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Ax throw, log climb at Adirondack lumberjack class

07/16/2014 12:40am
Ax throwing is encouraged in lumberjack class. It's also OK to dump your classmate in the lake — as long as you're both frantically trying to stay upright on a floating log.

Texas city weighs ban on new fracking permits

07/16/2014 12:50am
A North Texas community that sits on a large natural gas reserve could become the first city in the state to partially ban hydraulic fracturing, with city leaders in Denton set to vote early Wednesday on a citizen-led petition to outlaw new permits for the drilling method.

China growth edges up in possible sign of recovery

07/16/2014 1:41am
China's economic growth edged up in the latest quarter and more than 7 million new jobs were created in the first half of the year, easing pressure on communist leaders as they try to prevent a precipitous slowdown in the world's second-largest economy.

Naver says Line messenger app mulls IPO

07/16/2014 3:02am
Line Corp., the operator of a popular mobile messaging app, has submitted an IPO application to the Tokyo Stock Exchange but might also seek a New York listing, its parent company Naver Corp. said Wednesday.

Falafel to go: Mideast food chains expand abroad

07/16/2014 3:11am
The super-sized malls that dot Dubai and other Gulf Arab cities are stuffed with foreign restaurants, from Burger King and Subway to suburban sit-down staples like IHOP and Red Lobster.

Bulgaria tops lavender oil producers ranking

07/16/2014 3:50am
Dozens of workers wade through a sea of purple, picking lavender blossoms in the sweltering heat. The 100-degree Fahrenheit temperatures give the blossoms their highest concentration of oil — a liquid treasure that is prized by perfume makers around the world.

Italy's Gtech buying IGT for $4.7B

07/16/2014 5:00am
The Italian lottery operator Gtech is buying slot machine maker International Game Technology for $4.7 billion in cash and stock.

Senate derails Army bid to take Guard helicopters

07/16/2014 5:20am
The Army has lost an initial Senate skirmish over a hotly disputed plan to take Apache attack helicopters away from National Guard units in a budget-cutting move that has infuriated governors and state military leaders.

College may hire replacement for 2 professors

07/16/2014 5:30am
Two professors have withdrawn an effort to stop Bryan College from hiring replacements for them as they sue the school to get their jobs back.

China to civil servants: Trade a car, ride the bus

07/16/2014 5:31am
China is telling thousands of civil servants to give up their Audis and get on the bus.

France investigating package delivery companies

07/16/2014 5:42am
Three of the world's leading package delivery businesses are being investigated by France's competition watchdog, and may face fines.

UK employment rate matches record high

07/16/2014 5:50am
The proportion of workers in Britain has hit its joint-highest level since records began more than 40 years ago, official figures showed Wednesday in a further sign of the strength of the U.K. economic recovery.

Christie to address Wall Street crowd

07/16/2014 6:20am
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie will be speaking and lunching with a Wall Street crowd.

France battles against bad restaurant food

07/16/2014 6:21am
Restaurant-goers in France will start seeing a funny little symbol on their menus this week: a skillet with a house on top, indicating your menu choice is made in-house.

Make room Juan Valdez: Starbucks opens in Colombia

07/16/2014 6:32am
Make room Juan Valdez, it's time to meet the black-aproned barista.

US producer prices up 0.4 percent in June on rising gas costs; overall inflation still mild

07/16/2014 6:40am
US producer prices up 0.4 percent in June on rising gas costs; overall inflation still mild.

New guidelines could help many pregnant workers

07/16/2014 7:00am
New federal guidelines on job discrimination against pregnant workers could have a big impact on the workplace and in the courtroom.

Nordstrom ads feature models with disabilities

07/16/2014 7:10am
It's not easy to find models with disabilities in ads for the fashion and beauty industry — unless you look in the Nordstrom catalog.

Higher gasoline costs raise US producer prices

07/16/2014 7:12am
Rising gasoline costs pushed up the prices U.S. companies receive for their goods and services in June, but overall inflation remains tame.

