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Prison sentence sought for Illinois man in photo hack case

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Aug 31st - 9:50am

Federal court records show that prosecutors are seeking a nine-month prison sentence for an Illinois man accused of hacking into email and electronic accounts of 30 celebrities and stealing private information, including nude videos and photos.

Family wants DOJ to investigate death after stun guns used

Kate Brumback, Associated Press  |  Posted  Aug 31st - 9:43am

The family of a Florida man who died after Georgia sheriff's deputies repeatedly used their stun guns on him in the back of an SUV alongside an interstate is asking for a federal investigation into his death.

Mother of man shot by police pleads guilty to DUI charge

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Aug 31st - 9:40am

The mother of a man fatally shot by Utah police has pleaded guilty to a DUI in connection to crashing her car into a Utah Highway Patrol cruiser.

Yellowstone to begin taking entries for snowmobile permits

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Aug 31st - 9:40am

Beginning Thursday snowmobilers will be able to enter a drawing for permits to ride through Yellowstone National Park without a guide.

Feds urged to investigate police shooting of black teen

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Aug 31st - 9:40am

The American Civil Liberties Union of Virginia and the Roanoke branch of the NAACP are urging federal officials to investigate police practices in Roanoke County, where officers shot and killed a black teen in February.

Hurricane churns toward Hawaii; people stock up, board up

Cathy Bussewitz and Audrey McAvoy, Associated Press  |  Posted  Aug 31st - 9:40am

Preparing for what could be the first hurricane to make landfall in Hawaii in years, residents on the Big Island are stocking up on food and water and seeking shelter for their animals.

Police cuff lawmaker as he tries to defuse Milwaukee tension

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Aug 31st - 9:33am

A state lawmaker says police officers threw him to the ground and put him in handcuffs as he tried to de-escalate tensions after about 10 people were arrested at the scene of a recent fatal police shooting on Milwaukee's north side.

Police: Man dies after killing neighbor at school bus stop

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Aug 31st - 9:30am

An Ohio man who shot a couple, killing a woman, at a school bus stop amid what neighbors called a long-running feud has died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

EpiPen main ingredient costs 'less than a Big Mac'

Matt Egan, CNN  |  Posted  Aug 31st - 9:15am

Mark Baum believes the relentless EpiPen price hikes are "shameful" and his company is plotting a $100 alternative for the lifesaving allergy treatment.

US appeals court tosses out $654 million verdict against PLO

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Aug 31st - 9:14am

A U.S. appeals court has tossed out a $654 million jury verdict against the Palestine Liberation Organization for damages Americans suffered in Palestinian terror attacks.

The Latest: Maine governor: I don't have 'mental issues'

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Aug 31st - 9:14am

The Latest on fallout from GOP Gov. Paul LePage's obscenity-laced tirade against a Democratic legislator (all times local):

Homeless students get more attention under new education law

Carolyn Thompson, Associated Press  |  Posted  Aug 31st - 9:12am

School administrators this year are being pushed to get better at recognizing homeless students — those "hidden" in other people's homes or whose families are staying in places like campgrounds, motels and cars — and to keep them in school even if they're missing paperwork or move around.

Man accused of south Alabama massacre pleads not guilty

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Aug 31st - 9:12am

A Mississippi man accused of killing five people in a south Alabama home with blows from an ax and gunshots has pleaded not guilty.

Idaho seeks federal approval to regulate water pollution

Keith Ridler, Associated Press  |  Posted  Aug 31st - 9:11am

Idaho wants to take over regulating pollution discharge into the state's lakes and rivers from the federal government.

Technology on new $12.9B aircraft carrier to undergo review

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Aug 31st - 9:11am

A new, $12.9 billion aircraft carrier program will undergo a 60-day review after a key Pentagon official expressed concerns about critical systems on the ship.

Maine governor says he plans to seek 'spiritual guidance'

Marina Villeneuve, Associated Press  |  Posted  Aug 31st - 9:11am

Republican Gov. Paul LePage said Wednesday he intends to seek "spiritual guidance" in hopes of quieting a controversy he created when he left an obscene message on a Democratic lawmaker's voicemail and then said he wished he could challenge him to a duel and point a gun at him.

Boise National Forest plans logging around Bogus Basin

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Aug 31st - 8:50am

The Boise National Forest is planning a logging project to help get rid of diseased trees surrounding the Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area.

Hepatitis A from Egyptian berries infects 50 in 4 states

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Aug 31st - 8:50am

A hepatitis A outbreak linked to Egyptian strawberries has grown to more than 50 cases in four states.

Mom convicted of withholding son's medicine to change plea

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Aug 31st - 8:50am

A Massachusetts woman convicted of withholding potentially life-saving medications from her cancer-stricken son is back in court for a change of plea hearing.

Tropical weather system spares North Carolina's Outer Banks

Ben Finley and Jonathan Drew, Associated Press  |  Posted  Aug 31st - 8:20am

North Carolina's Outer Banks have been spared from a tropical storm system that has been moving toward the state for two days, an official said Wednesday.