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Steven Powell released from prison

03/24/2014 12:34am
Steven Powell, father-in-law of missing West Valley resident Susan Powell, was released from prison in Washington State early Sunday. Powell served 30 months for taking photographs of young neighbor girls while they were in their bathroom.

3 steps to get control when upset

03/24/2014 6:40am
In this edition of LIFEadvice, coach Kim Giles and guest life coach Shauna Jensen explain how fear-based emotions are like riptides and how to escape them.

Woman with flat tire killed after hit by semitruck on I-15

03/24/2014 7:52am
A West Valley City woman is dead and a Logan man is fighting for his life in critical condition after they were both hit by a semi while changing a flat tire on the freeway late Sunday night.

4 moments that made someone's day

03/24/2014 8:01am
There are reminders of good all around us: from the take-a-penny, leave-a-penny cups at the gas station to the neighbor who always greets you with a smile.

Scammers enticing credit card holders with lower interest rates

03/24/2014 8:57am
Those aggravating junk calls are still going around from people promising to lower your credit card interest. When one Utah man got the call, it seemed to him more of a scam than an offer of help.

Provo kids who set $60K home fire won't be charged

03/24/2014 9:29am
Investigators say three boys who admitted to accidentally setting a Provo house fire that caused about $60,000 in damage won't be charged due to their ages.

Hobby Lobby case will reach far beyond one family's firm

03/24/2014 9:34am
The Supreme Court of the United States is expected to hear arguments March 25 in the case of Sebelius vs. Hobby Lobby. The final ruling will have implications not just for Obamacare, but also for the free exercise of religion in commerce.

Millions on the sidelines for big health care push

03/24/2014 10:04am
Alan Thacker wants health coverage, but he can't get help in his home state of Georgia. Mary Moscarello Gutierrez no longer can afford insurance in New Jersey. Justin Thompson of Utah refuses to be forced into the president's health law.

5 resources for entrepreneurs

03/24/2014 10:21am
Making the right connections is essential to the success of any entrepreneur and business owner, but making those connections is not always easy. Business Resource Centers provide services that allow businesses to flourish by providing access to funding, mentoring, and training that is often hard to get.

New program gives adopted children chance to learn about their identities

03/24/2014 10:42am
When a child is adopted, there comes a time when he or she has questions regarding identity. Who am I? What is my heritage? For internationally adopted children, the answers are not so easy to come by. A new program is making that possible.

PHOTO GALLERY: pond skimming contest at Canyons Resort

03/24/2014 11:07am
Photos from the infamous pond skimming contest at Canyons Resort, where contestants attempt to skim across a 100- foot-long pond without falling into the frigid water.

Provo's downtown in nation's top 10, study says

03/24/2014 11:28am
Provo's efforts to preserve the old while promoting the new have landed the city on a list of the "top 10 best downtowns."

Study ties breast gene to high-risk uterine cancer

03/24/2014 11:46am
Women with a faulty breast cancer gene might face a greater chance of rare but deadly uterine tumors despite having their ovaries removed to lower their main cancer risks, doctors are reporting.

Jimmy Fallon off to fast start on 'Tonight'

03/24/2014 12:05pm
One month in, NBC's generational trade of Jay Leno for Jimmy Fallon at the "Tonight" show is succeeding beyond the hopes of executives who engineered it.

Utah's Keith McGill optimistic about NFL future

03/24/2014 12:21pm
It's the dream of every college football athlete: make it to the NFL and play with the best the world offers. And for Utah cornerback Keith McGill, that dream is looking more like a possibility.

Have You Seen This? San Jose Sharks grant boy's wish

03/24/2014 1:15pm
The San Jose Sharks and Make-A-Wish Foundation came together to give a boy a hockey dream day.

Common Core spawns widespread political fights

03/24/2014 1:51pm
More than five years after U.S. governors began a bipartisan effort to set new standards in American schools, the Common Core initiative has morphed into a political tempest fueling division among Republicans.

5 TV series that went out with a bang

03/24/2014 2:04pm
A new website proves that most shows decline in quality the longer they're on the air. There are a few shows that defy that trend however, choosing to go out on a high note instead of withering away.

Man robs restaurant at closing time with knife, police say

03/24/2014 2:30pm
A man approached a woman working at a restaurant during closing time and demanded money with a knife, police said.

Egyptian court sentences nearly 530 to death

03/24/2014 2:51pm
An Egyptian court Monday sentenced to death nearly 530 suspected backers of ousted President Mohammed Morsi over a deadly attack on a police station, capping a swift, two-day mass trial in which defense attorneys were not allowed to present their case.

2 banks robbed within 45 minutes, police say

03/24/2014 3:09pm
Investigators are asking for help to locate the man who robbed a Chase Bank Monday morning. They are also investigating the possibility that the same man may have robbed another bank 45 minutes earlier.

