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Lawmaker: Taliban abduction left her 'even braver'

09/21/2013 5:17am
The Taliban kidnappers moved her to at least 13 homes, made her sleep on the ground, and kept asking where she'd been, what she'd done and whom she knew. Every few days, she would be given a chance to call her family.

Cambodian opposition asks king to delay parliament

09/21/2013 7:01am
Cambodian opposition supporters gathered at the royal palace Saturday and delivered a petition to the king calling on him to postpone the opening of parliament until the country's political deadlock is resolved.

War-scarred Sri Lankan Tamils see hope in election

09/21/2013 7:55am
Ethnic Tamils in Sri Lanka's war-ravaged north voted Saturday to form their first functioning provincial government, hoping it is the first step toward wider regional autonomy and a cornerstone to prevent another cycle of violence.