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IG finds states' child care requirements too lax

11/05/2013 1:38am
Parents with children in day care often assume workers have cleared background checks and the facility has passed unannounced inspections, but a review released Tuesday finds many states don't have such requirements.

10 Things to Know for Today

11/05/2013 4:18am
Your daily look at late-breaking news, upcoming events and the stories that will be talked about today:

US home prices rise at slower pace in September

11/05/2013 6:39am
A measure of U.S. home prices rose only slightly in September from August, a sign that prices are leveling off after big gains earlier this year.

AP Exclusive: Border Patrol rejects curbs on force

11/05/2013 7:43am
Border Patrol agents will be allowed to continue using deadly force against rock-throwers, the chief of the agency said, despite the recommendation of a government-commissioned review to end the practice.

Twin snow leopard cubs make debut in Central Park

11/05/2013 8:07am
New York's Central Park Zoo is showing off two baby snow leopard cubs born there this summer.

High court reinstates lengthy prison term in Mich.

11/05/2013 8:33am
The Supreme Court has reinstated a prison term of at least 20 years for a Michigan woman who was convicted of murdering her uncle by helping her aunt pour vodka down his throat and smother him.

In Florida, agreement to reduce student arrests

11/05/2013 8:55am
One of the nation's largest school districts, law enforcement and the NAACP have reached a deal aimed at arresting fewer students for minor offenses and cutting down the so-called school-to-prison pipeline, which the civil rights group and others say disproportionately affects minority students.

Group launches app for World War II Memorial in DC

11/05/2013 9:01am
The World War II Memorial in Washington is getting a free mobile app to help teach visitors about the war, the site's symbolism and the millions of people it honors.

White House tours resume after 7 months

11/05/2013 9:21am
Hoping to snag a glimpse of the inside of the White House, the first dog or even first lady Michelle Obama? Now may be your chance.

Meredith launches new food magazine 'Allrecipes'

11/05/2013 9:32am
Meredith Corp., the publisher of "Better Homes and Gardens" and "Parents" magazines, has launched "Allrecipes" magazine.

Recycled Christmas trees: mulch, dunes, habitats

11/05/2013 9:45am
It's one of America's great recycling success stories: Every year, hundreds of thousands of discarded Christmas trees are collected and reused.

Sheriff's chaplain removes ex-offenders' tattoos

11/05/2013 9:45am
A sheriff's department chaplain in Texas has found a new calling: removing tattoos for ex-offenders.

Is it rude to ask guests to take their shoes off?

11/05/2013 9:46am
In Michigan, you're expected to leave snowy boots in the mudroom before going inside. In Alaska, boots are taken off in "Arctic entries." In Japan, Thailand and many other countries, you wouldn't dream of entering a home with your shoes on, regardless of the season.

German intel officials discuss NSA spying with US

11/05/2013 10:01am
U.S. and German officials say their top intelligence officials are meeting in Washington to devise new guidelines on how the allies share intelligence _ including whether they spy on each other.

GOP Sen. Coburn diagnosed with prostate cancer

11/05/2013 10:10am
Oklahoma Republican Sen. Tom Coburn has been diagnosed with a recurrence of prostate cancer and is seeking treatment.

Bomb squad to check property where man wounded

11/05/2013 10:25am
An Arizona property where a man lost most of a leg in an explosion is the same one where a munitions-maker had an operation in the 1990s, Maricopa County sheriff's officials said.

Gay rights gains piling up; battles still ahead

11/05/2013 10:29am
In Maine, a congressman running for governor came out as gay. In Hawaii, lawmakers girded for a vote to legalize same-sex marriage. And in the U.S. Senate, seven Republicans joined the Democrats in a landmark step toward banning workplace discrimination against gay, bisexual and transgender Americans.

Denver police detain 2 teens inside empty school

11/05/2013 10:59am
Denver police say two 15-year-olds put their lives at risk when they broke into an empty school building carrying BB guns that appeared to be long rifles.

Report: Wildlife refuges create $2B for economy

11/05/2013 11:07am
Bird watching, hunting or just picnicking. Whatever the reason, visits to the nation's 561 wildlife refuges are big business.

Yiddish song expert Chana Mlotek, 91, dies in NYC

11/05/2013 11:24am
Chana Mlotek, a noted archivist of Yiddish folk music and an impassioned collector of Yiddish songs from the shtetls of Europe, has died at age 91.

Sender of LAX-Newport Beach marketing tweet fired

11/05/2013 11:27am
The public relations director of a marketing nonprofit has been fired for a tweet he sent urging tourists to avoid the chaos caused by a gunman at Los Angeles International Airport and instead visit Newport Beach.

Authorities: Miss. woman offered to sell her baby

11/05/2013 11:37am
A Mississippi woman has been arrested on a charge that she offered to sell her infant son to a Louisiana woman she met through an online classified ad.

