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How the AP-GfK poll was conducted

01/23/2014 1:07am
The Associated Press-GfK poll on President Obama and politics was conducted by GfK Public Affairs and Corporate Communications Jan. 17-21. It is based on online interviews of 1,060 adults who are members of GfK's nationally representative KnowledgePanel.

State of the Union: High volume, low yield

01/23/2014 1:10am
Here's a little secret about the State of the Union address that President Barack Obama will deliver next week: He'll give Congress a long list of requests but few likely will be approved. That's just the reality of a politically divided government.

Mich. to seek visas to lure immigrants to Detroit

01/23/2014 4:11am
Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder plans to ask the Obama administration to set aside thousands of work visas to attract talented immigrants to live and work in bankrupt Detroit.

Germany to hold 2015 G8 summit at Alpine spa

01/23/2014 5:30am
Germany says it will hold next year's Group of Eight summit at a secluded spa hotel in the Bavarian Alps.

Rights group: Egypt coup stuns democracy trend

01/23/2014 6:06am
Civil rights and liberties around the world declined for the eighth straight year, dragged down by the Egyptian military's coup, Venezuela clinging to authoritarianism and Russian President Vladimir Putin's crackdown on opposition groups, according to a pro-democracy watchdog group.

Parents of boys in filthy home returning to court

01/23/2014 6:59am
Parents charged with keeping their four young boys in a squalid Denver apartment are scheduled to enter pleas during an arraignment hearing.

California couple welcomes naturally conceived identical triplets

01/23/2014 7:16am
A Southern California woman has given birth to identical triplets, instantly doubling the size of her family.

Drug crimes: AG backs more discretion for judges

01/23/2014 7:22am
Attorney General Eric Holder is backing a bill to give federal judges more discretion over sentencing for some drug crimes.

Half brothers die jogging days apart in NYC

01/23/2014 7:38am
The brother of a man who died after collapsing during a run in a New York City park has died days later, also while jogging.

Police: Conn. official lost election, erased files

01/23/2014 7:45am
A former town tax collector in Connecticut has been arrested on allegations she deleted important data from town computers after losing an election.

Ex-BP engineer asks judge to recuse himself

01/23/2014 8:24am
A former BP engineer convicted of obstructing a Justice Department probe of the company's 2010 Gulf oil spill has asked a judge to disqualify himself from the case.

Natural gas locomotives may prove cheaper, cleaner

01/23/2014 9:03am
The diesel-burning locomotive, the workhorse of American railroads since World War II, will soon begin burning natural gas _ a potentially historic shift that could cut fuel costs, reduce pollution and strengthen the advantage railroads hold over trucks in long-haul shipping.

White House teases State of the Union speech

01/23/2014 9:14am
Want to know what's in next week's State of the Union speech by President Barack Obama?

Michigan seeks visas to lure immigrants to Detroit

01/23/2014 9:29am
Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder announced a plan Thursday to ask the Obama administration to set aside thousands of work visas to entice talented immigrants to live and work in bankrupt Detroit.

Commuter rail passengers stranded in cold in Conn.

01/23/2014 9:48am
Downed wires stranded nearly 200 passengers on the nation's second-busiest commuter railroad for about two hours in 10-degree weather in Connecticut, and crews worked in frigid temperatures Thursday to repair the problem.

GE Hitachi to pay $2.7M over flawed nuke design

01/23/2014 10:00am
A subsidiary of General Electric has agreed to pay $2.7 million to resolve claims its employees made false statements to the U.S. Department of Energy and Nuclear Regulatory Commission about a reactor component.

Police: Body of New Mexico woman left in towed van

01/23/2014 10:11am
The body of a missing woman has been found inside a van, five days after authorities in New Mexico towed it away.

Primary challenger to Texas' Cornyn goes missing

01/23/2014 10:27am
Have you seen U.S. Rep. Steve Stockman?

ACLU accuses La. school of religious harassment

01/23/2014 10:35am
The American Civil Liberties Union is suing a school board in Louisiana, alleging officials at one of its schools harassed a sixth-grader because of his Buddhist faith and that the district routinely pushes Christian beliefs.

NTSB: Oil train crash risks 'major loss of life'

01/23/2014 10:50am
Warning that a "major loss of life" could result from an accident involving the increasing use of trains to transport large amounts of crude oil, U.S. and Canadian accident investigators urged their governments Thursday to impose new safety rules.

US Pacific chief concern over Japan-China tension

01/23/2014 11:26am
The commander of U.S. forces in the Pacific said Thursday the tensions between China and Japan are likely to grow unless they talk to each other.

