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Coast Guard: 2 dead after explosion on ship in the Atlantic

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Apr 25th - 8:22am

Authorities say two crew members are dead after an explosion on a ship in the North Atlantic Ocean.

After 26 years, last 'cocaine cowboy' back in Miami court

Curt Anderson, Associated Press  |  Posted   Apr 25th - 8:20am

The last of the "cocaine cowboys" who investigators say smuggled vast amounts of the drug into the U.S. is due back in a Miami courtroom 26 years after fleeing an indictment.

Justices revive suit against Indian casino limo driver

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Apr 25th - 8:15am

A unanimous Supreme Court says that Indian tribes' immunity from lawsuits does not always extend to their employees in incidents that occur far from Indian reservations.

Main parachute not found connected to skydiver who died

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Apr 25th - 8:06am

Authorities say the main parachute being used by an experienced skydiver wasn't attached to him when his body was found in a New York field.


Tough court on immigration serves as model for Trump plans

Alicia A. Caldwell, Associated Press  |  Posted   Apr 25th - 7:58am

One by one, the Mexican men stood in the jury box, shackles rattling as they fidgeted slightly and pleaded guilty to crossing the U.S. border illegally.

Partner of cop who shot Rice: 'I didn't know it was a kid'

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Apr 25th - 7:50am

The partner of a Cleveland officer who fatally shot 12-year-old Tamir (tuh-MEER') Rice recalls pleading for a faster response from medics as the wounded boy's condition worsened.

North Carolina rains bring vehicle rescues, flooding worries

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Apr 25th - 7:50am

Storms have dumped up to 8 inches of rain on North Carolina's capital, prompting firefighters to rescue people from their vehicles and delaying school bus schedules.

Volunteers usher US immigrants to court to allay their fears

Claudia Torrens, Associated Press  |  Posted   Apr 25th - 7:43am

When Salvadoran immigrant Joselin Marroquin-Torres became flustered in front of a federal immigration judge in New York and forgot to give her asylum application, a woman she had just met stood up to provide it.

Trump to commemorate Holocaust Remembrance Day

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Apr 25th - 7:40am

President Donald Trump will commemorate Holocaust Remembrance Day with a speech at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

Former NY police, lawyer arrested in gun licensing probe

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Apr 25th - 7:40am

A former New York City police lieutenant, two former police officers and a lawyer who once worked as a prosecutor have been arrested in a federal gun licensing probe.

Confederate flag to hang at City Hall in Florida town

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Apr 25th - 7:30am

A small Florida town plans to fly a Confederate flag at City Hall this week for Confederate History Day.

Police: Wife's Fitbit logs steps after husband says she died

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Apr 25th - 6:48am

Police in Connecticut have cited Fitbit records in an arrest warrant for a 40-year-old man charged with killing his wife in 2015.

Arkansas conducts nation's 1st double execution since 2000

Andrew Demillo and Kelly P. Kissel, Associated Press  |  Posted   Apr 25th - 6:45am

After going nearly 12 years without executing an inmate, Arkansas now has executed three in a few days — including two in one night.

Prosecutor: No water for week led to jail dehydration death

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Apr 25th - 6:27am

Prosecutors say Milwaukee County Jail officers cut off an inmate's water for seven consecutive days before the man died of dehydration.

Report: NYC subway bias crimes, felony assaults increase

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Apr 25th - 6:20am

Transit officials say anti-Semitic graffiti incidents are the top subway bias crime investigated so far this year by the New York Police Department.

Overcoming Opioids: Special schools help teens stay clean

Carla K. Johnson, Associated Press  |  Posted   Apr 25th - 5:10am

When Logan Snyder got hooked on pills after a prescription to treat pain from a kidney stone, she joined the millions already swept up in the nation's grim wave of addiction to opioid painkillers.

Rare leatherback sea turtles wash up dead in South Carolina

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Apr 25th - 4:34am

Two dead leatherback sea turtles have been discovered along South Carolina's coast.

Killings suspect won't be allowed to go to mother's funeral

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Apr 25th - 3:20am

A South Carolina man accused in a number of killings won't be allowed to leave jail for his mother's funeral.

'This was real': Artifacts save Holocaust stories for future

Brian Witte, Associated Press  |  Posted   Apr 25th - 1:54am

The small wicker doll chair was a modest toy, but it meant the world to Louise Lawrence-Israels. A gift for her second birthday, it was the only toy she possessed during the approximately three years she spent hiding from the Nazis in Amsterdam, just five blocks from the house where Anne Frank wrote in her diary.

Trailblazing Colorado abortion law marks 50th anniversary

Colleen Slevin, Associated Press  |  Posted   Apr 25th - 1:25am

Tuesday marks 50 years since a groundbreaking Colorado law significantly loosened tight restrictions on legal abortions.