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'Juno' actress Ellen Page comes out as gay

02/15/2014 5:31am
Ellen Page, who won the hearts of moviegoers as the pregnant teenager in the 2007 film "Juno," has come out as gay.

Malcolm X family upset with Nicki Minaj for photo

02/15/2014 6:50am
Malcolm X's family and estate said Nicki Minaj's use of a famous photo of the black nationalist with a rifle in his hands and juxtaposing it with a racial slur for her new song's artwork is disrespectful and offensive.

Ruffles and romance at John Rocha's London catwalk

02/15/2014 9:36am
As romantic destinations go, Iceland probably ranks pretty low down most lists.

Orla Kiely rains cats and dogs at cute London show

02/15/2014 10:21am
England's wet weather may be driving fashionistas crazy, but Orla Kiely used London Fashion Week to remind us that an indoor rain effect can be cute and romantic. Especially when it comes with a few cats and dogs.

Calif. wine-grape growers celebrate bumper crop

02/15/2014 1:52pm
California agriculture officials reported good news for wine lovers and vineyard operators alike: a record harvest of wine grapes.

Diao Yinan's 'Black Coal, Thin Ice' wins in Berlin

02/15/2014 2:15pm
Director Diao Yinan's "Black Coal, Thin Ice," a detective thriller set in northern China, won the Berlin International Film Festival's main Golden Bear prize on Saturday. The movie also picked up the best actor award, which went to Liao Fan.

Wellies maker Hunter makes a splash at London show

02/15/2014 5:28pm
Watch out: The humble rubber rain boot has arrived with a big splash at the London fashion scene.

John Henson — son of the iconic Jim Henson — dies of heart attack at age 48

02/15/2014 6:38pm
John Henson — a son of the late, great children's entertainment visionary Jim Henson — died after a "sudden, massive heart attack," his family's company said.