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Correction: Republicans-Health Care story

03/02/2014 9:41am
In a story Feb. 28 about health care, The Associated Press incorrectly identified Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers as vice chairman of the Republican Conference. She is the chairman of the conference.

Senator optimistic for passage of sex assault bill

03/02/2014 11:16am
A senator who's led efforts in Congress to address military sexual crimes says she thinks she has the votes to pass legislation that would remove commanders from sexual assault investigations.

Issa: Ex-IRS exec to testify on tea party scrutiny

03/02/2014 1:20pm
A House committee expects to hear firsthand from the former official at the center of what the government has acknowledged was the improper targeting of tea party groups claiming tax-exempt status.

California lawmaker accused of corruption on leave

03/02/2014 10:01pm
A California state lawmaker facing federal corruption charges alleging he took kickbacks while in office said Sunday evening he has taken an indefinite leave of absence from the Legislature while he awaits trial.