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Half-sisters meet for the 1st time, after 85 years

05/27/2014 9:41am
A woman in her 80s met her 94-year-old half-sister over the Memorial Day weekend — the first time the siblings had ever set eyes on each other.

Colombia chocolate thief sentenced to 5 months

05/27/2014 12:21pm
It's enough to make a candy junkie give up the sweet stuff forever.

Hunter confesses that Bigfoot body is a fake — again

05/27/2014 12:45pm
Rick Dyer has been touring the nation with what he claimed was the real-life body of a Bigfoot. Now he's come clean, admitting that the body is a fake. But he's not through making ludicrous claims about his Bigfoot research.

Anonymous "HiddenCash" creates social media frenzy

05/27/2014 5:01pm
Someone is dropping envelopes full of cash across San Francisco — and causing an international frenzy on social media.

Utah group to show off baldness on 'America's Got Talent'

05/27/2014 8:16pm
Bald Man Bongos is exactly what it sounds like. They will be on "America's Got Talent" ... likely in tonight's episode, and they are from Utah.

California couple's buried gold coins go for sale

05/27/2014 11:41pm
A treasure trove of rare gold coins discovered by a California couple out walking their dog has gone on sale, with one coin selling for $15,000 on Tuesday.