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Cancer cases worldwide to jump to 22 million

02/03/2014 4:12am
The World Health Organization's cancer agency warns there will be 22 million new cases of cancer every year within the next two decades.

NYC, Calif. bills show fight to protect caregivers

02/03/2014 4:18am
If you don't get a job because you're a woman, or you get fired because you're black, or you get transferred to the night shift because you're gay, there's a law for that. But if you're punished at work because you need time to take your child to the doctor or talk to your confused elderly mother, you might be out of luck.

Stars young and old reflect on Hoffman's death

02/03/2014 6:22am
Celebrity colleagues and admirers of Philip Seymour Hoffman shared their reaction Sunday to his death at 46 of an apparent drug overdose:

Arcade Fire to play in Haiti for Carnival

02/03/2014 6:40am
A representative for Arcade Fire says that the Grammy Award-winning indie rock band will perform in Haiti this month.

Fran Drescher feels Broadway `butterflies'

02/03/2014 7:03am
Fran Drescher recently turned a corner in her life. She's gotten a new pet, a new man and a new job _ on Broadway.

Philip Seymour Hoffman fans mourn, tout his talent

02/03/2014 7:08am
He was only 46, busy as ever and secure in his standing as one of the world's greatest actors.

German TV to give Egypt satirist pan-Arab airing

02/03/2014 7:19am
German-based broadcaster Deutsche Welle said Monday that it will show across the Arab world a TV program by a popular Egyptian satirist who has ruffled feathers at home.

Houston gets US premiere of Holocaust opera

02/03/2014 8:43am
It's the darkest of operas, a powerful and unrelentingly grim work that dares to grapple with the horrors of the Holocaust through a musical descent into the hell that was Auschwitz.

These plants are the next best thing to chocolate

02/03/2014 8:45am
With Valentine's Day coming up, thoughts naturally turn to chocolate. How nice it would be for gardeners to give their beloved a living, growing, chocolate expression of affection.

German conductor Gerd Albrecht dies at 78

02/03/2014 8:49am
German conductor Gerd Albrecht, who led orchestras in the Czech Republic, Japan and Denmark and worked to bring music to children, has died, his office said Monday. He was 78.

UK buyer's 'Chagall' nude may be burned as a fake

02/03/2014 9:32am
When British collector Martin Lang submitted one of his paintings to a French committee, he was hoping to find out if it was an authentic work by Marc Chagall.

Southwest to add routes to NY, 14 other cities

02/03/2014 10:20am
Southwest Airlines says it will start nonstop flights from Dallas to New York, Los Angeles, Washington and 12 other cities this fall, when federal limits on the airline's home airport end.

Sochi city hall orders killing of stray dogs

02/03/2014 10:23am
A pest control company which has been killing stray dogs in Sochi for years told The Associated Press on Monday that it has a contract to exterminate more of the animals throughout the Olympics.

Broadway marquees to dim to honor Hoffman

02/03/2014 11:32am
Broadway theaters will dim their marquee lights Wednesday night in memory of Philip Seymour Hoffman, the movie and theater star who earned three Tony Award nominations.

BC-US--Super Bowl-Parties

02/03/2014 11:40am
Mary J. Blige, John Legend and Marc Anthony kicked off Super Bowl weekend in style, serenading a celebrity-filled crowd in Manhattan.

Leno: 2nd 'Tonight exit' is quits for late-night

02/03/2014 12:13pm
Jay Leno, as affably efficient backstage as he is in front of the camera, avoids waxing poetic about his 22-year "Tonight Show" run that draws to a close Thursday.

A healthy, easy, no-knead bread anyone can make

02/03/2014 1:59pm
There are bakers and there are cooks. It takes a chemist's love of precision to be a baker. Me? I'm a cook.

Funeral and casket outlets are heading to the mall

02/03/2014 2:35pm
We eat there, buy our clothes there and some people suspect teenagers may actually live there. So perhaps it was just a matter of time until funeral homes began moving into the local shopping mall.

Mavis Staples to perform at Newport Folk Festival

02/03/2014 2:38pm
The Newport Folk Festival says gospel singer Mavis Staples will perform in this year's line-up.

Muti to lead Chicago symphony through 2020

02/03/2014 2:42pm
Maestro Riccardo Muti has extended his contract with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra through 2020.

China's reality TV movie is box-office smash

02/03/2014 2:47pm
A movie based on a reality TV show about the relationships between celebrity fathers and their children has become a Chinese box-office smash, state media reported Monday.

Sign of the times: Super Bowl ads safer and staid

02/03/2014 2:50pm
As Super Bowl ads go, so goes America.

Reggae singer 'Bunny Rugs' Clarke dies at age 65

02/03/2014 4:17pm
William "Bunny Rugs" Clarke, the husky-voiced lead singer of internationally popular reggae band Third World, died of leukemia at his home in Florida, longtime friends and colleagues said Monday. He was 65.

Freeze cost nearly a quarter of citrus crop

02/03/2014 5:13pm
A week of freezing temperatures in early December wiped out nearly a quarter of California's $2 billion citrus industry, an industry group estimated on Monday.

Car-to-car talk: Hey, look out for that collision!

02/03/2014 5:19pm
Your car might see a deadly crash coming even if you don't, the government says, indicating it will require automakers to equip new vehicles with technology that lets cars warn each other if they're plunging toward peril.

Car-to-car talk: Hey, look out for that collision!

02/03/2014 7:36pm
Your car might see a deadly crash coming even if you don't, the government says, indicating it will require automakers to equip new vehicles with technology that lets cars warn each other if they're plunging toward peril.

Graffiti art highlighted in NYC exhibition

02/03/2014 8:59pm
Spray-painted at night on a Lower East Side handball court, the "Howard the Duck" mural showed the comic book character peeking from behind a trash can with the words: "Graffiti is a art, And if art is a crime, Let God forgive all."

NYC mayor makes debut on 'The Daily Show'

02/03/2014 9:47pm
Bill de Blasio took part in a New York City political rite of passage Monday, appearing on a late night talk show to tout his record and poke fun at a few gaffes that have provided fodder for comics during his first month as mayor.