Seahawks player responds to deaf girl's heartwarming letter

01/23/2014 11:32am
A girl who wears hearing aids was inspired to see a Seahawks player who wears hearing aids make it to the Superbowl this past weekend. She wrote him a letter and he responded in kind.

$5M bond for Ohio ex-con charged in girl's death

01/23/2014 11:39am
Bond has been set at $5 million for an ex-con charged in the Cleveland death of a 5-year-old girl who was shot in the head while sitting in a vehicle with her mother.

Troopers confirm second moose with arrow in nose

01/23/2014 11:46am
Bow hunters near Fairbanks, Alaska, are having problems with their aim.

Poll: At Obama's 5-yr point, few see a turnaround

01/23/2014 12:04pm
As President Barack Obama begins his sixth year in office, people are largely pessimistic about the country's direction, down on the condition of the economy and doubtful it will bounce back anytime soon.

N-word use puts Washington principal on leave

01/23/2014 12:05pm
An elementary school principal in Washington state has been placed on leave while the district investigates her use of the N-word to students.

UN: 400,000 fled Darfur violence last year

01/23/2014 12:18pm
The U.N. peacekeeping chief says nearly half a million people were forced to flee new outbreaks of violence last year in Darfur.

Rwanda rejects UN experts' report on rebel group

01/23/2014 12:23pm
Rwanda has denied U.N. experts' allegations that a Congolese rebel group is recruiting inside its borders, trying to regroup in violation of a peace agreement reached last month.

Parents of boys in filthy home plead not guilty

01/23/2014 12:26pm
Two parents accused of neglecting their four young boys and keeping them in a filthy Denver apartment pleaded not guilty to felony child abuse charges on Thursday.

Nevada man, 88, won't face death in wife's killing

01/23/2014 1:20pm
An elderly Nevada man who told police he shot his wife in a hospital to end her suffering will not face a potential death penalty for murder, a prosecutor said Thursday.

California defendant doesn't participate in trial

01/23/2014 1:28pm
A former California Death Row inmate has failed to participate in his weeklong murder retrial even though he was serving as his own attorney.

Latino groups to launch massive voter registration

01/23/2014 1:29pm
Fewer than half of adult Latino citizens voted in the 2012 presidential elections, according to the U.S. Census, and that has prompted two national Latino organizations to step up voter registration efforts this year, months ahead of the 2014 elections.

Anheuser-Busch, craft brewer settle video lawsuit

01/23/2014 1:37pm
Anheuser-Busch Cos. Inc. has removed the "Hold my beer and watch this" videos from its Bud Light YouTube page, and the craft brewer that sued over use of the phrase has dropped the legal action.

Texan indicted in attack on elderly man

01/23/2014 1:42pm
A white Houston-area man accused of sucker punching an elderly black man has been indicted on a federal hate crime charge.

FDA takes another look at caramel coloring in soda

01/23/2014 1:43pm
The Food and Drug Administration says there's no reason to believe that the coloring added to sodas is unsafe. But the agency is taking another look just to make sure.

Ill. courthouse drug scandal figure gets 10 years

01/23/2014 1:52pm
A southwestern Illinois man was sentenced Thursday to a decade in federal prison for his role in a drug-trafficking ring that prosecutors say involved an admittedly drug-addicted judge and a prosecutor who later died of a cocaine overdose.

Huckabee: Democrats pitch women on birth control

01/23/2014 1:58pm
Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee told fellow Republicans on Thursday that rival Democrats were trying to win over female voters by promising them birth control and telling them "they cannot control their libido or their reproductive system without the help of the government." Huckabee made the comment as he was making a pitch that the GOP needs to broaden its appeal.

Schumer urges 'robust defense' of government

01/23/2014 1:59pm
The tea party movement succeeded in convincing many Americans that government is the problem and Democrats have been ineffective in persuading them otherwise, Sen. Chuck Schumer, the No. 3 Senate Democrat, said Thursday in calling for a "robust defense of government."

Judges OK sale of railroad in Canada disaster

01/23/2014 2:10pm
Judges in the U.S. and in Canada on Thursday approved the sale of a Maine-based railroad that went bankrupt after one of its trains derailed in Canada, setting off an explosion and fire that killed 47 people.

Priorities super PAC lines up for Clinton run

01/23/2014 2:13pm
One of the most potent outside liberal-oriented political groups announced on Thursday that it would back Hillary Rodham Clinton if she chooses to seek the White House in 2016, the latest sign that senior members of President Barack Obama's team were looking to line up with the former first lady.

