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Jordan's king calls for China role in Syria crisis

09/18/2013 4:15am
Jordan's King Abdullah called on China to play an active role in resolving the conflict in Syria, saying Wednesday that Beijing should use its influence as a permanent member of the U.N. Security Council and as a "friend of Jordan and the Middle East."

Job-seeker attacks China's 2nd-richest man

09/18/2013 5:00am
Chinese police detained a laborer who approached China's second-richest man to ask for a job and then attacked and injured the company chairman when he denied the request, state media reported Wednesday.

China willing to open space station to foreigners

09/18/2013 5:39am
China is willing to open its future space station to foreign astronauts and even train them for such missions, a Chinese astronaut said.

Woman survives 16 days trapped in well in China

09/18/2013 5:47am
A woman stranded for 16 days in an abandoned well in central China said Wednesday that she shouted for help every day and began to lose hope, but that she managed to survive on raw corn and rainwater.

'War without guns': SKorea's passionate protesters

09/18/2013 6:23am
To convey the rage he feels over Japan's claim to a small outcropping of South Korean-controlled islets, Choi Jin-ho sliced his left pinky finger _ twice _ and hurled his own excrement at the Japanese Embassy.

Lebanese man convicted of storing bomb materials

09/18/2013 12:32pm
A Thai court on Wednesday convicted a Lebanese man with alleged links to Hezbollah militants for illegal possession of bomb-making materials that he was storing in a warehouse outside Bangkok.

NKorea urges nuclear talks 'without preconditions'

09/18/2013 1:09pm
North Korea's senior nuclear strategist called Wednesday for a new round of six-nation denuclearization talks without preconditions, a proposal unlikely to gain traction in Washington.