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Grain higher, livestock mixed

04/26/2014 1:01am
Grain futures were higher Friday on the Chicago Board of Trade.

Obama pushes again for minimum wage increase

04/26/2014 4:21am
President Barack Obama is again encouraging Congress to pass a bill raising the minimum raise to $10.10 an hour.

Congress returns to work to do the bare minimum

04/26/2014 6:51am
Congress gets back to work Monday after a two-week vacation, and it's looking like lawmakers will do what they do best: the bare minimum.

Strike at Chinese shoe factory ends partially

04/26/2014 7:10am
Most of the tens of thousands of workers who were striking at a massive Chinese shoe factory complex have returned to the job, labor activists said Saturday, enabling Adidas to resume production there.

Massachusetts budget bill is peppered with add-ons

04/26/2014 7:20am
House lawmakers filed nearly 1,200 amendments in advance of Monday's scheduled debate on the state's $36.2 billion budget, some to restore funds slashed from programs during lean economic times and others to benefit pet projects at the local level.

Liberty film school immerses students in trade

04/26/2014 8:00am
It's only noon when someone cracks open an energy drink and slips into the darkness opposite a group of brightly illuminated actors.

Discrimination potential seen in 'big data' use

04/26/2014 8:51am
A White House review of how the government and private sector use large sets of data has found that such information could be used to discriminate against Americans on issues such as housing and employment even as it makes their lives easier in many ways.

Stonyfield recalls some YoBaby cups

04/26/2014 9:30am
Organic yogurt producer Stonyfield is voluntary recalling a small portion of its YoBaby cups that were shipped to some Target and Walmart stores because of concerns about possible coliform bacteria contamination.

Spanish island ferry turns back after fire

04/26/2014 9:51am
A Spanish ferry carrying 334 people in the Canary Islands had to return to port when a fire broke out on one of its car decks, forcing an evacuation of the vessel. No one has been injured.

Group plans LGBT campaign in 3 Deep South states

04/26/2014 10:13am
A national organization is launching a three-year, $8.5 million campaign to promote LGBT equality and push for new legal protections in three Southern states.

West Point works to boost female cadet numbers

04/26/2014 10:51am
West Point wants more women.

NYC eatery sued over plan to move Picasso painting

04/26/2014 10:51am
New York's storied Four Seasons restaurant has for decades harbored one of the city's more unusual artworks: the largest Pablo Picasso painting in the United States. But a plan to move it has touched off a spat as sharply drawn as the bullfight crowd the canvas depicts.

Slovakia agrees to deliver gas to Ukraine

04/26/2014 11:20am
Slovakia has agreed to use reverse-flow deliveries to send natural gas to Ukraine, which is facing a threat from Russia to cut off supplies because of a massive debt.

SC bills face looming legislative deadline

04/26/2014 12:50pm
South Carolina's House and Senate will be busy this week trying to meet a legislative deadline. Bills that haven't advanced from one chamber to the other by Thursday have little chance of becoming law this year.

Scientists create take-home fertility test for men

04/26/2014 1:01pm
Two former Sandia National Laboratories scientists have come up with what they say is a take-home fertility test for men, the Albuquerque Journal reported ( Friday.

1849 Mormon gold coin fetches $705K at auction

04/26/2014 3:21pm
A $10 Mormon gold coin fetched $705,000, and a $20 Mormon gold coin sold for $558,000 at auction this week.

Mayor hopes Hale Center Theatre can replace golf course

04/26/2014 5:31pm
South Jordan Mayor David Alvord says city officials have once again begun discussions with the Hale Center Theatre, which is considering expanding to what is now Mulligans Golf and Games.

NBA probing alleged recording of Clippers owner

04/26/2014 6:11pm
Anger, frustration and calls for action are echoing around the NBA after an audio recording surfaced of a man identified as Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling telling his girlfriend not to bring black people to games.

Anti-mining protest held in Reno

04/26/2014 6:20pm
Some 30 people have staged an anti-mining protest outside the headquarters of the Nevada Mining Association in Reno.

Diggers find Atari's E.T. games in landfill

04/26/2014 7:11pm
A decades-old urban legend was put to rest Saturday when workers for a documentary film production company recovered "E.T." Atari game cartridges from a heap of garbage buried deep in the New Mexico desert.

Sanctions loom as observers held in east Ukraine

04/26/2014 8:41pm
As Western governments vowed to impose more sanctions against Russia and its supporters in eastern Ukraine, a group of foreign military observers remained in captivity Saturday accused of being NATO spies by a pro-Russian insurgency.

SKorean PM offers to resign over ferry sinking

04/26/2014 8:59pm
South Korea's prime minister offered to resign Sunday over the government's handling of a deadly ferry sinking, blaming "deep-rooted evils" and societal irregularities for a tragedy that has left more than 300 people dead or missing and led to widespread shame, fury and finger-pointing.