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Eastern Michigan to hold commencement ceremonies

04/27/2014 2:11am
Two business executives are scheduled to speak at Eastern Michigan University's spring commencement.

Supreme Court takes on privacy in digital age

04/27/2014 6:02am
Two Supreme Court cases about police searches of cellphones without warrants present vastly different views of the ubiquitous device.

Brattleboro Retreat gets national ranking

04/27/2014 6:30am
Vermont's Brattleboro Retreat has gone big-league in its field, ranking in the top 15 behavioral health providers in the country for the first time.

Businessman's reputation, cash on line at NY trial

04/27/2014 8:43am
For decades, Sam and Charles Wyly won admiration as Texas entrepreneurs skilled at building businesses worth billions of dollars. But a regulatory agency is casting them in a new light at a civil trial, saying the brothers earned more than $500 million through fraud and deception by secretly trading the securities of public companies they controlled.

Nonprofit builds different kind of insurance firm

04/27/2014 9:00am
Maryland hadn't had a health insurance co-op for 20 years. Then Dr. Peter Beilenson came along.

European volunteers help Greek 'bailout gardens'

04/27/2014 9:40am
Volunteer gardeners from countries around Europe visited Greece's second largest city, Thessaloniki, on Sunday to help local urban planting initiatives set up help residents hit by the country's financial crisis.

Analysis: Missouri lawmakers pursue mixed policies

04/27/2014 9:51am
A majority of Missouri lawmakers want to cut taxes. They also want to increase taxes. And borrow more money.

Pennsylvania awaits ruling on Medicaid expansion

04/27/2014 9:52am
Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett has softened his rhetoric while he awaits a federal decision on his request to link a work requirement to benefits under the Medicaid expansion. It's an issue that has flared up in his hotly contested re-election campaign.

Teen's arm severed in NY eatery's pasta machine

04/27/2014 10:30am
A teenage employee at an Italian restaurant in northern New York has severed his arm while cleaning a pasta machine.

Proposed cuts over books face opposition in Senate

04/27/2014 10:31am
A House budget proposal to cut $70,000 from two South Carolina universities for assigning gay-themed books to freshmen might not get much of a reception in the Senate.

For North Dakota, drones a possible growth market

04/27/2014 11:10am
Forget the North Dakota energy boom. How about a drone boom?

For North Dakota, drones a possible growth market

04/27/2014 11:11am
U.S. and North Dakota officials have big hopes for the growth of what are known as unmanned aircraft systems. And the remote northwestern state has positioned itself well to take advantage of its unique attributes: A first-of-its-kind academic program, an established military presence, a strong commitment from state and federal officials to find funding, and even the weather.

UM selling lodge on Salmon Lake for $6.5 million

04/27/2014 11:30am
Just before 10 a.m. on a weekday morning, Jim Teafoe eased the boat from the docks and set his direction across the channel. With the ice off the lake, he guided the craft to a small island claiming a very large house, one that hasn't been used since the closing days of fall.

New shop offers free HIV tests

04/27/2014 11:40am
Out of the Closet Thrift Store is not your average resale shop.

Serbia's new government to overhaul economy

04/27/2014 12:11pm
Serbia's new prime minister on Sunday promised a total overhaul of the economy in the Balkan country that went through a decade of war and international isolation in the 1990s, but is now seeking EU membership.

'Other Woman' curbs 'Captain America' with $24.7M

04/27/2014 12:40pm
A femme-fueled comedy beat a superhero blockbuster at the box office this weekend.

France warns Alstom against 'precipitous' tie-up

04/27/2014 1:21pm
French President Francois Hollande met Sunday with top members of the government to discuss Alstom, hours after the economy minister warned the engineering company not to pursue a "precipitous" tie-up with U.S. giant General Electric Co.

Public concerned about Navajo coal mine deal

04/27/2014 1:30pm
Members of the Navajo Nation told energy officials on Friday that there has not been enough transparency surrounding the purchase of a coal mine in northwestern New Mexico.

Casinos: Income tax rules could turn off gamblers

04/27/2014 1:40pm
At least two of the companies looking to win one of Massachusetts' first casino licenses say the state needs to change how it taxes winnings to avoid discouraging people from playing and cutting into the take for the state and the casinos.

College campuses urged to go tobacco-free

04/27/2014 1:40pm
Colleges and universities in Rhode Island are being urged to make their campuses smoke-free.

PreferredOne grabs big share of Minnesota market

04/27/2014 1:51pm
A Minnesota health insurance company didn't expect to offer some of the nation's lowest premiums — it just turned out that way for PreferredOne.

'Other Woman' curbs 'Captain America' with $24.7M

04/27/2014 2:11pm
A femme-fueled comedy beat a superhero blockbuster at the box office this weekend.

Burger King bringing back 'Subservient Chicken'

04/27/2014 2:11pm
Burger King is bringing back one of its strangest advertising creations if you don't count its creepy King — the Subservient Chicken.

Democrat Aiken goes for GOP-heavy House district

04/27/2014 2:30pm
Singer-songwriter Clay Aiken doesn't have a problem with name recognition. But that doesn't mean voters in North Carolina's 2nd Congressional District will send the "American Idol" star to Washington to represent them in Congress.

Man goes missing from cruise ship off Bahamas

04/27/2014 2:30pm
The U.S. Coast Guard searched the waters between the Bahamas and South Florida on Sunday looking for a man reported missing from a cruise ship.

Northern New Mexico College to cut jobs, day care

04/27/2014 4:11pm
The Board of Regents of Northern New Mexico College has approved a $32 million budget that comes at the expense of several jobs, programs and a campus day care center.

Observers held in Ukraine speak under armed guard

04/27/2014 5:10pm
Pro-Russian militants in camouflage fatigues and black balaclavas paraded captive European military observers before the media on Sunday, hours after three captured Ukrainian security guards were shown bloodied, blindfolded and stripped of their trousers and shoes, their arms bound with packing tape.

Santa Fe real estate agent takes to using drone

04/27/2014 7:00pm
A Santa Fe real estate agent is taking marketing homes to new heights, along with new complications in federal aviation laws.

Herbert signs 8 bills to improve air quality

04/27/2014 8:27pm
Gov. Gary Herbert has signed eight bills to clear Utah's murky wintertime skies.

Bad weather hinders search for ferry dead

04/27/2014 8:51pm
Divers on Monday renewed their search for more than 100 bodies still trapped in a sunken ferry after weekend efforts were hindered by bad weather, strong currents and floating debris clogging the ship's rooms. Officials said they have narrowed down the likely locations in the ship of most of the remaining missing passengers.

Asia shares fall on worries over Ukraine crisis

04/27/2014 8:51pm
Shares were mostly lower in Asia on Monday as investors were rattled by mounting violence in Ukraine.

China Construction Bank profit up 10.4 percent

04/27/2014 9:50pm
China Construction Bank Ltd., one of the country's four main state-owned lenders, said Monday that its quarterly profit rose 10.4 percent on an increase in interest payments and insurance income despite a slowing economy and changes in the industry.

Report: Appeals court judges violated ethics laws

04/27/2014 10:20pm
More than a dozen federal appeals court judges have violated federal conflict-of-interest laws over the past three years, throwing into doubt decisions in 26 cases, according to an analysis from a watchdog group.

Female manager alleges pay bias in lawsuit

04/27/2014 10:50pm
The food and beverage manager of the Texas Station hotel and casino in Las Vegas has sued her employer, alleging she was paid less than male peers to do equal work.

Study: Digital divide separating retailers from shoppers hurts sales

04/27/2014 11:51pm
A new study finds stores that frown on customers using smartphones to shop are making a big mistake.