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TV comedy pioneer Sid Caesar dies at 91

02/13/2014 12:30am
Carl Reiner remembers Sid Caesar as a great flame who drew comedy writer "moths" including Mel Brooks and Neil Simon to his side.

Online content influences China's traditional TV

02/13/2014 12:56am
A popular online show about a young Chinese couple's trips to the far corners of the world is set to be broadcast on the country's main television network, highlighting how popular online content is influencing China's highly regulated mainstream media.

How the AP-WE tv poll was conducted

02/13/2014 1:18am
The Associated Press-WE tv poll on relationships and Valentine's Day was conducted by GfK Public Affairs and Corporate Communications Jan. 17-21. It is based on online interviews of 1,060 adults who are members of GfK's nationally representative KnowledgePanel.

Netflix to show final season of 'Clone Wars'

02/13/2014 4:11am
Netflix's Internet video service is coming to the rescue of "Star Wars" fans left in limbo by the abrupt cancellation of "The Clone Wars," an animated television series that embellishes the lore of the Jedi Order and Sith Lords.

Review: 'Final Fantasy XIII' fizzles at the finish

02/13/2014 4:21am
I love Peter Jackson's "Lord of the Rings" films, but even the biggest Tolkien geek has to admit that "The Return of the King" drags at the end. It's nice to say farewell to all the dwarves and elves and hobbits we've come to know and love, but _ heck, just wake me when it's over.

Penguin India yanks Hinduism book after outcry

02/13/2014 8:07am
Under pressure from a small Hindu nationalist group, Penguin India publishing house has yanked all copies of an American scholar's narrative history of Hinduism from sale in India and ordered them destroyed.

LaBeouf's paper-bag art stunt draws curious crowd

02/13/2014 8:17am
Despite the paper bag covering his noggin declaring "I AM NOT FAMOUS ANYMORE," Shia LaBeouf can still draw a crowd.

British DJ acquitted of indecent assault

02/13/2014 9:18am
A British jury on Thursday cleared veteran radio and television DJ Dave Lee Travis of 12 counts of indecent assault.

Sam Phillips: keeping music hope alive

02/13/2014 9:40am
Sam Phillips would seem like the prototype for an embittered artist left behind by the implosion of the music industry. Except she's not.

Science, not muscle, driving many Olympic wins

02/13/2014 9:59am
Nineteen-year-old Slovakian luger Josef Petrulak competed in the Sochi Olympics in a 22-year-old sled. That's right: His sled is three years older than he is. His German rivals get a new sled every year, designed by BMW and calibrated to whoosh faster, smoother and smarter every season.

Facebook launches ferry service for employees

02/13/2014 10:35am
Facebook has become the latest San Francisco Bay Area technology company to launch ferry service for its employees.

Valentine bliss outpaces dread, according to poll

02/13/2014 10:35am
The state of the union is blissful.

Blood clot risk lasts for 12 weeks after pregnancy

02/13/2014 10:56am
Women have a higher risk of blood clots that can cause strokes, heart attacks and other problems for 12 weeks after childbirth _ twice as long as doctors have thought, new research finds.

First Oscar Concert honors nominated composers

02/13/2014 11:29am
After 85 years, Oscar is putting on his very first concert, and there are plans to televise future shows worldwide.

Vienna's famed dancing stallions put on diet

02/13/2014 11:55am
It seems that winter flab is not just a human problem: Austria's famed dancing stallions are being put on a diet.

License-reader firm says new law curbs free speech

02/13/2014 12:12pm
The surveillance industry is fighting back. A company that makes automated license plate readers sued Utah's government Thursday over a new law there intended to protect drivers' privacy.

60 years an actor, June Squibb takes a bow

02/13/2014 12:17pm
June Squibb recently ducked into a Times Square office above the theaters she spent decades knocking about, taking any decent part she could get.

How students can avoid debit fees

02/13/2014 1:11pm
Here are some tips for college students to avoid paying fees when using a college-issued debit or prepaid card:

GAO recommends changes for student debit cards

02/13/2014 1:12pm
Small fees add up for college students using college-issued debit and prepaid cards, which are often used to draw financial aid, and congressional investigators on Thursday urged greater oversight of their use.

Lily Rabe returning to Central Park this summer

02/13/2014 1:57pm
Lily Rabe, John Lithgow and Hamish Linklater are all returning to Central Park's Delacorte Theatre this summer for another round of Shakespeare in the Park.

More talking, longer sentences help babies' brains

02/13/2014 2:02pm
The sooner you start explaining the world to your baby, the better.