US factory output rises for 5th straight month in June, boosting economy after dismal 1Q

07/16/2014 7:20am
US factory output rises for 5th straight month in June, boosting economy after dismal 1Q.

US stocks move higher; Time Warner soars

07/16/2014 7:40am
Stocks are opening higher following strong earnings results from big U.S. companies.

Euro healing, but still distant No. 2 to US dollar

07/16/2014 7:51am
International investors are regaining their appetite for euros as the shared currency recovers from a debt crisis that threatened to break it up.

Japanese nuclear plant deemed safe, nears restart

07/16/2014 8:01am
A Japanese nuclear plant won preliminary approval for meeting stringent post-Fukushima safety regulations Wednesday, an important step toward restarting the country's first reactors under the tighter rules applied after the 2011 disaster.

US stocks rise in early trading on earnings news

07/16/2014 8:11am
U.S. stocks are rising Wednesday on second-quarter earnings reports and deal news. Investors are also keeping an eye on Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen, who is testifying to Congress for a second day.

Foreign holdings of US Treasury debt rise in May

07/16/2014 8:20am
Foreign buyers of U.S. Treasury securities increased their holdings in May to another record high.

Study: US millennials buying homes later

07/16/2014 8:20am
Don't blame the millennial generation for lackluster home sales.

US factory output rises for 5th straight month

07/16/2014 8:30am
U.S. factory output increased for the fifth straight month in June as manufacturers cranked out more aircraft, chemicals and furniture. The modest gain underscored manufacturing's role in helping return the economy to growth after a grim first quarter.

Polish power plant leaks fuel, threatens river

07/16/2014 8:30am
A malfunction at a Polish power plant on Wednesday caused a leakage of fuel, prompting emergency officials to work to make sure it doesn't contaminate the nearby Vistula River.

Portion of Va. Tech student slaying suit dismissed

07/16/2014 8:50am
A judge has dismissed a portion of a lawsuit filed by the mother of a slain Virginia Tech student against a security company.

North Texas city rejects partial fracking ban

07/16/2014 9:21am
The council governing a North Texas city that sits atop a large natural gas reserve rejected a bid early Wednesday that would have made it the first city in the state to ban further permitting of hydraulic fracturing in the community.

INSIDE WASHINGTON: Bogus cash pays for roads

07/16/2014 9:41am
If there's anything that can unite Democrats and Republicans in the partisan swamp of Capitol Hill, it's free money.

Wisconsin receives $200,000 in drug settlement

07/16/2014 9:51am
Wisconsin will receive $200,000 for its Medicaid program from the settlement of a multi-state lawsuit accusing a pharmaceutical company of improperly marketing a drug.

US stocks move higher; Time Warner soars

07/16/2014 9:51am
Stocks are moving higher following strong earnings results from big U.S. companies.


07/16/2014 10:21am
Sales, noon price and net change of the 15 most active New York Stock Exchange issues, trading nationally.

Macedonia to ban gay marriage in constitution

07/16/2014 10:30am
Macedonia's parliament has agreed to consider proposed constitutional amendments to effectively ban gay marriage and impose limits on public debt.

CSX optimistic long-term but predicts flat 3Q

07/16/2014 10:41am
CSX is optimistic about its long-term performance, but the railroad's profit during this quarter will likely be relatively flat.

Maine lobster fishing season off to slow start

07/16/2014 11:01am
The cold winter is still being felt in the waters off Maine, where the nation's largest lobster fishery is off to a slow start.

Vegas Strip liquor store owner guilty in tax case

07/16/2014 11:11am
The owner of three Las Vegas Strip-area liquor stores has taken a plea deal and admitted failing to report business income to the IRS.

BMW recalls 1.6M 3-Series cars for air bag problem

07/16/2014 11:20am
BMW is expanding a recall of its most popular models to fix an air bag problem that is hitting much of the global auto industry.

