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New method for selling luxury homes

11/05/2012 8:36am
It's a method that may seem strange, but realtors selling high-end homes are seeing success with one way to drive up the home's price.

A horseshoe crab could save your life

11/05/2012 11:45am
The horseshoe crab is an ancient creature. They've been around 100 million years before dinosaures first appeared. Theire primitive blood is used to make a modern blood pathogen detection agent that has saved thousands of lives.

Ask a Cop: Are the cops investigating my case?

11/05/2012 11:54am
Have you ever wanted to ask a cop a question but were either too afraid or had warrants? Well now is your chance to ask and I will attempt to answer it in a timely fashion. Today I talk about the investigation of vehicle burglaries and credit fraud.

Credit Reports 101: What your score really means, and why it matters

11/05/2012 11:59am
Your credit scores do a great job at raising awareness for a very important issue, but to take it a step further, here is a breakdown of what you really need to know.

Two arrested after high-speed chase in Uintah County

11/05/2012 12:19pm
A high-speed chase along Highway 40 led to the arrest of two men early Sunday morning.

Body of missing man found in Syracuse field

11/05/2012 12:41pm
The body of a man missing for two weeks was found in a remote, unincorporated area near Syracuse Sunday.

Reports of domestic violence preceded fatal stabbing, police say

11/05/2012 12:51pm
A 30-year-old man with a history of domestic violence against his 63-year-old step-father allegedly stabbed the man to death early Monday, according to police.

Man fired handgun to drive off party crashers

11/05/2012 1:09pm
A Uintah County man fired multiple shots during a weekend party in an effort to drive off a group of party crashers, according to sheriff's deputies.

Jail and probation for man in suicide pact that left wife dead

11/05/2012 3:33pm
When Shaun Langford's 33-year-old wife, Rashell, shot and killed herself with a rifle, the man paid for the bulk of the funeral costs.

Car carrier catches fire on I-15 near Cedar City

11/05/2012 4:56pm
A semi-trailer carrying several expensive cars caught fire late Monday morning on I-15, causing delays and one lane of traffic to be closed down temporarily.

Two bodies found in Syracuse home Monday morning

11/05/2012 5:35pm
Police have confirmed that two people were found dead in a Syracuse home Monday morning.

Driver killed in semitrailer rollover near Tooele

11/05/2012 5:44pm
A driver of a semitrailer was killed Monday afternoon after the vehicle rolled.

Specialized volunteers moving out to aid Sandy victims, pets

11/05/2012 7:11pm
Utah agencies are sending more volunteers to help families in storm-ravaged areas in New Jersey and New York. These new volunteers are specially trained to deal with situations that can easily be overlooked in a disaster.

Romney tsunami: Will his popularity in Utah wipe out the Dems?

11/05/2012 7:16pm
Will the 2012 election be known as the "Year of the Romney Tsunami?" A turnout so big in Utah it lifts all GOP ships?

Carbon County man pleads guilty to brother's murder, gets 15 to life

11/05/2012 7:18pm
A Carbon County man who killed his brother and then lived with the man's decomposing body for 17 days may have committed the crime because of his own addiction to prescription drugs.

Police say no rhyme, reason to violent crimes plaguing Salt Lake Valley

11/05/2012 7:19pm
Police say there's no rhyme or reason to the string of crimes that led to an exceptionally violent weekend in Salt Lake City.

Debate over video of Bigfoot sighting in Provo Canyon

11/05/2012 7:28pm
An alleged Bigfoot sighting in Provo Canyon last week has renewed the debate about Bigfoot's existence and has people questioning whether the creature is on the loose in our own backyard.

Lehi residents, leaders thrilled about business boom

11/05/2012 8:54pm
With Adobe opening its new facility and a new outlet mall just days away from welcoming the public, Lehi residents, professionals and leaders have a lot to be excited about.

Appeals court overturns religious right ruling in FLDS trust case

11/05/2012 9:35pm
A federal appeals court handed a big victory to the state of Utah Monday and delivered a big blow to imprisoned polygamist leader Warren Jeffs — and there may be a silver lining for Utah taxpayers.

On the Road with Romney: ending the day in New Hampshire

11/05/2012 10:04pm
It's been a busy 72 hours for Mitt Romney, traveling between swing states to hopefully maintain an edge on Election Day.

Body found behind North Temple business

11/05/2012 10:17pm
Police are investigating another suspicious death. The body of a female was discovered Monday night behind an auto parts store near 900 West and North Temple.

Social media changing American politics

11/05/2012 10:18pm
From live-tweeting debates to getting a behind-the-scenes look into the lives of politicians, social media has changed this election. But will any of it matter tomorrow when voters mark their ballots?

Ranger shares story of hope, survival

11/05/2012 10:21pm
Two years ago, Utah State Park ranger Brody Young was shot nine times at a popular trailhead just outside of Moab.

Unprecedented high voter turnout expected in Utah

11/05/2012 10:43pm
With an extremely high interest in this election, both nationally and locally, Utah election officials expect a big turnout Tuesday. In fact, the state director of elections said he expects greater than 75 percent turn-out among registered voters.