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China pastor's supporters beaten on Christmas Eve

12/24/2013 2:53am
A group of rights lawyers and churchgoers supporting a jailed Chinese Christian pastor were attacked by hired thugs on Christmas Eve at his house in central China, his wife and a lawyer said.

Peace talks in Belfast fail to reach deal

12/24/2013 4:04am
Overnight talks in Belfast failed to produce an agreement to resolve deep-seated divisions over parades and flags that triggered widespread rioting in Northern Ireland, though the U.S. mediator leading the discussions said Tuesday the process is not dead.

Storm delays hit Gatwick airport, much of Britain

12/24/2013 4:32am
A severe winter storm has caused major travel problems in Britain, leading to substantial delays Tuesday at London Gatwick Airport and on roads and rail lines at the height of the Christmas travel period.

Ex-head of Islamic Police of Gao captured in Mali

12/24/2013 5:12am
The Malian Ministry of Defense says that the former head of the Islamic Police in the northern Malian city of Gao, who presided over a 10-month reign of terror, has been captured.

Notorious Belgian murderer dies in prison

12/24/2013 6:16am
Belgian pastor Andras Pandy, convicted of murdering his two wives, two sons and two of his adopted daughters, has died in prison, where he was spending a life term.

UK finally pardons computer pioneer Alan Turing

12/24/2013 6:43am
Britain has tried to make good by one of its most famous sons, posthumously pardoning Alan Turing for a gay sex conviction which tarnished the brilliant career of the code breaker credited with helping win the war against Nazi Germany and laying the foundation for the computer age.

Bosnia: Protests delay destruction of crime scene

12/24/2013 6:51am
Bosnian Serb authorities postponed the planned destruction of a house where Serb soldiers burnt alive 53 Bosniak civilians at the start of Bosnia's 1992-95 war.

German far-right steps up anti-refugee protests

12/24/2013 6:58am
Germany has seen a spike in far-right protests against refugees this year as the number of people seeking asylum in the country rose by two thirds.

Strong winds crush boy, delay Paris flights

12/24/2013 7:00am
Violent winds have delayed international flights in and out of Paris and left a 12-year-old boy crushed to death beneath construction materials in Normandy.

China credit market tensions stoke wider concerns

12/24/2013 7:11am
For the second time in six months, a shortage of cash in one corner of China's banking industry has stirred anxiety in financial markets.

UN finds mass grave in South Sudan, 75 feared dead

12/24/2013 7:59am
The United Nations says its staff have found a mass grave in South Sudan's oil rich Unity State.

Champagne widows stamped grand legacy on wine

12/24/2013 8:42am
For Champagne to become the tipple it is today _ popped at weddings, quaffed in casinos, sprayed by racing drivers and smashed against ships _ a few men had to die.

Italy: Kazakh dissident's family returns to Europe

12/24/2013 8:46am
The Italian Foreign Ministry says it has dispatched an emissary to help the wife and young daughter of a Kazakh dissident return to Europe after they were improperly expelled from Italy.

In typhoon's wake, Christmas infused with tragedy

12/24/2013 9:08am
Christmas lights blink in a handful of restaurants in Tacloban, but at nightfall, much of this city flattened by Typhoon Haiyan slips into darkness.

Winter storm delays flights, kills 5 in UK, France

12/24/2013 9:57am
A severe winter storm caused major travel problems in parts of western Europe Tuesday, stranding passengers travelling for Christmas at Paris and London airports and leaving hundreds of thousands of homes without power.

PM: Don't expect "millions of Romanians" in 2014

12/24/2013 10:52am
Romania's prime minister says that Britain should not expect "millions of Romanians" to arrive in the country after it lifts work restrictions for Romanians and Bulgarians on Jan. 1

Crime bosses convicted in Macedonia gambling sweep

12/24/2013 12:33pm
Two fugitive alleged crime bosses have been jailed for life in Macedonia on charges of attempted murder and extortion, following a police crackdown on illegal gambling.

Spain king: Millions need unemployment relief

12/24/2013 1:29pm
Spanish King Juan Carlos has used his annual Christmas address to the nation to express sympathy for millions of Spaniards who have lost their jobs amid the nation's economic crisis and have little relief in sight.

5 dead in Canada after ice storm knocks out power

12/24/2013 4:26pm
Five people in Canada are dead, likely from carbon monoxide poisoning, police said Tuesday, as tens of thousands remain without power in below-freezing weather after a weekend ice storm.

Crowds throng Bethlehem for Christmas

12/24/2013 4:54pm
Thousands of Christian pilgrims from around the world packed the West Bank town of Bethlehem for Christmas Eve celebrations on Tuesday, bringing warm holiday cheer to the biblical birthplace of Jesus on a cool, clear night.

UN says mass grave of 34 found in South Sudan

12/24/2013 8:01pm
U.N. investigators discovered a mass grave in a rebel-held city in South Sudan, the United Nations said Tuesday, as a possible opening occurred for negotiations to avert civil war in the world's newest country where ethnic violence has erupted.

Government body grim on Taiwan military prospects

12/24/2013 8:50pm
A government monitoring body has cast serious doubts on Taiwan's ability to launch a credible all-volunteer military force, undermining a crucial plank in President Ma Ying-jeou's defense policy, and raising difficult questions about the island's ability to defend itself against any attack from China.

China jails dad who tried to kill kid with needles

12/24/2013 8:55pm
A court in northeastern China has sentenced a man to 10 years in prison for trying to kill his baby daughter by inserting sewing needles into her body, state media reported Wednesday.

Activists: Ruling on gays hurts HIV fight in India

12/24/2013 11:33pm
Gay-rights activists and health workers in India are warning that a new Supreme Court ruling criminalizing homosexuality will undo years of progress in fighting AIDS by driving gay and transgender people underground.