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Briton own coach during grueling solo ocean trek

09/26/2013 1:04am
Sarah Outen became her own psychological coach along the grueling way to becoming the first woman to row solo from Japan to Alaska.

15-year-old arrested in Arizona officer's shooting

09/26/2013 2:33am
A 15-year-old boy has been arrested in the killing of a Maricopa County detention officer who authorities say was targeted at random and shot in his own driveway.

Egypt minister says relations with US unsettled

09/26/2013 4:50am
Egypt's relations with the United States are "unsettled" as the country struggles to redefine its national interests vis-à-vis other countries, the foreign minister said.

Bear obeys bartender's command, leaves Juneau bar

09/26/2013 7:22am
If only all unwelcome bar guests were this obliging. A black bear walked into the bar at the Alaskan Hotel in downtown Juneau on Monday night.

Syrian conflict takes a toll on Palestinian aid

09/26/2013 7:23am
Displaced Palestinians are losing out to Syrians in desperate need of aid, and the United Nations is asking Arab countries to pitch in and bolster funding for its agency mandated with helping Palestinian refugees.

Pa. woman, 102, gets honorary high school diploma

09/26/2013 7:26am
A western Pennsylvania woman who dropped out of school to work during the Great Depression finally has her high school diploma in time for her 103rd birthday.

Teen accused of killing 2 found on Vegas Strip

09/26/2013 7:45am
A Las Vegas-area teenager who had been sought in the U.S. and along the Mexican border following the butcher knife slayings of his mother and younger brother was arrested as he sat alone in a food court on the Las Vegas Strip.

Somalis fear youths leaving US for terror group

09/26/2013 8:08am
Leaders of the nation's largest Somali community say some of their young men are still being enticed to join the terror group that has claimed responsibility for the deadly mall attack in Kenya, despite a concentrated effort to shut off what authorities call a "deadly pipeline" of men and money.

Wife says George Zimmerman has changed since trial

09/26/2013 8:11am
Shellie Zimmerman said Thursday that she hasn't been able to find her estranged husband to serve him divorce papers and that she doesn't know what he's capable of because he has changed since he was acquitted in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin.

US-Japan deal could lead to more organic options

09/26/2013 8:49am
The United States and Japan have agreed to make it easier to import each other's organic products, the latest step in a global effort that could give consumers access to more _ and cheaper _ organic food.

Obama to host Pakistan's new prime minister

09/26/2013 8:52am
President Barack Obama will meet next month at the White House with Pakistan's new prime minister.

Police: Body parts found in suburban Detroit sewer

09/26/2013 9:48am
Authorities say body parts have been found in a sewer in suburban Detroit for the third time in just over a year.

Child health advocates call for tobacco tax hike with plans for funds

09/26/2013 9:56am
Local and national child advocacy groups have announced their support of a proposal by President Barack Obama to expand early childhood education by increasing the federal tax on tobacco sales.

Few changes in this year's SAT scores

09/26/2013 9:58am
Scores on the SAT college entrance exam were largely stagnant for a third year, although African-American students made slight gains, the College Board said Thursday.

4 die in suburban Chicago interstate crash

09/26/2013 10:37am
The Illinois State Police say four people died and four more were injured after a rollover crash in a Chicago suburb.

4 elephants call former citrus farm home

09/26/2013 10:42am
Forget peanuts. In the heart of Florida's citrus grove region, it's the oranges elephants are after.

Murder charges dismissed against Michigan brothers

09/26/2013 10:45am
Two brothers who spent 25 years in prison for a killing they insist they didn't commit walked out of a Detroit courthouse as free men on Thursday.

Holocaust Museum barracks going back to Poland

09/26/2013 10:55am
The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington is returning one of its most powerful artifacts to Poland: a wooden barracks that housed prisoners at the Auschwitz-Birkenau camp.

USDA to test new trap to catch Everglades pythons

09/26/2013 11:08am
Federal wildlife officials alarmed by an infestation of Burmese pythons in the Florida Everglades have tried radio tracking devices, a massive public hunt and even snake-sniffing dogs to control the invasive species. Now there's talk of snaring the elusive pythons in specially designed traps.

Unions to spend heavily on state, local races

09/26/2013 11:15am
The nation's largest labor federation plans to shift more of its political resources into state and local campaigns next year.

