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Utah Lake closure order lifted but health warning remains

By DaveCawley at 07/28/2016 6:10 pm         
The Utah Department of Environmental Quality says toxin levels from an algal bloom on Utah Lake have fallen. That means boats are once again allowed on the lake, but direct contact with the water is still not recommended. Photo credit: Spenser Heaps, Deseret News

Clearfield gym cited after going out of business

By kslcleon at 07/28/2016 6:08 pm         
Utah's Department of Commerce says Performax Gyms ripped off members after it closed its doors in June. Consumer Protection Division director Daniel O'Bannon tells Utah's Afternoon News many of them probably have fewer dollars in their bank account. (Photo: Laura Seitz/Deseret News)

Police identify 18-year-old killed in Butterfield Canyon crash

By gthatcher at 07/28/2016 6:03 pm         
The Unified Police Department is now identifying a teenager who lost her life in Butterfield Canyon when her car went over a cliff.

Utah researcher using Olympic athletes for Zika study

By EricButlerKSL at 07/28/2016 5:38 pm         
Athletes and other Olympic travelers are volunteering for a Zika study conducted by a team led by University of Utah pediatrics professor Carrie Byington.

LDS Church moves 15 volunteers from Turkey to Germany

By kslpetersamore at 07/28/2016 4:18 pm         
The LDS Church makes the move after Turkey's recent coup, but a BYU political science professor says foreigners are not the only ones in danger. U.S. travel warning to Turkey:

'Space junk' spotted in Utah's night sky

By kslpetersamore at 07/28/2016 4:16 pm         
The space junk that brightly streaked across last night’s sky came as no surprise to Utah’s NASA Ambassador. He thinks some of it, seen over Utah, could have landed in the Pacific Ocean.

Utah Dems hope Clinton addresses party unity

By PaulNelson at 07/28/2016 3:41 pm         
During her acceptance speech at tonight's final night of the Democratic National Convention, Utah Democrats hope Hillary Clinton will extend a proverbial olive branch to Sanders supporters. (Photo Credit: AP/ Scott Winterton, file)

Bernie Sanders speaks to Utah's delegates

By PaulNelson at 07/28/2016 12:56 pm         
Members of Utah's Democratic delegation had one last chance to show their support and say thanks to Bernie Sanders.

KSL Traffic 12:29p

By KSLHeather at 07/28/2016 12:35 pm         

Former Utah AG says he's excited to get back to his life, after judge dismissed corruption charges

By BriannaBodilyKSL at 07/28/2016 12:29 pm         
A former Utah Attorney General says he's breathing lighter today, after a judge dismissed his corruption charges yesterday. Pic: Tom Smart, Deseret News