FBI taps 25-year agency veteran for No. 2 spot

11/05/2013 11:42am
A 25-year veteran of the FBI, Mark F. Giuliano, will become the bureau's new deputy director, overseeing all domestic and international investigative and intelligence activities of the law enforcement agency.

Oklahoma Sen. Coburn has recurrence of cancer

11/05/2013 11:44am
Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn has had a recurrence of prostate cancer and is undergoing further evaluation and treatment, the conservative Republican's communications director said Tuesday.

Texas co. must pay for RI environmental projects

11/05/2013 12:04pm
A Texas gas company was ordered Tuesday to pay for several environmental programs in Rhode Island under a criminal sentence handed down by a judge who took the unusual step of asking the community for punishment ideas.

Irishman pleads guilty in US rhino horns case

11/05/2013 12:21pm
An Irishman linked to a criminal Gypsy clan pleaded guilty Tuesday to charges he used forged documents to sell horns from endangered black rhinos to a New York collector for $50,000.

US issues $5 million reward for Mexican drug lord

11/05/2013 12:22pm
The State Department is offering a reward of up to $5 million for information leading to the arrest and conviction of freed Mexican drug lord Rafael Caro Quintero.

Authorities: 2 Oklahoma jail escapees recaptured

11/05/2013 12:27pm
Authorities say they've recaptured the last inmates who escaped an Oklahoma jail by climbing through a trap door above the shower.

Calif. homeowners sue county over sinking homes

11/05/2013 12:44pm
Residents of a Northern California subdivision where homes are sinking into a hilltop have filed a lawsuit against the county.

Calif. men admit roles in Kan. cargo theft case

11/05/2013 12:58pm
Two California men on Tuesday admitted to taking part in an attempted theft from a Kansas slaughterhouse in which prosecutors say the would-be thieves posed as a legitimate trucking firm to try to steal beef.

Suspect in 5 Nevada killings pleads not guilty

11/05/2013 1:04pm
The 25-year-old man accused of five murders during a Mother's Day weekend killing rampage in northern Nevada has pleaded not guilty a third time after rejecting a plea deal that would have kept prosecutors in the case from pursuing the death penalty.

Firm applies to build largest pipeline yet from ND

11/05/2013 1:40pm
A Canadian company has applied to build the largest oil pipeline yet from western North Dakota's booming oil patch and will soon begin courting oil producers to reserve space, a key step in a $2.6 billion project that would move millions of gallons of oil to Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Man charged in attempted abduction of Aurora girl

11/05/2013 1:41pm
Prosecutors have filed charges against a man accused of trying to abduct an 8-year-old girl from her bedroom in Aurora, Colo.

Authorities: Miss. woman offered to sell her baby

11/05/2013 1:44pm
A Mississippi woman has been arrested for allegedly offering to sell her infant son to another woman she met through an online classified ad.

Court dubious in poisoning case that cites treaty

11/05/2013 1:55pm
A love triangle that ended with a woman poisoning her pregnant rival spawned a debate over chemical weapons, international relations, federalism and chocolate at the Supreme Court Tuesday, with justices left trying to make sense of how a jealous wife ended up being prosecuted for violating an international chemical weapons treaty.

Award-winning Chicago chef Charlie Trotter dies

11/05/2013 1:58pm
Award-winning chef Charlie Trotter, a self-taught culinary master whose namesake Chicago restaurant elevated the city's cuisine and provided a training ground for some of the nation's other best chefs, has died at the age of 54.

NTSB faults parade plans in fatal train collision

11/05/2013 2:15pm
An oncoming freight train sounded its warning, and track guard gates started to descend. But the crowd was cheering, a marching band was playing, the lights of a police escort were flashing and a truck driver towing a parade float of wounded veterans and their wives in Midland, Texas, advanced heedlessly into the crossing.

Sanford police: No-gun policy won't trample rights

11/05/2013 2:35pm
The police department in the Florida city where Trayvon Martin was killed says that while it recommends that neighborhood watch volunteers not carry weapons, it won't formally prevent volunteers from doing so.

Colo., Wash. courts weigh lawyer pot use, advice

11/05/2013 2:37pm
Seattle attorney Kurt Boehl is happy to think he's contributing to the success of Washington's grand experiment in regulating marijuana by advising his clients on how to navigate the industry's legal complexities.

San Francisco to become 'Gotham City' for boy with leukemia

11/05/2013 2:51pm
An entire city will help a boy with cancer and a desire to rescue others get his wish this month.

Families encourage overhaul of pilot training

11/05/2013 2:53pm
Prodded by the families of people killed in a regional airline crash, federal officials issued an extensive overhaul of training requirements for pilots Tuesday.

Plane in Nashville crash not supposed to be in US

11/05/2013 3:02pm
According to a preliminary report, the pilot of a small, private plane that crashed and burned at Nashville International Airport last week had filed a flight plan for a short trip within Canada and was not in touch with air traffic control.

