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3 things parents should know about new year-end tests

04/01/2014 7:56am
Every Utah student will take new year-end tests this spring that measure what they've learned. Educators say there are three things every parent should know.

How my best friend's mom became a mother to me

04/01/2014 11:57am
It takes such little time to send a text to a friend's struggling child telling them you love them or even inviting them over to chat. You never know how much influence one small act of kindness may have.

Divorce rates skyrocketing among older couples

04/01/2014 7:02pm
Marriage in America is on much shakier ground than ever before, a new study suggests, because the experts have been looking at the wrong data. Perhaps more surprising is it's not the youngest couples who have the most marital instability.

3 ways you can help ease the burden for families with special needs

04/01/2014 9:04pm
Simple acts of service become meaningful gestures when neighbors reach out to families raising children with special needs. Here are three things you should understand as you embark on your quest to help.