Ryan: House will take up immigration in pieces

01/23/2014 2:36pm
Rep. Paul Ryan on Thursday told Texas business leaders eager for changes to immigration laws that House Republicans will tackle reform in pieces and ruled out negotiations with the Senate on its comprehensive measure.

McMorris Rodgers to give GOP response to Obama

01/23/2014 2:49pm
Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, the highest ranking GOP woman in Congress, will give the party's response to President Barack Obama's State of the Union address on Tuesday.

2 women accuse former teacher of molestation

01/23/2014 2:58pm
A second woman has come forward to claim that a California educator sexually abused her, saying she decided to speak out after watching a YouTube video by a woman who made similar accusations.

Snowden: Won't return to US for an unfair trial

01/23/2014 3:03pm
Former NSA contractor Edward Snowden says there's no way he can come home to a fair trial under current U.S. law.

US eyes difficulties in next round of Iran talks

01/23/2014 3:10pm
For the United States and its negotiating partners, the next round of nuclear talks with Iran could present a difficult decision: to sign another temporary agreement or accept nothing less than an ambitious, multiyear accord to dismantle the Islamic republic's nuclear program.

2 women accuse former teacher of sexual abuse

01/23/2014 3:22pm
A second woman has come forward to claim that a California educator sexually abused her, saying she decided to speak out after watching a YouTube video by a woman who made similar accusations.

AP sources: Congress clears way for Iraq arms sale

01/23/2014 3:45pm
Congress has cleared the way for the United States to provide Iraq with new military equipment to aid its battle against al-Qaida.

Murder charge filed in Purdue University shooting

01/23/2014 3:46pm
A Purdue University student accused of killing a fellow student inside a classroom was formally charged with murder on Thursday shortly before his initial court hearing.

NY governor, mayor on collision course over pre-K

01/23/2014 3:46pm
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio's relentless pursuit of a tax hike on wealthy city residents to pay for universal prekindergarten has put him on a collision course with most powerful politician in the state, and the political fallout could set a precedent for the mayor's new administration.

A look at the visas sought by Mich. Gov. Snyder

01/23/2014 3:55pm
Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder wants the federal government to set aside 50,000 work visas for bankrupt Detroit over the next five years. Here are some facts and figures about the EB-2 visas he is seeking:

US Sen. Manchin: Tear down chemical spill facility

01/23/2014 4:01pm
U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin wants the West Virginia facility that caused a chemical spill torn to the ground.

Background check company hit by gov't complaint

01/23/2014 4:05pm
The company that handled a background check on National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden allegedly defrauded the government by submitting at least 665,000 investigations that had not been properly completed, and then tried to cover it up when the government suspected what was going on.

US developing plans to train Iraqis in Jordan

01/23/2014 4:11pm
U.S. officials are developing plans to use a small number of U.S. special operations forces in Jordan to train Iraqi troops as part of a broader effort to help Iraq fight the growing al-Qaida threat within its borders.

Lawmaker seeks to raise Washington minimum wage

01/23/2014 4:15pm
A Washington state lawmaker has introduced a bill to increase what is already the highest state minimum wage in the nation to $12 an hour over the next three years, but the measure faces an uphill battle in a politically divided Legislature.

Report: Obama used word 'gay' 272 times in 5 years

01/23/2014 4:30pm
Which recent president has used the word "gay" most often in a public speech, statement or proclamation? And who used it the least, or not at all?

Columbine High School receives threatening calls

01/23/2014 4:31pm
Columbine High School, where a school shooting left 13 people dead in 1999, went on high security alert after receiving a series of threatening phone calls, law enforcement said Thursday.

Marijuana banking regulations on the way

01/23/2014 4:34pm
Attorney General Eric Holder says the Obama administration is planning to roll out regulations soon that would allow banks to do business with legal marijuana sellers.

Huckabee: Democrats pitch women on birth control

01/23/2014 4:36pm
Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee told fellow Republicans on Thursday that rival Democrats were trying to win over female voters by promising them free birth control and telling them "they cannot control their libido or their reproductive system without the help of the government." Huckabee made the comment as he was making a pitch that the GOP needs to broaden its appeal and end its internal divisiveness.

Mormon church defends Utah liquor laws

01/23/2014 4:47pm
The Mormon church has issued a sweeping defense of Utah's famously strict liquor laws, drawing a line against tourism, restaurant and bar industry advocates who have helped ease alcohol regulations in recent years.

About 25 pilot whales found dead off Fla.

