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Iraq militants walk fine line in seized areas

06/18/2014 2:31am
In the week since it captured Iraq's second-largest city, Mosul, a Muslim extremist group has tried to win over residents and has stopped short of widely enforcing its strict brand of Islamic law, residents say. Churches remain unharmed and street cleaners are back at work. Getting around is easier now that much-despised blast walls and security checkpoints are gone.

Humiliation at rout hits Iraqi military hard

06/18/2014 7:01am
The Iraqi soldiers tell of how they can hardly live with the shame of their rout under the onslaught of the Islamic militants. Their commanders disappeared. Pleas for more ammunition went unanswered. Troops ran from post to post only to find them already taken by gunmen, forcing them to flee.

Car bomb kills at least 14 at illegal World Cup viewing site in Nigeria

06/18/2014 8:01am
Police in Nigeria say the explosion that killed at least 14 people at an illegal World Cup viewing site was the result of a car bomb.

God's pained servant on SundanceTV drama 'Rectify'

06/18/2014 10:31am
"You mean well, don't you?" says Daniel's mother to Tawney Talbot.

Adventists will close Md. printing operation

06/18/2014 11:41am
The Seventh-day Adventist Church says it's shutting down a Hagerstown printing plant that employs about 100 workers.

Pope to pray for reconciliation on Korean trip

06/18/2014 12:22pm
Pope Francis will beatify 124 Korean martyrs and celebrate a Mass of peace and reconciliation on the war-divided peninsula during his upcoming visit to South Korea, the first papal trip to the Far East in nearly 20 years.

Creationist museum opens in Boise with big plans

06/18/2014 1:45pm
A group of residents has opened a small creationist museum in Boise that they hope to expand to as much as 450,000 square feet and display a full-sized depiction of Noah's ark.

Judge opposes Ala. broadcaster on health mandate

06/18/2014 3:01pm
A federal judge on Wednesday tossed out a Catholic broadcaster's legal claim that requiring employers to include contraception in their health care coverage is unconstitutional.

Gulf nations struggle with Iraq militant blowback

06/18/2014 4:12pm
Saudi Arabia and other petro-powerhouses of the Gulf for years encouraged a flow of private cash to Sunni rebels in Syria. Now an al-Qaida breakaway group that benefited from some of that funding has stormed across a wide swath of Iraq, and Gulf nations fear its extremism could be a threat to them as well.