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Marines delay female fitness plan after half fail

01/03/2014 2:45am
More than half of female Marines in boot camp can't do three pullups, the minimum standard that was supposed to take effect with the new year, prompting the Marine Corps to delay the requirement, part of the process of equalizing physical standards to integrate women into combat jobs.

Marine aircraft ferries Americans from South Sudan

01/03/2014 10:07am
The Pentagon says Marines used a KC-130 cargo plane to evacuate about 20 Americans from the U.S. Embassy in Juba, South Sudan, in a move prompted by what the State Department calls a deteriorating security situation.

Skimpy health law plans leave some "underinsured"

01/03/2014 9:34pm
For working people making modest wages and struggling with high medical bills from chronic disease, President Barack Obama's health care plan sounds like long-awaited relief. But the promise could go unfulfilled.