01/23/2014 4:52pm
Boaters discovered 25 dead pilot whales on an island off Florida's southwest coast Thursday, raising the death toll to 33.

Accidents involving trains transporting crude oil

01/23/2014 4:57pm
Accident investigation boards in the U.S. and Canada called on Thursday for tougher regulation of trains carrying crude oil, warning that an accident in a populated area could cause a "major loss of life," as well as significant property and environmental damage. Worries about shipping crude oil by train have been heightened by recent accidents:

$24 general admission price set for NY 9/11 museum

01/23/2014 5:01pm
Adults who visit the Sept. 11 museum at the World Trade Center will be charged $24 admission.

Suburban NY chief arrested on child porn charge

01/23/2014 5:03pm
A suburban New York police chief who taught sex-abuse awareness classes to children has been accused of downloading and sharing more than 120 images of child pornography.

Obama: South Sudan deal a 'critical first step'

01/23/2014 5:20pm
President Barack Obama says the cease-fire deal in South Sudan is a critical first step toward lasting peace.

Patrol: 3 dead, including 2 lawmen, in Okla. chase

01/23/2014 5:54pm
Two law enforcement officers were killed Thursday when their cars collided during a pursuit in rural western Oklahoma, and the suspect died in a separate crash a few miles away, authorities said.

Man convicted in 1988 stabbing death executed

01/23/2014 6:07pm
An Oklahoma man who was convicted of stabbing a close friend to death more than a quarter-century ago was executed Thursday.

Power company Tri-State pitches $10M CO2 X Prize

01/23/2014 6:17pm
A power company is raising money for a $10 million X Prize to spur technology to capture and use carbon dioxide emitted from coal-fired power plants.

Michigan seeks visas to lure immigrants to Detroit

01/23/2014 6:29pm
Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder asked the federal government Thursday to set aside thousands of work visas for bankrupt Detroit, a bid to revive the decaying city by attracting talented immigrants who are willing to move there and stay for five years.

'Obama' filmmaker charged in NY in campaign fraud

01/23/2014 6:41pm
A conservative scholar and author known recently for his critical works on President Barack Obama was indicted in New York on charges he violated campaign finance laws, federal prosecutors announced Thursday.

Obama praises US mayors, pledges cooperation

01/23/2014 6:42pm
President Barack Obama has discussed economic priorities with hundreds of mayors visiting Washington from across the U.S.

Ohio judge favors camera speeding ticket refunds

01/23/2014 6:43pm
Drivers who got speeding camera tickets in a Cincinnati-area village are entitled to nearly $1.8 million in refunds, pending the village's appeal of class action status, a southwest Ohio judge ruled Thursday.

NTSB: Oil train crash risks 'major loss of life'

01/23/2014 6:45pm
Warning that a "major loss of life" could result from an accident involving the increasing use of trains to transport large amounts of crude oil, U.S. and Canadian accident investigators urged their governments Thursday to impose new safety rules.

NYC jury convicts con man in failed hit plot

01/23/2014 6:50pm
A con man already imprisoned in a collectible coin scam was convicted by a jury on Thursday in a plot to avenge his sentence by hiring a hit man to decapitate the federal judge and the U.S. attorney in his fraud case.

Feds to limit use of shackles at immigration court

01/23/2014 7:52pm
Federal authorities will limit the use of shackles on immigrants who appear before immigration judges under a settlement of a class-action lawsuit approved Thursday.

Hawaii man gets 18 months for hoax plane threat

01/23/2014 8:08pm
A judge handed an 18-month prison sentence to a Hawaii man who admitted he falsely reported a possible airplane hijacking because he was drunk and trying to get even with a roommate who had put fish guts in his truck.

Oakland family says teen kills sister over laundry

01/23/2014 9:17pm
The relatives of a 17-year-old Northern California girl say she was shot and killed by her 14-year-old brother because of an argument over laundry.

NY's Metro-North service restored after 2 hours

01/23/2014 10:13pm
New York's Metro-North Railroad has restored service after a computer system power problem forced it to temporarily stop trains on three of its five lines. Residual delays are expected.

Twitter gaining acceptance as a classroom tool

01/23/2014 11:05pm
Some school officials try to prevent students from tweeting in class. But others are embracing social media as a learning tool, saying sites like Twitter can expand discussions beyond a classroom's four walls.

Man convicted in Arizona Buddhist temple slayings

01/23/2014 11:30pm
It was one of Arizona's most notorious murder cases: the executions of nine people, including six monks, at a suburban Phoenix Buddhist temple.