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Complaint: Cook licked sandwiches, served officers

06/01/2014 9:10am
A cook at a New Mexico facility that trains state corrections employees faces battery charges after authorities say she secretly licked sandwiches then served them to probation and parole officers.

Biker's wallet lands on I-84, scatters $1,300

06/01/2014 12:10pm
A motorcyclist's wallet popped out of his pack while he was riding on a Utah freeway and was run over by a semi-truck, scattering $1,300 in cash and other contents.

Twins achieve unique distinction at NV high school

06/01/2014 7:10pm
Identical twin sisters have achieved an identical distinction at a northern Nevada high school: They're co-valedictorians.

Soccer-playing sheep in Colombia honor World Cup

06/01/2014 8:21pm
It was a not so baaad performance for Colombia's wooly warriors.