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Blood test accurately predicts autism in children

12/20/2012 11:40am
Autism is a disease that even veteran physicians sometimes have a hard time diagnosing in a process that sometimes takes hours of observation and thoughtful cataloguing of behaviors and symptoms. But what if it was as easy as taking a blood sample?

Utah town burns 16-foot mammoth effigy for solstice

12/20/2012 2:08pm
A Southern Utah town will burn a 16-foot effigy of a mammoth Friday to celebrate the winter solstice and draw attention to the historical significance of the area.

Facebook tests $1 fee for messages to non-friends

12/20/2012 6:57pm
Facebook says it is testing a service that will charge users $1 to guarantee that messages they send to people they are not connected to arrive in users' inboxes, rather than in an often-ignored folder called "other."