Utah beauty queen takes plea deal in bomb case

09/26/2013 11:42am
A beauty contest winner and three other teens took a plea deal on Thursday after being accused of tossing homemade bottle bombs in a Salt Lake suburb.

Farmers face labor shortages in the fields

09/26/2013 12:10pm
With the harvest in full swing on the West Coast, farmers in California and other states say they can't find enough people to pick high value crops such as grapes, peppers, apples and pears.

NY state shifts judicial approach to prostitution

09/26/2013 12:13pm
New York is creating the nation's first statewide system of courts to help prostitutes escape a life of exploitation and violence and move on to productive lives, the state's chief judge said.

Clapper says he's open to surveillance limits

09/26/2013 12:34pm
The nation's top intelligence officer is telling lawmakers he's willing to consider limits on surveillance by the National Security Agency.

Man cleared in ricin letters case sues 2nd suspect

09/26/2013 12:43pm
An Elvis impersonator who was ultimately cleared of charges that he sent poison-laced letters to President Barack Obama and others has filed a defamation lawsuit against the current suspect in the case.

Japan car parts makers in price-fixing plea

09/26/2013 12:54pm
Nine Japanese auto parts manufacturers and two of their executives will plead guilty and pay $740 million in criminal fines for conspiring to fix the prices of more than 30 products sold to many of the world's largest automakers operating in the U.S., the Justice Department announced Thursday.

Atty General meets with JPMorgan chief

09/26/2013 12:57pm
JPMorgan chief executive Jamie Dimon met Thursday with Attorney General Eric Holder about an investigation into the company's handling of mortgage-backed securities in the run-up to the recession.

Palestinians want Israel peace deal in 9 months

09/26/2013 12:58pm
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas pledged Thursday to continue recently resumed negotiations with Israel with "an insistence on success" and the aim of reaching a permanent peace accord within nine months.

ICBM test-launched from California

09/26/2013 1:14pm
The U.S. Air Force has test-launched an unarmed Minuteman 3 intercontinental ballistic missile from California.

Classmates recall night in 1971 SD girls vanished

09/26/2013 1:17pm
Classmates of two 17-year-old South Dakota high school students who disappeared in 1971 and whose car was found just this week say they were traveling to an end-of-year party in separate cars and the girls never arrived.

Kentucky couple killed in Chicago-area plane crash

09/26/2013 1:21pm
A Kentucky hospital has identified the victims of a deadly suburban Chicago plane crash as one of its surgeons and his wife.

Senate pursues law to limit NSA surveillance

09/26/2013 1:25pm
Chairwoman Dianne Feinstein says the Senate Intelligence Committee is drafting legislation to limit the National Security Agency's access to U.S. phone and email data in an effort to win back public trust following disclosures about widespread domestic surveillance.

Congress approves bill to avert helium shortage

09/26/2013 1:49pm
Congress has moved to avert an impending shutdown of the federal helium reserve, a key supplier of the lighter-than-air gas used in a products ranging from party balloons to MRI machines.

Postmaster: Money woes behind rate hike request

09/26/2013 1:56pm
Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe said Thursday the Postal Service had no choice but to ask for an emergency rate hike given the agency's dire finances.

Navy Yard employees get counseling after massacre

09/26/2013 2:13pm
More than 6,000 employees of the Washington Navy Yard have been offered counseling in the 10 days since a gunman killed 12 people.

Health law online sign-up delayed for small firms

09/26/2013 2:17pm
Days before the debut of new online insurance markets, a couple of last-minute technical glitches with President Barack Obama's health care law are making supporters anxious and giving opponents a new line of attack.

Secretary of State Kerry to visit Asia

09/26/2013 2:18pm
Secretary of State John Kerry is heading to Asia next week to discuss U.S.-Japan security issues, trade and other matters important in the region.

Boston subway riders rescue man on tracks

09/26/2013 2:27pm
Three people waiting for a subway in Boston rescued a man who tumbled off a station platform and onto the tracks.

Porn, al-Qaida mentions put end to Pa. Web lessons

09/26/2013 2:28pm
A school district outside Philadelphia halted state-sponsored assemblies about online safety after the presenter made references to al-Qaida, serial killers and child pornography during a talk to 9- and 10-year-olds.

