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Official: 2 Israelis killed at Brussels museum

05/25/2014 12:00am
An Israeli official says two Israelis were killed in the shooting at the Jewish Museum in Brussels.

Police say car bomb targeting a liquor store overnight in northern Iraq killed 12 people

05/25/2014 1:10am
Police say car bomb targeting a liquor store overnight in northern Iraq killed 12 people.

Car bomb at liquor store in northern Iraq kills 12

05/25/2014 1:40am
A car bomb exploded outside a liquor store in northern Iraq overnight, killing at least 12 civilians, a senior police officer said Sunday.

Flooding in south China kills 19, destroys homes

05/25/2014 3:22am
At least 19 people have died and seven were reporting missing Sunday in widespread flooding that's hit hundreds of thousands of people in a swath of southern China, the country's state news agency reported.

Prosecutors in Brussels Jewish museum shooting looking for 1 suspect who likely acted alone

05/25/2014 4:10am
Prosecutors in Brussels Jewish museum shooting looking for 1 suspect who likely acted alone.

China offers leniency to suspects after bombing

05/25/2014 4:50am
Authorities called Sunday for anyone involved in terrorist activities in China's restive northwest to turn themselves in and promised leniency following a bombing that killed dozens of people.

Egypt's interim president urges Egyptians to vote

05/25/2014 6:30am
Egypt's interim president urged Egyptians on Sunday to come out and vote in this week's presidential election, saying the vote will shape the nation's future.

Italian journalist killed in eastern Ukraine

05/25/2014 6:50am
An Italian photojournalist and his Russian interpreter have been killed in eastern Ukraine while covering fighting between government forces and pro-Russia insurgents, officials said Sunday.

Car bomb kills at least 10 in central Syria

05/25/2014 7:00am
A car bomb struck a pro-government neighborhood in the central Syrian city of Homs on Sunday, killing at least 10 people, setting cars on fire and sending thick plumes of black smoke into the sky, activists and a government official said.

Gunmen kill 6 tribal police officers in Pakistan

05/25/2014 8:21am
Gunmen stormed a tribal police post Sunday in southwestern Pakistan, killing six police officers and wounding three, authorities said.

Rights group urges Yemen, Saudi action on migrants

05/25/2014 8:51am
Human Rights Watch released a new report on Sunday that documents the desperate conditions of people who fled poverty and armed conflict in Africa, only to be abused at the hands of human traffickers who have the backing and active support of some state security officers in Yemen and Saudi Arabia.

3 Spanish airmen hurt in Djibouti grenade attack

05/25/2014 9:21am
Officials say three Spanish military airmen have been injured in a restaurant grenade attack in the tiny African country of Djibouti.

A long line signals hope in a Ukraine neighborhood

05/25/2014 9:42am
The line for the voting booths, a half-dozen flimsy plywood enclosures draped with blue curtains, stretched down the main hallway of Educational Institution No. 323. It went past the election officers sitting beneath paintings of talking rabbits and blond princesses. It turned the corner into the lobby, with the photographs celebrating school plays and Christmas parties, and then out the door and onto the courtyard steps.

Obama makes secret trip to Afghanistan to see American troops

05/25/2014 10:01am
Obama makes secret trip to Afghanistan to see American troops.

Poland's Gen. Wojciech Jaruzelski dies at 90

05/25/2014 10:21am
Gen. Wojciech Jaruzelski, the communist leader who imposed harsh military rule on Poland in 1981 in an attempt to crush the pro-democracy Solidarity movement but years later allowed reforms that ended up dismantling the regime, has died at age 90.

Things to know about this week's election in Egypt

05/25/2014 10:41am
Egyptians will vote Monday and Tuesday in elections to choose a new president after the military's ouster last year of the country's first democratically elected leader, the Islamist Mohammed Morsi.

Ecuador president backs indefinite re-election

05/25/2014 10:51am
Ecuador's President Rafael Correa says he's backing a constitutional amendment that would allow him to run for re-election indefinitely.

Belgium hunts for gunman who killed 4 at Jewish museum

05/25/2014 11:12am
Belgian officials have launched a manhunt for the person who opened fire inside the Brussels Jewish Museum yesterday.

