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Road to Understanding Stories

New $450M road project pushed up to help ease traffic in Lehi

May 24th - 7:52am

Lehi residents are concerned about traffic in their booming city — specifically the traffic on I-15 near Point of the Mountain. There's been a new development, and UDOT officials hope it will bring relief much sooner than planned.

Blanding residents have fun bowling at unusual, but convenient place

May 20th - 1:50pm

Lately, most of the news coming out of that area involves the Bears Ears National Monument or the sheriff and a couple of his associates being charged with crimes. However, there are a lot of positive things happening — if you know where to look.

Road to Understanding: Expected job losses create worry in remote Utah town

Apr 28th - 10:47am

The recent decision to shut down a huge coal-fired power plant at Lake Powell is sending shock waves along the Utah-Arizona border and into the most remote town in Utah.

Road to Understanding: Delta residents are proud 'Rabbits'

Apr 21st - 7:34am

We've taken you all across the state on our Road to Understanding series. We now head to the middle of Utah — to Delta — where rabbits come in all forms.

Road to Understanding: Utah's West Desert residents face unique challenges

Apr 14th - 5:48pm

Life is peaceful in the West Desert. It’s a beautiful part of Utah, but living in an extremely rural area has its own set of unique challenges.

Road to Understanding: Utahns face diverse issues

Apr 6th - 6:06pm

As some communities see explosive growth, others see a shrinking population and poverty. Utah communities are facing different concerns all across the state.

Road to Understanding: Can Trump stop the dethroning of 'King Coal?'

Apr 4th - 7:49am

The Intermountain Power Plant hums along burning 100 railcars full of coal every day. But coal's future all over the West is troubled by powerful trends and market forces. Can President Trump live up to his promises to restore coal mining jobs?

Road to Understanding: West Salt Lake residents reject bad rap

Mar 31st - 10:36pm

For those who call west Salt Lake home, any concerns are drowned out by the sense of community.

Road To Understanding: Cache County facing shortage of tech employees, $3M in road damage from flooding

Mar 31st - 7:55am

It’s not hard to see why people want to live in Cache County — the view of the valley is breathtaking.

Road to Understanding: Police shortage, road maintenance top issues for Box Elder County

Mar 30th - 8:05am

In an area known for its peaches and as the meeting point of the transcontinental railroad, Box Elder County has a rich history and fruit industry. However, like other areas of the Beehive state, the residents also face some unique issues.

Road to Understanding: Tooele County has positive outlook for future

Mar 28th - 10:00pm

Tooele County has seen its ups and downs over the years. The county has lost a lot of jobs over the years, but it continues to bounce back each time.

Road to Understanding: Lehi's growth causing traffic congestion, park shortage

Mar 28th - 7:37am

The city of Lehi is exploding in growth right now. For the past several years, more than 300 people have rolled into town and made it their new home. That leads to about 3,600 new residents every year, about a 4.5 percent growth rate for the city.

Road to Understanding: Students at Provo High fear farm way of life may disappear

Mar 28th - 7:38am

Provo was once known for its extensive fruit orchards and trees. Now the city is home to successful startups and one of the nation's fastest growing employment rates. But students at Provo High are afraid the farm way of life may disappear completely

Road to Understanding: As drilling dips, Uintah County turns to tourism

Mar 27th - 9:54am

Duchesne, Daggett, and Uintah counties rely heavily on oil, which can make things challenging during the down years. But one county is trying to diversify their economy through tourism.

Road to Understanding: Bears Ears still a topic of controversy in San Juan County

Mar 25th - 11:13pm

San Juan County is home to many beautiful landscapes. It has parts of the Canyonlands National Park, parts of Lake Powell, Hovenweep National Monument, Natural Bridges National Monument, Valley of the Gods, to parts of Monument Valley.

Road to Understanding: Housing prices, crowds a problem for Moab

Mar 24th - 10:01pm

The Mighty 5 campaign has been a good thing for the economy of Utah and the communities surrounding its five national parks. But too much of a good thing can also cause problems.

Road to Understanding: Good relationship with federal land administrators is critical for Emery County success

Mar 23rd - 9:04pm

Eight percent. That’s all the private land for the entire 3 million acres of Emery County. The federal government owns 80 percent and the state owns 12 percent, leaving just 8 percent for private use.

Road to Understanding: Growing pains in St. George

Mar 23rd - 7:02am

With all the growth in St. George come the questions of how to meet increased need for sewer, water, power roads and other "challenges of infrastructure."

Road To Understanding: Intergenerational poverty, public land regulations worry Piute County officials

Mar 22nd - 8:36am

Peace and quiet. There’s a lot of that in Piute County. And Will Talbot, a county commissioner, wouldn’t have it any other way.

Road to Understanding: Education, public lands major issues discussed at town hall

Mar 20th - 11:10pm

State officials, county leaders, educators, business owners were among a group who got together Monday night to talk about concerns impacting communities all around Utah.