Wichita State, engineering firm form partnership

07/16/2014 11:30am
Wichita State University has formed a partnership with an engineering services company from India that officials hope will eventually create new jobs and avoid major layoffs in the aerospace industry.

Exhibit recalls Wilson shoe-shine competitions

07/16/2014 11:31am
The arthritis in his knee slows Curtis Phillips down a bit. At 80 years old, he's traded in his dress shoes for sneakers. But Phillips can still pop a shoe shine rag. There's a natural rhythm to it all — the taut rag sliding across the shoe, the pop, the snap — and when Phillips was a much younger man, tap-dance moves and vertical leaps in the air that entertained not only his customers but crowds.

F-35's no-show at Farnborough disappoints

07/16/2014 11:41am
The failure of the Joint Strike Fighter to travel to England this week for a premier air show heaped further embarrassment on its developers as they try to convince skeptics that the $400 billion program was a price worth paying.

Arkansas lottery shows continued revenue drop

07/16/2014 11:41am
The Arkansas Scholarship Lottery's revenue and net proceeds dropped for the second straight year, officials said this week.

Airbus A380s tested over air leak problems

07/16/2014 11:50am
Airbus has advised airlines to test noisy doors on the world's largest passenger airliner, the A380, after identifying a problem with the door seal that could lead to a fall in the cabin pressure.

Yellen rejects move to set up formula for Fed

07/16/2014 12:00pm
Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen said Wednesday it would be a serious mistake for Congress to require the nation's central bank to adopt a formal policy rule to guide its decisions on setting interest rates.

UAF starts laying off people amid budget woes

07/16/2014 12:00pm
A reduction in state funding combined with rising fixed costs will force layoffs at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

GOP, Dems fight over legality of suing Obama

07/16/2014 12:01pm
A planned House Republican lawsuit against President Barack Obama is justified because his actions carrying out his health care law dangerously exceed his powers, constitutional lawyers backing the litigation told lawmakers Wednesday.

In Ga. Senate race, Kingston says he can unite GOP

07/16/2014 12:02pm
Longtime GOP Rep. Jack Kingston is positioning himself as the Senate candidate in Georgia who can bridge the factions of a splintered party waiting for a nominee to emerge in a pivotal midterm race.

VW passes GM in global auto sales race

07/16/2014 12:11pm
Volkswagen bumped General Motors out of second place in the global auto sales race during the first half of the year, but Toyota is expected to stay in first place.

Man charged in ND with masquerading as FBI agent

07/16/2014 12:21pm
A convicted con man who swindled Nashville, Tennessee, businesses out of five-star hotel rooms, stretch limousine rides, helicopter rentals and expensive gifts didn't fare quite as well during a month in the North Dakota oil patch, investigators contend.

Review: Tech goodies to bring along on trips

07/16/2014 12:30pm
Your swimsuit and your sunscreen are in the luggage, and your boarding passes are all printed out.

Health chief: No fast answer to drilling questions

07/16/2014 12:31pm
The head of Pennsylvania's Department of Health said Wednesday that its experts are responding to health complaints related to natural gas drilling, but there is no quick and easy way to answer questions about the issue.

Senate Republicans block bill to restore free contraception under health care law

07/16/2014 12:40pm
Senate Republicans block bill to restore free contraception under health care law.

Locally-grown foods look to bigger business

07/16/2014 12:50pm
Once a niche business, locally grown foods aren't just for farmers markets anymore.

Visa launches new service to pay online

07/16/2014 1:01pm
Payment processor Visa is launching a new service called Visa Checkout that eliminates a few steps in online payment.


07/16/2014 1:20pm
Futures trading on the Chicago Board of Trade Wed.:

Make room Juan Valdez: Starbucks opens in Colombia

07/16/2014 1:50pm
Make room Juan Valdez, it's time to meet the green-aproned barista.

