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J.R. Celski puts aside thoughts of 4 years ago

01/06/2014 2:00am
For a brief moment, J.R. Celski thought about what happened before the last Olympics.

Sochi Olympics: The good and the bad

01/06/2014 4:45am
Tuesday marks the 1-month countdown to the start of the Winter Olympics in Sochi, a defining moment on the world stage for Russia and Vladimir Putin.

Intelligence work most important part of Olympic security, Romney says

01/06/2014 9:00am
Security is a top concern with about a month to go until the Winter Olympics in Sochi. Former Olympic leader Mitt Romney weighed in, saying he believes Russia cannot afford to be caught off guard.

Jagr leads Czech Olympic team for Sochi

01/06/2014 1:10pm
Jaromir Jagr will play in his fifth Olympics, leading the Czech hockey team at the Winter Games in Sochi next month.

Rio garbage boats aim to clean Olympic waters

01/06/2014 4:11pm
A stout green catamaran plied the polluted waters of Rio de Janeiro's Guanabara Bay Monday alongside the local fishing boats, but instead of grouper and swordfish its catch consisted of plastic bags, soda bottles and a discarded toilet seat.

Napolitano ready to lead US delegation to Sochi

01/06/2014 6:22pm
Janet Napolitano is ready for the Sochi Winter Olympics focus to turn from concerns about security and the threats of terrorism to all of the special athletes involved.