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Harris needs Christian right for GOP NC Senate win

03/22/2014 10:31am
U.S. Senate candidate Mark Harris says he can unite the three streams of Republicans voters in North Carolina — business, tea party and social conservatives — and win the GOP primary in the crowded U.S. Senate field.

President says Pope Francis to visit Nigeria

03/22/2014 11:41am
Nigeria's president says Pope Francis is promising to visit Africa's most populous nation.

Pope taps women, victims for sex abuse commission

03/22/2014 2:01pm
Pope Francis named the initial members of a commission to advise him on sex abuse policy Saturday, signaling an openness to reach beyond church officials to plot the commission's course and priorities: Half of the members are women, and one was assaulted by a priest as a child.

Philly seminary to sell off Eakins paintings, art

03/22/2014 6:31pm
The Archdiocese of Philadelphia plans to sell part of the art collection at its St. Charles Borromeo Seminary, including five portraits by artist Thomas Eakins.

Utah Jazz players' moms share tips on successful parenting

03/22/2014 9:16pm
The mothers of four Utah Jazz players regaled a room full of single moms and some single dads on Saturday, teaching them that every child needs a dose of reality, but also loving and nurturing parents.