Ill. torture panel head resigns after criticism

09/26/2013 2:42pm
The executive director of an Illinois commission investigating allegations of torture by police has resigned after criticisms that the panel wasn't properly reporting cases that were being examined.

Witness: NM ex-police chief on cartel's payroll

09/26/2013 2:42pm
A former police chief in a New Mexico border town collected more than $2,000 a month from the Juarez Cartel in exchange for protection and help with smuggling drugs and guns, a former town official testified Wednesday.

Bus driver told patrol he passed out before crash

09/26/2013 2:42pm
The driver of a Greyhound bus that ran off an interstate and flipped onto its side told investigators he didn't remember anything from the last mile before the crash that injured at least 35 people, an investigative report released Thursday shows.

Lawyer: Terror case docs in 'classified morass'

09/26/2013 3:03pm
A lawyer for a suburban Chicago teenager accused of terrorism says the government's bid to restrict access to some potential evidence on security grounds hinders her legal defense.

Ill. torture panel head resigns after criticism

09/26/2013 3:06pm
The executive director of an Illinois commission investigating allegations of torture by police has resigned after criticisms that the panel wasn't properly reporting cases that were being examined.

3rd person charged in NH crash that killed bikers

09/26/2013 3:08pm
Authorities say a New Hampshire woman accused of selling drugs to a teenage driver who plowed into a group of bicyclists and killed two of them has been arraigned.

Somalia's president condemns Nairobi mall attack

09/26/2013 3:10pm
Somalia's president has condemned the "cruel and terrible" attack on a Nairobi mall and says the fight against the Islamic extremist group based in his country is "far from over."

Utility settles claims of late pay after Sandy

09/26/2013 3:29pm
Electricity and gas utility National Grid says it has agreed to pay more than $6 million to workers in Massachusetts, New York and Rhode Island who waited months to receive compensation for work performed after Superstorm Sandy.

Exhibit honoring Comanche Code Talkers opens

09/26/2013 3:35pm
Personal photographs, military uniforms and a Nazi flag captured during World War II are some of the items on display in a new exhibit that opened Thursday honoring 17 members of the Comanche Nation who used their language as a code during the war.

Navy orders investigation into shootings

09/26/2013 3:50pm
The Navy on Thursday ordered an in-depth investigation into the Washington Navy Yard shooting and the events that led up to it, including a detailed look at the shooter, his mental health background and whether any adverse information was ever reported to the service about him.

Clinton pushes effort to protect African elephants

09/26/2013 4:07pm
Hillary Rodham Clinton outlined plans Thursday for an $80 million effort to curb the poaching and trafficking of elephants in Africa, warning that the continent's elephants could face extinction without swift action.

Comic charged with assaulting journalist for tweet

09/26/2013 4:13pm
A standup comedian faces assault charges after a physical altercation with a journalist in the audience that was documented on Twitter.

Kerry meets Iranian FM one-on-one

09/26/2013 4:14pm
After meeting one-on-one with Iran's foreign minister, Secretary of State John Kerry says he is pleased with a new positive tone from Iran on talks over its nuclear program.

NY probes commercial driver's license scam

09/26/2013 4:16pm
New York drivers apparently cheated on hundreds of tests to operate the most vulnerable vehicles on the road _ from trucks hauling hazardous materials to school buses _ and eight commercial drivers have been charged so far, state and federal officials said Thursday.

Bloomberg: NYC air quality cleanest in decades

09/26/2013 4:28pm
Ahh, smell that New York City air. No, seriously, go ahead.

Iran's FM calls talks 'very constructive'

09/26/2013 4:32pm
Iran's foreign minister is calling nuclear talks with world powers "very constructive" and "very substantive" and says he hopes to allay any concern that Tehran's activities are not peaceful.

Minn. Senate settles lawsuit from fired staffer

09/26/2013 4:43pm
The Minnesota Senate agreed Thursday to settle a lawsuit brought by a former staffer who was fired after he was found to be having an affair with the chamber's majority leader.

Judge: Ill. gov. must reinstate lawmakers' pay

09/26/2013 5:23pm
A judge ruled Thursday that Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn's decision to halt legislators' pay over the state's unprecedented pension crisis is unconstitutional and ordered the state to immediately reinstate their salaries, but confusion lingered about whether lawmakers would actually get paid.

