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Hardline Buddhists want Pope Francis to apologize

07/08/2014 12:40am
A Buddhist group accused of instigating recent attacks on Muslims in Sri Lanka says Pope Francis must apologize to Buddhists for atrocities allegedly committed by Christian colonial rulers of the South Asian island nation when he visits next year.

Vatican bank's profit takes big dip amid reform

07/08/2014 7:00am
The Vatican bank on Tuesday reported a big drop in profits as Pope Francis presses reforms to make the scandal-tainted institution more transparent.

Slovene PM, Catholic Church clash over bribery

07/08/2014 9:51am
Slovenia's left-leaning prime minister was in a dispute Tuesday with local Catholic leaders after she complained to the Vatican about a bishop's criticism of a bribery conviction given a conservative ex-premier.

South Carolina Episcopalians take fight to court

07/08/2014 3:03pm
About 50 conservative Episcopal churches in South Carolina are in court this week, trying to keep their name, seal and $500 million in land and buildings after they broke away from the national denomination in a wide-ranging theological dispute.

House votes to reauthorize international religious freedom commission

07/08/2014 7:21pm
The House has approved a five-year reauthorization of the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom.

LDS Church publishes essay on the Book of Abraham

07/08/2014 8:22pm
"The veracity and value of the book of Abraham cannot be settled by scholarly debate concerning the book's translation and historicity," a new LDS Church essay concludes. The essay is the latest released on the Gospel Topics section of