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Delay won't quell 2014 wrangling over Keystone XL

04/19/2014 1:52am
Democrats sweating this year's elections may be hoping that the Obama administration's latest delay to the proposed Keystone XL pipeline takes a politically fraught issue off the table for the midterms.

Analysis: Hoping legislative defeats boost turnout

04/19/2014 2:30am
Flip sides of the same campaign-season coin, the Republican drive in Congress to repeal the nation's health care law and the Democratic call to close the pay gap for women have much in common.

EU official against cutting Russia gas ties

04/19/2014 4:20am
A senior European Union official says he opposes cutting back gas ties with Russia in the next few years but the bloc should work on diversifying supplies.

Student fought bureaucrats for Holocaust justice

04/19/2014 4:50am
Charlotte van den Berg was a 20-year-old college student working part-time in Amsterdam's city archives when she and other interns came across a shocking find: letters from Jewish Holocaust survivors complaining that the city was forcing them to pay back taxes and late payment fines on property seized after they were deported to Nazi death camps.

National energy boom blurs political battle lines

04/19/2014 7:01am
The U.S. energy boom is blurring the traditional political battle lines across the country.

Branstad priorities not OK'd as adjournment nears

04/19/2014 8:10am
As the end of the legislative session draws near, Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad is pushing lawmakers to keep some of his priorities in mind.

Lafourche schools get new welding equipment

04/19/2014 8:40am
Welding students at Central and South Lafourche high schools are benefiting from new equipment made possible through a $10,000 grant.

Range showdown draws armed supporters to Nevada

04/19/2014 9:00am
To self-described militia members sleeping in wind-whipped tents, drinking camp coffee and patrolling rocky hillsides with military-style weapons, protecting Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy and his family from an overreaching federal government is a patriotic duty.

Topeka nursing homes pursue culture change

04/19/2014 9:11am
Nursing homes traditionally have run more like hospitals than homes, but a growing number around Topeka are changing business as usual.

$14M awarded in suit linking contraceptive, stroke

04/19/2014 9:11am
A jury has awarded $14 million to a suburban Chicago woman who sued her doctor over a debilitating stroke she suffered after taking the birth control drug Yasmin.

La. legislative session reaches its midway point

04/19/2014 9:21am
Efforts to raise Louisiana's minimum wage and let school teachers carry guns to work appear jettisoned for the legislative session. Tougher restrictions on the payday lending industry and efforts to lessen marijuana penalties are on life support. And none of the major budget decisions have been settled.

Coachella's young audience a marketers paradise

04/19/2014 9:31am
When it first started in 1999, Coachella was a couple of stages and a dance tent. Tickets were $65. A few dusty stands sold hot dogs and Cokes. It was the end of grunge and the start of a new millennium, and it was all about the music. All for one weekend.

Clemson University considers tobacco ban

04/19/2014 9:41am
The chairman of Clemson University's Board of Trustees says a task force is discussing a policy that would ban the use of all tobacco products, inside or outdoors.

Mo. mulls state funds to districts for preschool

04/19/2014 9:41am
Missouri lawmakers are moving to put more of the state's money where their mouths are in supporting preschool and early childhood programs.

Fewer NJSTARS enrolling in 4-year NJ colleges

04/19/2014 10:00am
The number of high school graduates participating in the NJSTARS college scholarship program has been reduced by almost half since the program's peak in 2008-09, when the state began limiting access to control costs.

Reid calls rancher's backers 'domestic terrorists'

04/19/2014 10:35am
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is calling armed backers of a Nevada rancher "domestic terrorists" for using guns in a grazing rights battle with the federal Bureau of Land Management.

Millennials often stuck on entry-level carousel

04/19/2014 11:20am
Briana Tony hasn't graduated from college yet, and she's already frustrated with the job market.

Fiat and Chrysler to build 3 Jeep models in China

04/19/2014 11:41am
Fiat and Chrysler announced plans Saturday to build three new Jeep models in China for that market, the biggest for the vehicles outside the United States, as they attempt to boost sales in a country where they lag behind their competitors.

Rules leave pot test labs with little oversight

04/19/2014 11:41am
The Oregon Legislature's vote last year to regulate medical marijuana shops created new business opportunities for another kind of pot enterprise — marijuana testing — but leaves it virtually unregulated.

Deadline lapses in Peru for illegal gold miners

04/19/2014 12:22pm
The clock has run out for an estimated 40,000 illegal gold miners who had until Saturday to legalize their status in a region of southeastern Peru where fortune-seekers have ravaged rainforests and contaminated rivers. The government's vow to enforce a ban on illegal mining is raising fears of bloody confrontations.

Fighting the habit

04/19/2014 12:31pm
More than anything, Gerrie Steed noticed the difference in smells when she quit smoking.

Anita Baker countersues home improvement company

04/19/2014 12:31pm
Grammy Award-winning singer Anita Baker has countersued a company that says it hasn't been paid for work done on her Detroit-area home.

Big names among prospective Buffalo Bills buyers

04/19/2014 12:32pm
Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly is prepared to make a bid to buy the Buffalo Bills. Donald Trump's on board, too.

Dworshak hatchery recognized for energy upgrades

04/19/2014 1:21pm
The Dworshak National Fish Hatchery is being recognized for making improvements that cut its energy use by 30 million kilowatt hours per year.

Sen. Warren's book focuses on working family woes

04/19/2014 2:10pm
At the beginning of her new book, "A Fighting Chance," U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren describes the moment she grew up.

Documents detail another delayed GM recall

04/19/2014 2:51pm
General Motors waited years to recall nearly 335,000 Saturn Ions for power steering failures despite getting thousands of consumer complaints and more than 30,000 warranty repair claims, according to government documents released Saturday.

Fox executive fired over Flight 370 charity email

04/19/2014 3:01pm
A veteran Fox executive who used her company email account to plan aid for loved ones of the missing Malaysian airplane's passengers has been fired.

Tenn. ammunition plant explosion ruled accidental

04/19/2014 3:30pm
A preliminary investigation by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has determined that a deadly explosion at a Tennessee ammunition plant was accidental.

Calif. customers hit with expensive Del Taco bill

04/19/2014 3:49pm
What was supposed to be a cheap bite at Del Taco turned out to be small fortune for some Southern California customers.

Calif. customers hit with expensive Del Taco bill

04/19/2014 3:49pm
What was supposed to be a cheap bite at Del Taco turned out to be small fortune for some Southern California customers.

Utah unemployment rate rises slightly in March

04/19/2014 5:48pm
Utah's unemployment rate for March is at 4.1 percent. Officials say 35,800 jobs have been added to the Utah economy since March of 2013.

Jack White records songs, releases vinyl in hours

04/19/2014 6:40pm
Jack White played his new single "Lazaretto" for a couple of hundred fans on Record Store Day and four hours later a copy of the performance was available on a limited run of vinyl.

Beijing auto show opens amid market slowdown

04/19/2014 6:52pm
Global and Chinese automakers are looking to the Beijing auto show to help boost sales in a slowing, intensely competitive market.