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Missing pet pigeon flies to school of young owner

05/22/2014 12:01pm
Everyone has heard of homing pigeons, but Montana fifth-grader Tara Atkins apparently has a "schooling pigeon."

Unopposed West Virginia candidate left off ballot

05/22/2014 12:51pm
With no opposition for his city council seat in a small town on West Virginia's Northern Panhandle, Curtis Mele (ME'-lee) figured his ticket to a third consecutive term was secure.

College campus sleepwalker statue vandalized

05/22/2014 2:31pm
An outdoor, lifelike sculpture of a man sleepwalking in his underpants that provoked some concern on a Massachusetts college campus in February has been vandalized.

Argentine inspectors locked in refrigerated truck

05/22/2014 5:50pm
An Argentine truck driver upset that inspectors found irregularities with his refrigerated cargo shut two inspectors in the back and took them on a long, cold ride.