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Quirky bunny on Mandela statue causes stir

01/22/2014 8:32am
A new, 9-meter (29.5-foot) sculpture of Nelson Mandela is billed as the biggest statue of the South African leader. It also has a tiny, barely visible quirk: a sculpted rabbit tucked inside one of the bronze ears.

Suspect caught after sharing wanted photo from police on Facebook

01/22/2014 10:27am
Officers in Freeland arrested 35-year-old Anthony Lescowitch on Monday night, less than two hours after he shared a wanted photo of himself and taunted police for not being able to find him.

Rare blue diamond found in South Africa

01/22/2014 11:56am
A mining company says it has found a rare blue diamond in South Africa.

Protesting Utah student pays tuition in $1 bills

01/22/2014 9:35pm
A University of Utah student says he paid his tuition bill with 2,000 one-dollar bills as a silent protest against the rising cost of college.