Obama pledges to end Afghanistan war at year's end

05/25/2014 12:11pm
President Barack Obama is promising U.S. forces in Afghanistan that America's longest war will come to a close at the end of the year.

Obama promises US forces in Afghanistan war will come to close at end of year

05/25/2014 12:11pm
Obama promises US forces in Afghanistan war will come to close at end of year .

Yemen army says kills top al-Qaida militant

05/25/2014 12:41pm
Yemen said Sunday that it killed one of the country's most wanted al-Qaida militants, hours after military officials said anti-terrorism units supported by army troops and US drones launched an attack against hideouts of the group in the mountainous Arhab region north of Sanaa, leaving five militants and six soldiers killed.

Obama praises Ukrainians for going to the polls

05/25/2014 12:51pm
President Barack Obama is praising the people of Ukraine for participating in presidential voting "despite provocations and violence."

Tunisia: 3 arrested in alleged terror plot

05/25/2014 1:41pm
Tunisian authorities arrested three suspected Islamist militants near the Libyan border on Sunday and said they uncovered a terror plot targeting industrial and tourist sites and politicians.

Hezbollah chief warns of foreign fighters in Syria

05/25/2014 1:41pm
The leader of Lebanese Shiite group Hezbollah warned Sunday that hard-line foreign fighters in Syria posed a global threat as they trickled home, accusing European countries of facilitating their joining the rebellion against President Bashar Assad.

Berliners block development of historic airport

05/25/2014 1:52pm
Berlin voters on Sunday decided leisure comes first and blocked plans to develop a big part of the former Tempelhof airport, the hub of the historic 1948-49 Berlin Airlift.

Belgium faces tough coalition talks after vote

05/25/2014 2:01pm
Belgian national elections on Sunday yielded a big victory for the right-wing, regionalist N-VA party in northern Flanders while the left remained strong in southern Wallonia, setting the stage for protracted government negotiations that the kingdom is already famous for.

Former US Marine Imprisoned in Iran seeks retrial

05/25/2014 2:01pm
A former U.S. Marine convicted of criminal charges in Iran after being accused of working for the CIA will appeal for a new trial after already seeing his sentence reduced once, his lawyer said Sunday.

Polls: French far-right leads in Europe vote

05/25/2014 2:01pm
France's far-right National Front party is emerging from the European parliamentary elections as the leading party of France.

Libya parliament votes in Islamist-backed Cabinet

05/25/2014 2:11pm
Libya's embattled parliament approved Sunday an Islamist-backed government despite boycotts from non-Islamists and threats from a renegade general who considers the chamber illegitimate.

Exit polls show surge in support for far right, Euroskeptics in European Parliament election

05/25/2014 2:20pm
Exit polls show surge in support for far right, Euroskeptics in European Parliament election.

Poland's Gen. Wojciech Jaruzelski dies at 90

05/25/2014 2:51pm
Gen. Wojciech Jaruzelski, the survivor of a Siberian labor camp, was an unlikely servant to the Soviet Union and its communist ideology.

Pope gives Palestinians boost of support

05/25/2014 3:01pm
Pope Francis delivered a powerful boost of support to the Palestinians during a Holy Land pilgrimage Sunday, repeatedly backing their statehood aspirations, praying solemnly at Israel's controversial separation barrier and calling the stalemate in peace efforts "unacceptable."

Lobbyists call for Jamaica to decriminalize pot

05/25/2014 3:21pm
Lobbyists urged Jamaica's government Sunday to move within 120 days to decriminalize pot and establish a local medical marijuana industry.

Official results: Colombia President Santos to face Oscar Ivan Zuluaga in election runoff

05/25/2014 3:52pm
Official results: Colombia President Santos to face Oscar Ivan Zuluaga in election runoff.

German anti-euro party set to enter EU parliament

05/25/2014 4:01pm
A party that wants Germany to stop using the euro currency is set to enter the European Parliament after receiving 7 percent of the vote in European elections, according to partial results released late Sunday.