Grain higher, livestock lower

07/16/2014 1:50pm
Grain futures were higher Wednesday on the Chicago Board of Trade.

Grain higher, livestock lower

07/16/2014 1:50pm
Grain futures were higher Wednesday on the Chicago Board of Trade.

Daimler launches new version of tiny Smart car

07/16/2014 2:11pm
Germany's Daimler AG unveiled a new version of its tiny, two-seat Smart model Wednesday in hopes the car won't just get admiring glances with its unusual design — but make a bigger contribution to profits as well.

Rock vs. Chris Christie ends with (video) takedown

07/16/2014 2:11pm
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has body-slammed New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's humorous attempt to sell a pension-reform plan.

Apple may refund $400M in digital book settlement

07/16/2014 2:13pm
Apple will refund up to $400 million to consumers ensnared in a plot to raise the prices of digital books unless the company gets a court to overturn a decision affirming its pivotal role in the collusion.

US stocks close higher; Time Warner soars

07/16/2014 2:21pm
Stocks are closing higher following strong earnings results and deal news from big U.S. companies.

Maine lobster fishing season off to slow start

07/16/2014 2:21pm
The cold winter is still being felt in the waters off Maine, where the nation's largest lobster fishery is off to a slow start.

Record power usage in record-hot northern Nevada

07/16/2014 2:21pm
The record-breaking heat in northern Nevada this week also helped set a record for power usage on a single day.

300 vials labeled influenza, dengue found at lab

07/16/2014 2:41pm
The same federal scientist who uncovered forgotten vials of smallpox earlier this month also found over 300 undocumented vials at the same lab, according to the Food and Drug Administration.

Christie: 'Beware' of candidates who declare early

07/16/2014 2:51pm
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie insisted Wednesday that he hasn't decided whether he's running for president. But he had sharp words for those who have.

Latest Fed survey sees improved economy

07/16/2014 3:01pm
The economy kept expanding in all regions of the country in June and early July, helped by strength in consumer spending, a Federal Reserve survey released Wednesday indicates.

Seattle taxi drivers attend charm school classes

07/16/2014 3:20pm
Some Seattle-area taxi drivers are trying charm school as a way to improve their customer service and fight off competition from other ride services.


07/16/2014 3:31pm
A snapshot of major stock and commodities market indicators Wednesday:


07/16/2014 3:31pm
Most active Nasdaq issues.

Chinese woman in trade secrets case seeks release

07/16/2014 3:40pm
A woman from China awaiting trial in Iowa on charges she conspired to steal trade secrets from U.S. seed corn companies is asking the government to release her on bond so she can travel to California and to her homeland.

House votes to allow marijuana-related banking

07/16/2014 3:40pm
The House voted Wednesday in support of making it easier for banks to do business with legal pot shops and providers of medical marijuana.

Fox bid for Time Warner sparks content merger race

07/16/2014 4:00pm
Even though Rupert Murdoch's $76 billion bid for rival media giant Time Warner Inc. has been rejected, that doesn't mean how you watch TV shows and movies will stop changing any time soon.

A look at Time Warner and Twenty-First Century Fox

07/16/2014 4:00pm
Combining Time Warner and Fox would result in one media and entertainment juggernaut, bringing together such TV channels as HBO and Fox News Channel and two major production companies whose franchises include "Batman," ''Harry Potter" and "Avatar."

House GOP to DC: Guns OK, pot dangerous

07/16/2014 4:10pm
If House Republicans have their way, District of Columbia residents won't be allowed to walk the streets with a joint in their pocket, and they will be allowed to carry a semi-automatic rifle.

GM supports bill banning rentals of recalled cars

07/16/2014 4:10pm
General Motors Co. is the first big automaker to support legislation barring rental-car companies from renting or selling vehicles subject to a recall.

Feds seek to air consumer finance complaints

07/16/2014 4:11pm
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has heard from hundreds of thousands of consumers who feel wronged by banks and finance companies. Now the agency wants the public to hear from those consumers too.

