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Australian seeks to overturn Guantanamo conviction

11/06/2013 3:15am
An Australian who trained with al-Qaida in Afghanistan and ended up a prisoner in Guantanamo Bay sought to walk back the plea deal that got him home, filing an appeal to overturn his terrorism conviction by a military court.

China's latest tactic: Confessions on state TV

11/06/2013 3:18am
The 27-year-old journalist wore a green jail uniform, his head shaved and hands in metal cuffs, when he appeared on national TV and confessed his guilt in bribery allegations. And he had yet to be charged with anything.

Bangladesh passes law for closer Grameen oversight

11/06/2013 3:34am
Bangladesh passed a law bringing the pioneering Grameen Bank under closer central bank supervision, a move bitterly opposed by its founder Nobel laureate Muhammad Yunus who warns of a government takeover of an institution lauded for alleviating poverty.

Officials: Few Afghans registered for 2014 vote

11/06/2013 8:29am
Afghan election officials said Wednesday that with just five days left to register, less than one-fourth of the country's eligible voters have signed up to vote in next year's presidential ballot.

Tajik president set to win another term

11/06/2013 9:16am
Tajikistan held a presidential election Wednesday that is all but certain to extend the nearly 21-year rule of the incumbent, who only faced token competition in the race.

Afghan Finance Ministry: Employees steal $1.5M

11/06/2013 9:27am
An Afghan Finance Ministry official says two employees stole $1.5 million by sending checks to accomplices, but were caught before they could take millions more.

US trashes, sells its unwanted gear in Afghanistan

11/06/2013 12:27pm
The withdrawing U.S. military is destroying most of the equipment it is leaving behind in Afghanistan after 13 years of war, selling the scrap for millions of dollars to those willing to buy it.

Fugitive whaling protester: 'We're not pirates'

11/06/2013 6:12pm
A fugitive activist known for attacking Japanese whaling vessels off Antarctica insisted "we're not pirates" Wednesday as he addressed a U.S. appeals court considering whether he and the organization he founded should be held in contempt.