people as thousands of government supporters gathered in a main square nearby to celebrate last month's capture of the city's eastern neighborhoods.

Desalination plant brings relief to Gaza

Fares Akram, Associated Press  |  Posted  Jan 19th - 8:23am

International aid workers on Thursday opened a new desalination plant in the Gaza Strip, bringing some relief to a territory where 97 percent of the water is undrinkable.

German lawmakers back plan for cannabis prescriptions

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Jan 19th - 8:21am

German lawmakers have approved legislation that would allow some patients to get cannabis as a prescription-only medication.

Kosovo sentences 7 for ties to terror groups in Syria

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Jan 19th - 8:11am

A Kosovo court has sentenced seven Albanian citizens on charges of terror, participating in terror groups and recruiting for Islamic terror groups in Syria.

Albanian teacher arrested for pro-IS propaganda

Llazar Semini, Associated Press  |  Posted  Jan 19th - 8:11am

Albanian police said Thurday they had arrested a female teacher for making statements supportive of the Islamic State extremist group.

Mexican president, residents mourn school shooting

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Jan 19th - 8:00am

Mexico's president has called for reflection after a 15-year-old student opened fire in a middle-school classroom, hitting a teacher and two other students in the head before killing himself.