Yum Brands 2Q profit climbs 19 percent

07/16/2014 4:31pm
Yum Brands Inc. reported a 19 percent increase in second-quarter profits, boosted by rebounding business at KFC in China where worries about food safety have eased.

California hearing addresses oil refinery rules

07/16/2014 4:41pm
Residents of modest neighborhoods near three of the largest oil refineries in California called on the Environmental Protection Agency on Wednesday to crack down on plant emissions, saying the pollution is choking their children and endangering their health.

Bitcoin 'mining pool' promises to stay small

07/16/2014 4:42pm
The largest group of bitcoin miners, which maintains and processes transactions in the digital currency, is promising to avoid majority control of the currency as a temporary measure to maintain the payment system's credibility.

Arizona clears citation issued to abortion clinic

07/16/2014 4:50pm
A state Health Services Department citation issued to a Planned Parenthood clinic in suburban Phoenix has been cleared after the abortion provider made several small policy changes prompted by a surprise inspection this year.

United defends bird kill at Houston airport

07/16/2014 5:02pm
United Airlines is defending the poisoning of birds at Houston's biggest airport, saying it was for health and safety reasons.

What happens to your online accounts when you die?

07/16/2014 5:10pm
You've probably decided who gets the house or that family heirloom up in the attic when you die. But what about your email account and all those photos stored online?

Doctor sues NY strip club over credit card scheme

07/16/2014 5:30pm
The three evenings started innocently enough: The cardiologist says he and a woman who introduced herself as a nursing student went to dinner and, on one occasion, a concert at Madison Square Garden.

Ex-prosecutor asks for pardon in fatal GM crash

07/16/2014 5:31pm
A former Texas prosecutor has asked the state to pardon a woman who pleaded guilty in a 2004 car crash that killed her fiance, saying she now believes the accident was caused by a faulty General Motors ignition switch.

Museum raises $80M toward Detroit bankruptcy deal

07/16/2014 5:50pm
The Detroit Institute of Arts says it has pledges for about 80 percent of the $100 million it promised toward an effort involving the state of Michigan and major foundations to prevent the sale of art and soften cuts to city retirees during Detroit's bankruptcy.

Answers about immigration checkpoints

07/16/2014 5:51pm
The arrest of a prominent immigration activist and former journalist at a Texas airport was a reminder of the latitude that the U.S. Border Patrol has in conducting checkpoints.

Officials: Complacency drives hike in water use

07/16/2014 7:01pm
Some Southern California water districts became so good at saving water and building their own water storage facilities in recent decades that residents are not feeling the effects of the worst drought to hit the state in a generation.

US, Europe escalate economic sanctions on Russia

07/16/2014 7:02pm
Struggling to defuse the persistent crisis in Ukraine, both the U.S. and European Union imposed new economic sanctions on Russia Wednesday, with President Barack Obama declaring that Russian leaders must see that their actions supporting rebels "have consequences."

House passes $20B bill cutting IRS tax enforcement

07/16/2014 7:50pm
The GOP-controlled House passed a $20 billion measure Wednesday that would slash budgets for enforcing tax laws and new financial regulations, and a healthy food initiative that's a pet cause of first lady Michelle Obama.

Union: We'll keep talking to avoid NY rail strike

07/16/2014 9:00pm
The chief negotiator for the unions at the nation's largest commuter railroad emerged from the restart of talks Wednesday citing progress and vowing to continue working toward a deal that avoids a strike set for 12:01 a.m. Sunday.

Chrysler: Recall can be done faster than expected

07/16/2014 9:20pm
Chrysler can fix recalled Jeep SUVs far faster than U.S. safety regulators have predicted, the automaker told the government Wednesday.

5 dead after helicopter crash in South Korea

07/16/2014 10:02pm
A firefighting helicopter crashed Thursday near an apartment complex and school in the southern South Korean city of Gwangju, killing five people, officials said.