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46 years on, Vietnamese helmet returned

01/14/2014 3:29am
In 1968, young American soldier John Wast was scouring a battlefield in central Vietnam for weapons and intelligence when an enemy helmet with an image of a dove scratched onto it caught his eye. He tied it to his rucksack, and five months later took it home as a war souvenir, where for 46 years it had sat on a shelf.

Monitors find 30 elephant tusks at Myanmar market

01/14/2014 3:50am
Wildlife monitors have accused Myanmar of failing to protect elephants after finding 30 tusks and thousands of pieces of ivory for sale at a market near China.

China to regulate fishing in sea despite protests

01/14/2014 4:05am
China has insisted it will regulate fishing in the disputed South China Sea under its laws despite protests by neighboring countries, a Philippine official said Tuesday.

Chinese shoe factory fire kills at least 16

01/14/2014 4:16am
A fire at a shoe factory in eastern China on Tuesday killed at least 16 people, state media reported.

Questions, answers on Thailand political protests

01/14/2014 7:07am
Anti-government protesters in Thailand are blocking key intersections in the heart of Bangkok in an attempt to bring the government to a standstill and force the prime minister to quit. Here are some questions and answers about the political unrest: