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Singapore church told to pay over adultery firing

08/20/2013 3:08am
Singapore's government has ordered a prominent church to pay compensation to a former employee who was fired for alleged adultery, officials said Tuesday.

AP names Kennedy news director for South Asia

08/20/2013 5:33am
The Associated Press has named Elizabeth Kennedy, its chief of bureau for Lebanon and Syria, to the new position of South Asia news director, based in New Delhi.

Virginity test proposed for Indonesian students

08/20/2013 6:41am
Indonesian officials on Tuesday dismissed as excessive and unethical a proposal by an education official on Sumatra island that would require female senior high school students to undergo virginity tests to discourage premarital sex and protect against prostitution.

Floods recede in Manila as thousands evacuated

08/20/2013 6:53am
Flooding caused by some of the Philippines' heaviest rains that submerged more than half the capital began receding Tuesday, but authorities evacuated thousands of residents along Manila's overflowing rivers and braced for more chaos in outlying provinces.

Key events in life of indicted Pakistani ex-leader

08/20/2013 10:52am
_ Aug. 11, 1943: Pervez Musharraf born in New Delhi in what is now India.

Ousted China leader's trial caps dramatic downfall

08/20/2013 6:21pm
Only a few people heard it, but when one of China's most prominent politicians slapped his police chief across the face, it would end up reverberating far and wide. The smack unleashed tales of murder and conspiracy at the highest levels of the Communist Party _ and eventually, the politician's own undoing.

Hyundai labor union to strike for 4 hours

08/20/2013 6:45pm
Hyundai's labor union said 46,000 workers will strike for four hours over two days this week as the union increases pressure on the automaker for higher wages and benefits.

5 believed dead after boat sinks in Indian Ocean

08/20/2013 6:51pm
Five people were believed to have drowned after a boat carrying more than 100 suspected asylum seekers sank in the remote Indian Ocean.

Vietnam sentences Thai to death for drug smuggling

08/20/2013 8:10pm
State media say a court in southern Vietnam has sentenced a Thai woman to death for trafficking 2 kilograms (4.4 pounds) of cocaine into the communist country.

Chinese ships depart for rare drills with US Navy

08/20/2013 11:03pm
Three Chinese ships are sailing east to join rare naval drills with the United States as Beijing ramps up its military diplomacy amid regional territorial disputes and other tensions.

2 alleged Canadian fraudsters arrested in Thailand

08/20/2013 11:19pm
Two Canadians accused of scamming more than $140 million from investors worldwide in a penny stock fraud have been arrested in Thailand, police said Wednesday.

21 killed in northwest China flash flood

08/20/2013 11:47pm
A flash flood swept through a construction site in the northwestern Chinese province of Qinghai, killing at least 21 workers, state media reported Wednesday. Three workers are still missing.