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Down with a virus, McCartney cancels Tokyo concert

05/17/2014 4:30am
Paul McCartney came down with a virus and canceled his Tokyo concert Saturday, but he added a performance to make up for the lost show.

CANNES WATCH: Rita Ora plans to soak up Cannes

05/17/2014 4:50am
Rita Ora has been to Cannes before, but she can't tell you much about it because it felt like a blur.

Hollywood pro offers free inside look at the stars

05/17/2014 8:40am
A former radio and TV broadcaster is opening a Hollywood time capsule of sorts and giving away the treasures inside.

CANNES WATCH: Comic romp 'Wild Tales' a fest hit

05/17/2014 9:51am
The six darkly satirical stories that compose the Argentine romp "Wild Tales" added up to a breakout hit at the Cannes Film Festival.

Actor's custody case ruling may impact other dads

05/17/2014 1:00pm
A ruling in actor Jason Patric's custody battle could have repercussions for an unexpected population — women who use fertility treatments.

Fans honor Dennis Hopper at 'Easy Rider' festival

05/17/2014 2:32pm
Motorcyclists and movie fanatics from as far away as Canada made the pilgrimage to northern New Mexico to celebrate Dennis Hopper and his iconic counterculture film "Easy Rider."

Q&A: Baruchel says he lucked out with 'Dragon'

05/17/2014 3:01pm
Cannes is awash in glamorous celebrities who peacock on the festival's red carpet and confidently parade through its multitudes.

"Girls Gone Wild" founder booked on assault charge

05/17/2014 4:00pm
"Girls Gone Wild" creator Joe Francis has been arrested on suspicion of assault after getting into a scuffle, the Los Angeles Times reports.

CANNES WATCH: Depardieu reads 'Prophet' poetry

05/17/2014 4:11pm
Gerard Depardieu is in Cannes for a screening of his hotly anticipated film "Welcome To New York," about disgraced former International Monetary Fund chief Dominique Strauss-Khan, but he also was on hand to support Salma Hayek for her film "The Prophet."

Aspiring rapper fatally shot in Las Vegas suite

05/17/2014 4:51pm
Police were searching for leads Saturday in the shooting death of an aspiring rapper in a posh suite at a Las Vegas resort.