Calif. ditches Empire Mine tunnel tourism project

02/13/2014 2:12pm
After spending $3.5 million, California has scrapped a plan more than two decades in the making to turn a legendary Nevada County gold mine into a tourist destination.

Insane Clown Posse again seeks new festival site

02/13/2014 2:29pm
Just two weeks ago, organizers of the yearly festival headlined by the rap-metal Insane Clown Posse announced that the multiday concert event would be staged at a mid-Missouri campground after seven years of sometimes sketchy times in southern Illinois.

Francis Bacon painting sells for $70 million

02/13/2014 2:35pm
A portrait by Francis Bacon has sold for 42.2 million pounds ($70 million) at a London auction, while an egg by U.S. artist Jeff Koons cracked the 14 million pound ($23 million) mark.

Here's Johnny! Clothes make the man and vice versa

02/13/2014 2:56pm
He promised himself something the first time he ever laced up a pair of skates. It's the same thing Johnny Weir returns to in those quiet moments most evenings, just before the TV camera's "on-air" light flashes red.

CEO accused of assaulting reality TV star in Utah

02/13/2014 3:00pm
The CEO of a California company is accused of assaulting one of the stars of the now-canceled ABC Family reality show "Beverly Hills Nannies" at his Utah vacation home.

Drake: Done with interviews after Rolling Stone

02/13/2014 3:42pm
Drake says he won't do interviews with magazines following a recent story in Rolling Stone magazine.

$1.4M for woman injured by Pa. Fishbone stage-dive

02/13/2014 3:49pm
A woman who broke her skull and collarbone when the lead singer of Fishbone dived from a Philadelphia stage has been awarded $1.4 million in her lawsuit against the band.

Television show 'Cops' returns to Albuquerque area

02/13/2014 4:11pm
A decade after Albuquerque's mayor banned "Cops" from filming in New Mexico's largest city, the reality show is returning.

California bill seeks warnings on sugary drinks

02/13/2014 4:20pm
California would become the first state to require warning labels on sodas and other sugary drinks under a proposal a state lawmaker announced Thursday.

US rappers Odd Future banned from New Zealand

02/13/2014 4:22pm
The manager for banned U.S. rap group Odd Future says Tyler, The Creator, and his fellow members in the collective have changed over time and aren't being given credit for growing up.

Lots of color, distinctive shapes at Proenza

02/13/2014 4:28pm
Proenza Schouler designers Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough are nothing if not energetic.

Rapper Lil' Kim pregnant with 1st child

02/13/2014 5:10pm
Lil' Kim is pregnant with her first child.

Review: 'Dinner With Friends' has lots to chew on

02/13/2014 5:31pm
When a long-married couple gets divorced, their entire inner circle suffers a ripple effect; even their friends can go through painful adjustments.

Snowstorm doesn't keep fans from Ralph Lauren

02/13/2014 6:19pm
Ralph Lauren's runway show happened to come around the height of Thursday's winter snowstorm, with a fierce wind whipping down the Greenwich Village streets near his showroom to such an extent that some people were taking cover against the sides of buildings, and shielding their faces from sleet.

Court: No rehearing in Michael Jackson doc's case

02/13/2014 7:36pm
An appellate court is refusing to grant a rehearing to Michael Jackson's doctor on the appeal of his involuntary manslaughter conviction.

3 models grace Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover

02/13/2014 7:56pm
Sports Illustrated is marking the 50th anniversary of its swimsuit issue with three models on the cover.

Lupita Nyong'o, main attraction at Calvin Klein

02/13/2014 8:11pm
Oscar-nominated actress Lupita Nyong'o is a breakout fashion star as much as she's a breakout movie star. If anyone didn't know that already, they knew it after she made her first appearance at New York Fashion Week on Thursday.

A roomful of clouds at Marc Jacobs to end the week

02/13/2014 8:21pm
The Marc Jacobs show is the traditional end to New York Fashion Week, and the superstar designer always makes the most of it, putting on a production that will stick in a fashionista's mind at the end of eight long days of runway shows.

NY Fashion Week ends as snow wreaks fashion havoc

02/13/2014 8:46pm
Fashionistas climbed over snow banks and girded themselves with their purses against brutal wind and sleet as a winter storm blanketed New York City on Thursday, the final day of Fashion Week.

'Waltons' patriarch Ralph Waite dies at 85

02/13/2014 10:29pm
Ralph Waite, who played the kind-and-steady patriarch of a tight-knit rural Southern family on the TV series "The Waltons," died Thursday, his manager said. He was 85.