Exit poll: Candy tycoon elected Ukraine president

05/25/2014 4:31pm
Exit polls suggested candy tycoon Petro Poroshenko was elected president Sunday in the first round of balloting in the bitterly divided country, and he vowed "to bring peace to the Ukrainian land."

Spain village votes to change its 'Kill Jews' name

05/25/2014 4:32pm
Voters in the tiny Spanish village of Castrillo Matajudios, whose name means "Camp Kill Jews," overwhelmingly decided Sunday that it's time to change the name their town has had for nearly four centuries.

French far right surges to lead in Europe vote

05/25/2014 4:41pm
France's far-right National Front party emerged from Sunday's European Parliament election as the country's leading political party, partial results showed, a victory that the prime minister called a political "earthquake."

Brazil finds 2 tons of pot on samba school grounds

05/25/2014 5:11pm
Police found more than two tons (1,930 kilograms) of marijuana inside a trailer truck parked on the grounds of a samba school in the city of Sao Paulo, Brazilian officials said Sunday.

Bomb attack in tiny Djibouti condemned

05/25/2014 5:21pm
The European Union Naval Force and the African Union on Sunday both condemned an attack the government said involved two Somali suicide bombers in the tiny East African nation of Djibouti that is reported to have killed three people.

Belgium hunts for suspect in Jewish attack; 3 dead

05/25/2014 5:28pm
Belgium launched a nationwide hunt Sunday for a lone gunman who walked into the Jewish Museum, unpacked a Kalashnikov rifle, killed at least three people with a short burst of fire, packed up and briskly walked away.

Britain's UKIP party surges in Euro election

05/25/2014 5:51pm
Early results from Britain's European Parliament elections show that the country's Euoskeptic party is surging ahead of the country's more established parties, indicating it is on track to make its biggest-ever win.

Left opposition leads Greece euro vote

05/25/2014 6:32pm
The left-wing opposition Syriza party has succeeded in capturing first place in Greece's election for the European Parliament, leading the conservative New Democracy party by about 3.5 percent.

Obama signals US to keep limited Afghanistan role

05/25/2014 7:46pm
President Barack Obama slipped into Afghanistan for a surprise visit Sunday and made clear that the U.S. will likely maintain a limited role here even after its combat mission ends this year and America's longest war comes to a close.

Mexico captured alleged cartel capo near border

05/25/2014 8:20pm
Mexican security forces captured a regional leader of a drug cartel who controlled illegal trafficking of drugs, guns and money as well as kidnapping of migrants in a frontier region bordering Texas, Mexico's government said Sunday.

Wives of ousted mayors win Venezuela elections

05/25/2014 8:40pm
The wives of two Venezuelan opposition mayors ousted during anti-government protests have won landslide victories in special elections to choose their husbands' replacements.

Storm briefly strongest May hurricane in E.Pacific

05/25/2014 8:54pm
Hurricane Amanda rapidly gained force far off of Mexico's Pacific coast Sunday, briefly becoming the strongest May hurricane on modern record for the Eastern Pacific before beginning to lose steam.

Zapatista leader Marcos withdrawing once more

05/25/2014 9:20pm
Mexican rebel leader Subcomandante Marcos said Sunday he is withdrawing as the spokesman for the leftist Zapatista rebels, but archly suggested he may just be changing his name.

City in China bombing divided by ethnic tension

05/25/2014 9:41pm
Yang Bin and Chen Li stand out in their neighborhood in the capital of China's Muslim northwest. The couple from the country's Han ethnic majority live surrounded by minority Uighurs, but have little to do with their neighbors.

Early returns: Candy tycoon Poroshenko wins Ukraine's presidential election in the 1st round.

05/25/2014 10:22pm
Early returns: Candy tycoon Poroshenko wins Ukraine's presidential election in the 1st round. .

Thailand's coup leader says monarchy officially endorses army junta

05/25/2014 10:31pm
Thailand's coup leader says monarchy officially endorses army junta.

China: 23 terror, extremist groups busted in May

05/25/2014 11:02pm
So far this month, police in China's restive western region of Xinjiang have broken up 23 terror and religious extremism groups and caught over 200 suspects, state media reported Monday.