Big Tex returns to Texas fair year after fire

09/26/2013 5:29pm
The new Big Tex made his debut Thursday afternoon, a year after the towering cowboy that's an icon of the State Fair of Texas was destroyed in a blaze.

Iran: Nuke talks now on fast track; within 1 year

09/26/2013 6:00pm
Iran's foreign minister says his country and key world powers have agreed to try to fast-track negotiations over Iran's disputed nuclear program to within a year.

Gettysburg national park grants KKK event permit

09/26/2013 6:15pm
The Ku Klux Klan has been granted a permit to hold an event at Gettysburg National Military Park.

Minn. Senate settles lawsuit from fired staffer

09/26/2013 6:18pm
The Minnesota Senate agreed Thursday to pay $30,000 to settle a lawsuit brought by a former staffer who was fired over an affair with the chamber's majority leader.

Navy Yard employees get counseling after massacre

09/26/2013 6:49pm
Andy Wood is accustomed to responding to a hazardous materials spill or ferocious natural disaster from his post at the Washington Navy Yard's emergency operations center.

8 Md. students hit by car; minor injuries reported

09/26/2013 7:22pm
Authorities say eight students were injured when they were hit by a car in the parking lot of a high school outside Washington.

Justice Department spent nearly $5M on drones

09/26/2013 7:29pm
The FBI has been using drones to support its law enforcement operations since 2006 and has spent more than $3 million on the unmanned aircraft, the Justice Department's internal watchdog said Thursday.

Diplomats hail new Iranian attitude in nuke talks

09/26/2013 7:54pm
U.S. and European diplomats welcomed a "significant shift" in Iran's attitude at talks on Thursday aimed at resolving the impasse over Tehran's disputed nuclear activities. Iran said it was eager to dispel the notion that it is trying to develop a nuclear weapon and to get international sanctions lifted as fast as possible.

Feds direct $100M in grants to help broke Detroit

09/26/2013 7:54pm
The U.S. government directed more than $100 million in grants Thursday to help bankrupt Detroit tear down vacant buildings and spur job growth, but the help falls far short of the wider bailout some city leaders had sought.

Oklahoma prisoner dialed 911 to report escape

09/26/2013 7:57pm
Prisoner Joshua Silverman passed up a taste of freedom this week and called the police instead.

Myanmar told communal violence threatens reforms

09/26/2013 8:33pm
A group of Western and Asian governments are lauding Myanmar's progress toward democracy but warning outbreaks of communal violence could undermine the reforms.

Few delays as Allegiant keeps checking exit slides

09/26/2013 8:41pm
Allegiant Air reported no cancellations and only three delays among its 187 flights Thursday while mechanics made progress overhauling emergency exit slides on the airline's fleet of MD-80 aircraft.

Haley visits scene of major fire in Georgetown, SC

09/26/2013 8:48pm
South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley said Thursday that Georgetown will rise through the ashes after a fire that swept through the coastal city's downtown.

Countries seek to end discrimination against gays

09/26/2013 8:55pm
A group of 11 countries called on U.N. member states to repeal laws that discriminate against gay, lesbian and transgender people, in the world organization's highest-level meeting on the issue ever.

Cherokee father 'heartbroken' over losing custody

09/26/2013 8:58pm
A Cherokee father who lost custody of his 4-year-old daughter after a yearslong dispute with her adoptive parents says the last few days without the girl "have been more painful than words can describe."

Civil rights pioneer Evelyn Lowery dies at 88

09/26/2013 9:17pm
Evelyn Lowery, a pioneer in civil rights and women's empowerment and the wife of the Rev. Joseph Lowery, died Thursday at her home in Georgia, a family spokeswoman said.

Deal reached on UN resolution on Syria weapons

09/26/2013 10:04pm
The five permanent members of the deeply divided U.N. Security Council reached agreement Thursday on a resolution to eliminate Syria's chemical weapons, a major step in taking the most controversial weapon off the battlefield of the world's deadliest ongoing conflict.

Star-Ledger reaches deal with production unions

09/26/2013 10:25pm
The Star-Ledger of Newark has reached a tentative agreement with its production unions, heading off a threatened shutdown of New Jersey's largest newspaper.