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Delay in Pacific trade pact hurts US shift to Asia

12/11/2013 1:31am
The failure to finalize a landmark trans-Pacific trade pact this year as planned has dealt a blow to President Barack Obama's policy shift to Asia.

Health care signups pick up pace in November

12/11/2013 7:11am
Playing catch-up with a long way to go, President Barack Obama's new health insurance markets last month picked up the dismal pace of signups, the administration reported Wednesday.

DHS fires employee running racist website

12/11/2013 3:15pm
The Homeland Security Department has fired an employee who runs a website predicting and advocating a race war, about four months after he was put on paid administrative leave.

Pilot who crashed at SFO worried about landing

12/11/2013 6:20pm
The pilot of the jet that crash-landed at San Francisco's airport last summer worried privately before takeoff about handling the Boeing 777, especially because runway construction meant he would have to land without any help from a common type of guidance system.