Teen accused of killing neighbor now on suicide watch

03/24/2014 3:38pm
A Toquerville teenager accused of killing his neighbor is under suicide watch at the Washington County Jail after allegedly trying to harm himself twice.

Elephants escape circus in St. Louis, damage cars

03/24/2014 5:27pm
What's better than a bull in a China shop? Three cows in a parking lot — elephant cows, that is.

No G-8 summit in Russia, G-7 discusses way forward

03/24/2014 6:13pm
British Prime Minister David Cameron says it is "absolutely clear" there will be no G-8 summit in Russia given Moscow's actions toward Ukraine.

Jim Dabakis resigns as Democratic Party chairman

03/24/2014 6:16pm
Utah Democratic Party Chairman Jim Dabakis announced his resignation Monday, citing health reasons.

Pregnant woman, Venez National Guardsman killed

03/24/2014 6:41pm
A pregnant woman shot in the head and a National Guard soldier fired on as he tried to clear a roadway are the latest fatalities in violence tied to anti-government protests in Venezuela, authorities said Monday.

Lehi creates conservation plan to avoid water shortage

03/24/2014 6:46pm
Lehi faced extraordinary water shortages last summer, and city officials want to make sure it doesn't happen again. City officials estimate they were two days away from running out of water.

Fiery dust devil caught on camera in Colo.

03/24/2014 7:03pm
A massive dust devil formed during prescribed burn in Colorado. Video captured the moment the it began and shows hundreds of tumble weeds catching fire before several firefighters run for safety.

Union: Train operator in Chicago crash 'tired'

03/24/2014 7:21pm
An operator of a Chicago public-transit train that jumped the tracks and scaled an escalator at one of nation's busiest airports Monday may have dozed off, a union official said.

Feds place temporary stay on birth control coverage

03/24/2014 7:33pm
Under the idea of religious freedom, Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood Specialties take their cases against the Affordable Care Act to the U.S. Supreme Court.

E-cigarette poisoning increasing in Utah

03/24/2014 7:38pm
The e-cigarette has been branded as an alternative to regular cigarettes, but the products have also caused problems for children in the Beehive State.

Impact of flood insurance hikes on Utah unclear

03/24/2014 8:01pm
The cost of national flood insurance is set to jump for hundreds of policyholders throughout Utah, but it's unclear how much the spikes will affect whole neighborhoods or communities.

2 die in separate BASE jumps

03/24/2014 8:10pm
Authorities in Grand County released the name Monday of a BASE jumper who died Friday in Mineral Canyon just as Zion National Park officials confirmed the second BASE jumping death in the park since February.

Gatekeeping and co-parenting after divorce

03/24/2014 8:27pm
Gatekeeping is a common response after divorce that asserts unreasonable control over the other parent. This article outlines specific gatekeeping behaviors and cites healthy co-parenting approaches that strengthen a child's post-divorce adjustment.

Jail inmates participate in unique education program

03/24/2014 8:56pm
Charles Garcia, an outdoor enthusiast, found a unique opportunity Monday to step out of his cell at the Salt Lake County Jail. He's one of about 30 inmates who participated in the INSPIRE program Monday.

USU's miniature dam could have huge results for communities' futures

03/24/2014 9:30pm
USU researchers build a 1/45th model of a newly designed dam to help the Army Corps of Engineers see if the real thing will work.

Utah power plant looks to natural gas to fuel the future

03/24/2014 10:18pm
The politics of climate change in California are driving Utah's biggest power plant toward a momentous decision: staking the future of the Intermountain Power Project on natural gas instead of coal.

Title scam leaves man without new and old car

03/24/2014 10:28pm
Just because you buy a car outright and have your new title in hand, doesn't necessarily mean that car is yours. A South Weber man is out a car — and the car he traded for it — following a mix-up with a title.

14 dead in Washington mudslide; search continues

03/24/2014 10:31pm
As the search for survivors of a destructive Washington state mudslide ballooned Monday to include scores of people who were still unaccounted for, the death toll from the wall of trees, rocks and debris that swept through a rural community rose to at least 14.

Weather stops plane hunt as China demands data

03/24/2014 10:35pm
Bad weather suspended the search Tuesday for any remains of a Malaysian jetliner as China demanded information a day after Malaysia's leader said the heartbreaking conclusion was that Flight 370 had crashed in the southern Indian Ocean with no survivors.

Chief: Officer mistake, vehicle type contributed to patrol car theft

03/24/2014 10:37pm
A police patrol vehicle was stolen Sunday, and right under the officer's nose. The suspect was later arrested, and the police department blames the incident on a mistake and an inadequate vehicle.

Drummond, Pistons blow by Jazz 114-94 to snap skid

03/24/2014 11:27pm
Andre Drummond had 19 points and 14 rebounds, and the Detroit Pistons shot a season-best 55 percent to blow by the Utah Jazz 114- 94 Monday night.