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Newborns being stolen at a top Uganda hospital

08/23/2013 9:04am
One baby was healthy and the other cold and lifeless, a sight that horrified Michael Mubangizi and his wife, a young Ugandan couple who soon felt one of their twin babies had been swapped at Uganda's main public hospital. They rejected the dead one, saying it wasn't theirs, and a DNA test later proved they were right.

Band honors new mother diagnosed with cancer

08/23/2013 11:53am
Local band, Mideau, were deeply affected by the story of Kassi and Tommy Van Vliet. Kassie, 24, was diagnosed with brain cancer. Hours later, she underwent surgery to remove the tumor, but received no further treatment because she was pregnant.

I didn't do it! How to handle dishonesty in your family

08/23/2013 7:33pm
You know your teen is not telling you the truth. But confronting it now will take up most of the evening. Do you go along with it, or do you say, "Honey, have a seat and let's talk."