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Indian court orders probe into gang rape

01/24/2014 3:23am
India's Supreme Court has ordered an investigation into the gang rape of a 20-year-old woman allegedly attacked on the direction of a village council, Press Trust of India news agency said Friday.

Chinese grassroots activist goes on trial in south

01/24/2014 4:07am
A grassroots activist argued in court Friday that he did not disrupt public order as charged when he joined public rallies that went on for days under the watchful eyes of police, his lawyer said.

China warns foreign planes entering defense zone

01/24/2014 4:08am
China said Friday it has begun issuing warnings to foreign military planes entering its self-declared air defense zone over the East China Sea amid heightened tensions with its neighbors, especially Japan.

China President Xi named head of new security body

01/24/2014 5:17am
Chinese President Xi Jinping was formally named head of a new national security body Friday, in a move that further strengthens his status as the most powerful Chinese leader in two decades.

Thai voices for compromise struggle to be heard

01/24/2014 6:02am
While thousands of protesters occupied major intersections around Thailand's capital to demand that the government scrap upcoming elections and step down, dozens of people donned white T-shirts and lit candles at a small park to call for peace and compromise to end the bitter and sometimes violent political conflict.

3 police suspended for beating New Delhi citizen

01/24/2014 6:03am
New Delhi police on Friday suspended three officers after a video showed them beating a man with sticks and taking money from his wallet.

Philippine police seize drugs worth $30 million

01/24/2014 6:04am
Philippine police arrested four men and seized 1.3 billion pesos ($30 million) worth of methamphetamine on Friday in the second large drug bust in Manila in 10 days.

UN: Myanmar Buddhists killed more than 40 Muslims

01/24/2014 11:13am
The United Nations has confirmed that at least 48 Muslims appear to have been killed when Buddhist mobs attacked a village in an isolated corner of western Myanmar, violence that has been vehemently denied by the government since it was first reported by The Associated Press just over a week ago.

Pakistan: Briton sentenced to death for blasphemy

01/24/2014 12:43pm
A mentally ill British man has been sentenced to death in Pakistan after being convicted of blasphemy charges, defense lawyers said Friday.

Activists spray graffiti on Capt. Cook's house

01/24/2014 6:51pm
Activists have sprayed graffiti on the historic home of the 18th century British explorer Capt. James Cook to protest against Australia's national day.