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2 Oregon police officers shoot, kill man on roof

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Feb 21st - 6:32pm

Two police officers in Oregon responding to a 911 call shot and killed a man standing on a roof in a residential area Tuesday, police said.

Teens accused of plot to rob, kill girl found shot in ditch

Lindsay Whitehurst, Associated Press  |  Posted   Feb 21st - 6:02pm

Two teenage boys charged with shooting a 14-year-old girl in the back of the head and leaving her wounded in a ditch lured her to the spot in a small Utah town with a plan to rob and kill her, prosecutors said Tuesday.

Official: Reforms didn't cut sentence of suspect in killing

Michael Balsamo, Associated Press  |  Posted   Feb 21st - 6:02pm

A gang member suspected of shooting two California police officers, killing one of them, was released from prison last year on probation under a criminal justice reform initiative that had no impact on how long he spent behind bars, a prison official said Tuesday.


Trump calls recent anti-Semitic incidents 'horrible'

Jeremy Diamond, CNN  |  Posted   Feb 21st - 5:55pm

President Donald Trump said Tuesday the recent spate of threats targeting the Jewish community in the US are "horrible" and "painful" as he faced a growing chorus of calls from Democrats and Jewish leaders urging him to speak out.

Missouri man charged with trying to plan terrorist attack

Margaret Stafford, Associated Press  |  Posted   Feb 21st - 5:51pm

A Missouri native who said he wanted to participate in a terrorist attack that would cause many deaths and injuries is charged with helping plan a Presidents Day attack on buses, trains and a train station in Kansas City, federal officials said Tuesday.

Family, attorney denied access to hospitalized asylum seeker

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Feb 21st - 5:50pm

Attorneys for a Salvadoran woman who collapsed in a Texas detention center as she seeks asylum say family and lawyers have been denied most contact with her as well as information about her medical condition.

Missouri bill would limit transgender school bathroom access

Summer Ballentine, Associated Press  |  Posted   Feb 21st - 5:50pm

Missouri lawmakers are considering a "bathroom bill" targeting transgender children in public schools, despite a backlash that North Carolina faced over a broader law limiting bathroom use in all public buildings.

Trump administration working on trans bathroom guidelines

Maria Danilova, Associated Press  |  Posted   Feb 21st - 5:46pm

The Trump administration is working on a new set of directives on the use of school bathrooms by transgender students, the White House said Tuesday.

Hundreds rescued from California floodwaters in San Jose

Kristin J. Bender and Marcio J. Sanchez, Associated Press  |  Posted   Feb 21st - 5:43pm

Rescuers chest-deep in water steered boats full of people, some with babies and pets, on Tuesday from a San Jose neighborhood inundated by water from an overflowing creek.

No penalty for furling Confederate-themed Mississippi flag

Emily Wagster Pettus, Associated Press  |  Posted   Feb 21st - 5:40pm

The Mississippi House has rejected an effort to punish universities for not flying the state flag that prominently features the Confederate battle emblem.

EPA head's emails with energy companies to be released

Tim Talley, Associated Press  |  Posted   Feb 21st - 5:35pm

The Oklahoma attorney general's office said Tuesday it is complying with a judge's order to surrender documents related to new Environmental Protection Agency leader Scott Pruitt's communications with energy companies while he served as the state's attorney general.

State lawmakers channel grief into fight against opioids

Kyle Potter, Associated Press  |  Posted   Feb 21st - 5:32pm

In statehouses across the country, lawmakers with loved ones who fell victim to drugs are leading the fight against the nation's deadly opioid-abuse crisis, drawing on tragic personal experience to attack the problem.

The Latest: Obama official blasts Trump transgender plans

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Feb 21st - 5:30pm

The Latest on President Donald Trump (all times EST):

Bank robber gets life sentence for using hostage as shield

Scott Smith, Associated Press  |  Posted   Feb 21st - 5:22pm

A California bank robber who used a hostage as a human shield in a deadly shootout with police following the heist and a wild car chase was sentenced Tuesday to life in prison during an emotional hearing.

The Latest: State: Reforms didn't cut sentence of suspect

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Feb 21st - 5:20pm

The Latest on the shooting of two California police officers as they responded to a traffic accident (all times local):

More tests needed on Russian UN ambassador's cause of death

Jennifer Peltz and Colleen Long, Associated Press  |  Posted   Feb 21st - 5:14pm

Medical examiners who performed an autopsy on Russia's ambassador to the United Nations said Tuesday that more tests are needed to determine how and why he fell ill in his office and later died.

Utah moves to toss school ban on 'advocacy of homosexuality'

Michelle L. Price, Associated Press  |  Posted   Feb 21st - 5:10pm

Utah lawmakers took the first step Tuesday to get rid of a state law that bans the "advocacy of homosexuality" in schools, a move driven by a court challenge from gay rights groups.

Judge orders government to identify Jan. 28-29 travelers

Larry Neumeister, Associated Press  |  Posted   Feb 21st - 5:03pm

The government must release to civil rights lawyers the names of approved refugees, valid visa holders and other legal travelers subjected to Republican President Donald Trump's travel ban in the day after a judge first ruled against it last month, a New York judge said Tuesday.

4 men being tried in second Oregon standoff trial

Steven Dubois, Associated Press  |  Posted   Feb 21st - 5:03pm

The federal prosecutors who failed to convict Ammon Bundy returned to court Tuesday to try four lesser-known men who followed Bundy's call to take a hard stand against the government and occupy a national wildlife refuge in Oregon.

Trump denounces anti-Semitism in newly forceful condemnation

Catherine Lucey and Jim Salter, Associated Press  |  Posted   Feb 21st - 5:03pm

President Donald Trump on Tuesday condemned recent threats against Jewish community centers in the U.S. as "painful reminders" of lingering prejudice and evil, his first full-throated comments on the rise of anti-Semitic venom after pressure for him to speak out forcefully.