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Photographers seek Utah's '50 most beautiful women'

07/24/2014 1:07pm
Thirty of Utah's best photographers are on the search to find Utah's 50 most beautiful women. But beauty in this contest isn't measured by waist size or their fashion sense — but by grace and courage in overcoming trials.

Teen finishes rare cancer treatment, looks to future

07/24/2014 3:30pm
Natalie Wright, 17, of Provo, is hopeful the completion of proton therapy she received at a San Diego hospital will curb tumor growth. Natalie was the first teen to finish the treatment at the hospital.

Volunteers provide clothing, food, flip-flops during Pioneer Day event

07/24/2014 9:45pm
About 50 volunteers distributed food, clothing and hygiene kits outside The Road Home homeless shelter Thursday to adults and children in need as part of an annual Pioneer Day charity event.