Mass. sergeant who leaked Tsarnaev photos retires

11/05/2013 3:16pm
A Massachusetts state police photographer who leaked dramatic photos of the bloodied Boston Marathon bombing suspect during his capture has retired, just days after he was disciplined for his actions, the agency said Tuesday.

Conn. college defends lockdown set off by costume

11/05/2013 3:55pm
Officials at Central Connecticut State University on Tuesday defended the police and school response to reports of a masked man with a gun and sword a day earlier, when law enforcement swarmed the campus and buildings were locked down for three hours.

Records: Politician to plead guilty to bribery

11/05/2013 3:58pm
With his hands tucked behind his head, then-Moreno Valley City Councilman Marcelo Co appeared relaxed with a large stack of $100 bills in front of him on a table.

Holder looks for answers on overcrowded prisons

11/05/2013 4:03pm
The nation's top law enforcement officer got a glimpse of the challenges facing ex-offenders attempting to rebuild their lives on Tuesday as he attended an unusual court session and then met with several of them afterward.

Judge suspends ban on Iowa abortion pill system

11/05/2013 4:32pm
An Iowa judge ruled Tuesday that Planned Parenthood could still use video conferencing to distribute abortion-inducing pills while the organization challenges a new ban on the practice in court.

NJ mall shooting baffles relatives of gunman

11/05/2013 4:49pm
Relatives and friends of a young man who fired shots in New Jersey's largest mall, trapping terrified shoppers for hours before killing himself, struggled Tuesday to reconcile those actions with a person they described as pleasant and well-liked.

Correction: Texas Abortion Restrictions-Legal

11/05/2013 4:55pm
In a story Nov. 1 about the legal implication of abortion restrictions in Texas, The Associated Press reported erroneously that a law requiring doctors who perform abortions to have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital was in effect in Kansas. A state judge has issued a temporary injunction blocking enforcement of the law pending a trial on its constitutionality.

Reinstatement of abortion law leaves few options

11/05/2013 4:57pm
In a story Nov. 1 about abortion restrictions in Texas, The Associated Press reported erroneously that a Kansas law requiring doctors who perform abortions to have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital was in effect. A state judge has issued a temporary injunction blocking enforcement of the law pending a trial on its constitutionality.

As US economy plods and pay lags, companies profit

11/05/2013 5:05pm
Look at the U.S. economy and you'll notice an unusual disconnect.

Illinois lawmakers vote to allow gay marriages

11/05/2013 5:46pm
Illinois lawmakers on Tuesday positioned their state to become the largest in the heartland to allow gay marriage, finally pushing the measure through the House after months of arduous lobbying in President Barack Obama's home state.

NJ gives Christie 2nd term, Va. too close to call

11/05/2013 6:05pm
Republican Governor Chris Christie has won a second term in New Jersey.

Neighbors: Man who killed officer picked fights

11/05/2013 6:06pm
The 88-year-old man who fatally shot an Oregon police officer over the weekend before taking his own life had a reputation for quarrels and a record of domestic disputes.

Obama's simple promises vex complex health rollout

11/05/2013 6:46pm
It sounded so simple. Too simple, it turns out. President Barack Obama's early efforts to boil down an intricate health care law so Americans could understand it are coming back to haunt him, leaving a trail of caveats and provisos in place of the pithy claims he once used to sell the law.

Obama's simple promises vex complex health rollout

11/05/2013 6:46pm
It sounded so simple. Too simple, it turns out. President Barack Obama's early efforts to boil down an intricate health care law so Americans could understand it are coming back to haunt him, leaving a trail of caveats and provisos in place of the pithy claims he once used to sell the law.

Click to celebrate, but consider doing it on delay

11/05/2013 7:44pm
It's so easy to share all that holiday fun in an instant: One click and you can cover Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all your other social media accounts. Two seconds later, everyone who wasn't included will know about it, too.

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed re-elected to second term

11/05/2013 7:52pm
Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed has been elected to a second term, defeating three little-known challengers as he continues to raise his profile overseeing a key city in the South.

McAuliffe wins Va. race, beats tea party candidate

11/05/2013 8:06pm
Democrat Terry McAuliffe is the victor in the race to be Virginia governor. He has turned back a challenge from state Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, a tea party favorite.

Appeals court strikes blow against OC gang order

11/05/2013 10:25pm
A federal appeals court on Tuesday struck a blow against widely used gang injunctions, ruling that a sweeping Orange County ban cannot be applied to dozens of people because it gave them no way to challenge claims that they were gang members.

Obama phones winners in Virginia, NYC, Boston

11/05/2013 10:48pm
President Barack Obama has phoned Terry McAuliffe, the winning candidate in the Virginia governor's race, as well as the winners in mayoral races in New York City and Boston. The White House says Obama phoned McAuliffe, New York Mayor-elect Bill De Blasio and Boston Mayor-elect Martin Walsh, all Democrats, on Tuesday night.